Thursday: A Mostly Mellow Day For Me.

Usually Thursday suck for me. I don’t know why but they do. I mean, we have Hump Day to get over the Hump of the week. But no, at my school no one gets over the hump until Friday afternoon.

But today, it was peaceful and ALMOST fun but one thing this morning.And it might get more fun once I get to the Advanced Orchestra Concert tonight at school. I hope Corda doesn’t come because of Arco and then cause problems for me and embarrass m

Who am I kidding? Embarrassing myself is like my job that I repeatedly do more 50 times in one day.

Her impact is just making it worse.

So outside it was raining and the inside of the building was slick and Lantana slipped really badly and cut her head with a long scar. It was bleeding at an alarming rate. She was behind me and her violin case flew into the wall. This happened on the tiles of the school not outside. She got escorted to the clinic and wasn’t at school the rest of the day. I was really sad this morning because Lantana doesn’t deserve the things coming to her these days.  She didn’t have anywhere to sit on the bus but the back and people were SCREAMING AND YELLING AND PUSHING to get her out of the back. A girl was nice enough to let Lantana sit with her. The whole of last week, Lantana has had an awful fever. She’s a really nice person and shouldn’t be having all these bad things thrown at her.

At homeroom, I got GREAT news though.

I GOT IN THE STATE GEOGRAPHY BEE!!!! It’s in Milledgeville on March 27 which is a Friday at 11 am so I’ll be missing school that day. Milledgeville is about two hours from where I live.

In First Period we went on a gallery walk and let the top 10 students hang out in the hall. I was included. :)So then a few arguments later, Mr. Grouse put on Pandora with Disney songs that everyone else was singing to so obnoxiously. I walked by the door and Arco mouthed, “Help. Me.”

I finished rather quickly and as soon as I start talking to Arco “I see the light” from Tangled starts playing and everyone around us begins to sing. -_-

In Newspaper, Corda actually didn’t pull anything with me here. But she was bossing everyone around. The researchers were researching as quick as they could but Corda was still demanding them like she was the Newspaper Coordinator. 

The other typer was doing some homework when she was to be a typer with Corda but it was hopeless. Then Arco is sitting there playing, “Bloons Tower Defense 3”. But I rolled to the other side of the computers and put my chair right next to him and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Playing Bloons Tower Defense 3.”

“Are those monkeys?! Throwing darts!”

“Relax, it’s not like they’re killing people.”  


We sat there talking and having a great time, until Duana is attempting to demand people even more.

“Well, isn’t Corda annoying?”, he says.

“So you don’t like having her as a lab partner?”

“No. She is SO bossy and irritating. You were a WAY BETTER lab partner and person.” I think my cheeks grew hot.

“Well, um, thanks, I guess.”

“Crap, the steel balloons are coming.” (Half my mind said, way to ruin a great moment steel balloons.)

I’m going insane.

In LA, we discussed Legends and fables and we had to write some. It was relatively easy but walking up the stairs from lunch was pretty funny because someone was hopping up the stairs like a frog until…. she got caught by a teacher. Then we had a lecture on behavior in the hallway. But constantly I was running into Willow while reading my book.

In Spanish, we were working on places in the city. It was also very simple but then the principal waling watching the class and everyone got silent.

In Orchestra, We got new music and stand partners! The new songs we got for the May concerts for now was the Star Wars Theme, (I KNOW SO COOL!!!!! 😀 ) and ELEANOR RIGBY BY THE BEATLES!


In Eleanor Rigby, there is ACTUALLY an orchestra in it.

Star Wars Theme is just awesome.

And John Williams is the ACTUAL guy who made this song for George Lucas and the fact that he is conducting this one should tell you things.

For Science, all we did was debate about an assignment we did yesterday.

In Math, we all got BIG boxes of candy while learning so Ms. Crow must have been in a PRETTY good mood.

During Homeroom, I was talking to Arco about the concert today and Corda came out of nowhere and interrupted us for NO ABSOLUTE REASON. Then his bus was called. -_-

The concert’s at 7 and I have to be ready so….

Float In The CyberSpace!


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