How Not To Get Someone Off Your Mind

Enjoy this trial!

(This is technically in hypothetical form but not for me or my friends. Whatever.)

Step 1: Hang out with them ALL THE TIME.

Be in their classes and to take an extra mile SIT RIGHT NEAR THEM. Be in their homeroom, club, and play in the same school music group as well. Go to their concerts or games and at lunch SIT with them whenever you can. THE CLOSER THE BETTER. Also, meet up whenever you can.

Step 2: Talk to or about them ALL THE TIME.

Just slip their name into the conversation or better yet, START the conversation about them and get everyone in the conversation to talk that person. Catch them during class transition? Talk to them. Meet them at Wal-Mart coincidentally? Talk to them. Bonus Points if they come to you.

Step 3: Text/Call/ Get their number/Email and  do that ALMOST ALL THE TIME.

Don’t want to look like a spammer now. Text them about things they like, and keep them in mind. THE MOST YOU HAVE OF THEIR CONTACT INFO, THE BETTER.

Step 4: Memorize EVERYTHING they tell you about themselves and keep that in your mind.

They tell you their favorite band? Memorize it. Bonus Points if you look them up and listen to ALL their songs. They tell you there dog’s name? Better remember that. Do not question why you are doing this, Just Do It.

Step 5: Dedicate any song you hear to that person.

I mean peaceful, romance, funny WHATEVER GENRE. Doesn’t matter. Well, actually not any songs that are insultive.

Step 6: Repeat until deattachment.

This TOTALLY didn’t sound stalkerish AT ALL. (Note the sarcasm.)

So I had a long day. I’m debating with myself to post about it though.

Float In The CyberSpace.


27 thoughts on “How Not To Get Someone Off Your Mind

      1. Me going insane trying to know if I have a crush or just jealous or both. (It’s okay I forgot too, I didn’t even remember the 9’s)

      2. I don’t need a crush right now.
        I really don’t.
        If I do, Duana will no longer try to kill me.

      3. Oh god crushes IKR I’m like ‘I DONT HAVE TIME FOR A CRUSH – oh hi!!!! Kevin – I DONT NEED BOYS THEY ARE ANNOYING AND IMMATURE – Did someone say Kevin? – WHAAAT? I DONT HAVE A CRUSH!!!!!’

      4. I looked it up and having a crush means you’re becoming mature and that having a crush is good for you. (Like, you learn things while having a crush)

      5. If having a crush is good for you and it means I’m becoming mature why do I always act stupid around him shouldn’t I be getting smarter.

  1. Heh I have a huge crush on Logan. I started middle school crush-less and I was glad. I met Logan and after 2 months of knowing him I had a crush on him.

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