Main Girls & Side Chicks

No, I did not mean Mean Girls & White Chicks. XD I just realized this before I posted.

So basically this is about my Friday/ Yesterday.

Yeah, on Wednesdays we wear pink like this font. Kay, thanks!

(I’m totally joking. MEAN GIRLS!)


Lantana was fine today. Or at least I think. She was on the bus but had this long band-aid on the right side of her head. She said when she fell she saw spots and she still sees them sometimes. I don’t think that’s good.

During first period, we were doing more work with the Disney Music. It was like KARAOKE DAY. ESPECIALLY AT MY TABLE. Then Brio and Arco get done before me. Mr. Grouse said, “Well, That whole table is done now, how you are distracted?”

Can I help it if Hyacinth and Pansy are singing to “Let It Go” like their lives depend on it??

Since Walk ‘N’ Talk was last Friday, it was advisement. This advisement was actually almost fun! So we had to get up and stand in the classroom. Then whatever number Mr. Grouse said, we had to get into a group of that number. If you were left over, or overfilled a group by the time time is up, you are out. I actually wanted to be like a loner, but I put equal effort in most things so I participated. Arco and I had a “bet” on who would become a “loner” first.
I won. I was caught in the middle of the hurricane rush and ended up alone. I said, “Yes, I’M A LONER!”

Mr. Grouse pats my back as he directed me to the other side the room with my excitement while everyone else looked at me like I was insane.

While everyone is miserable, I’m dancing around happy to be a loner. Then Arco tells me that “technically” I’m not a loner because there’s a group of us loners. But I reply with, “At least we aren’t being pushed and shoved anymore.” “True.” And with that I trip on a backpack with my boots and nearly fall into a desk but instead trip over that too and then almost fall face-first on the floor in front of Coast, Arco, and Willow.

After staring at me for 12.3 seconds, they THEN make an effort to lift me up. Well, Willow made an effort and then the boys stared at me longer before Willow gave them the look and they helped me too.
Then Mr. Grouse says the point of the “game” was to demonstrate Middle School Cliques. The discussion we had was pretty funny and then the girls began talking about Mean Girls. Heh, heh, heh.

In LA, all we did was working on Folktales. We read this weird story on these two cats and a monkey. The cats found this GIANT block of cheese in the middle of West Africa.
Uh, what?
And then the cats LOVE cheese and want to split it into two EQUAL parts.
Uh, What?
Then this stalker of a monkey says that he’ll split in half. BY EATING IT.
And he leaves them with like nothing.
*claps slow and sarcastically*
I’ve been spending too much time with Coast.

In Spanish, we had this pop test.
Not Pop Quiz.
But it was really easy so I just sat and do nothing after the test. Like absolutely nothing. We just sat there waiting for Connection B.

In Orchestra, we actually began to play Eleanor Rigby. (If you don’t know what that is, see the: Thursday: A Mostly Mellow Day For Me post.) Some people were actually singing along while playing. And since I had singing in homeroom/first period, I was prepared for it. We did REALLY well for a first time.
After Orchestra ended though, Aria comes up to me and says, “I just realized. I can’t be the main girl if people shipped YOU with Arpeggio first.”


“You must be the main girl.”


“Aster, Cadenza, Willow, Amaryllis, Hyssop, and I and I must be the side chicks/Rebounds! But there’s 6 of us….. WOW….”


” The fact that you must be Arpeggio’s main girl and I and the others must be the rebounds/side chicks.”


“Because you were shipped with him first.”

Cue facepalm.

She then calls Arpeggio over and explains to him EXACTLY what she just told me. I’m sitting there wondering WHAT THE HECK IS A MAIN GIRL AND A SIDE CHICK/REBOUND?????
“I might just go along with it JUST to nerve-rack you.”
Aria pats my back as I walk into science and says, “Have FUN!!!” The way she said fun made me suspicious.

 The Science quiz was equally as easy as the Spanish test but she gave us a time limit to do the quiz. After the quiz, we had to do more notes. Like  A LOT.

And then Arco turned around and said, “Hey, (insert name here).”


He furrows his eyebrows, “I forgot.” and turned back around.

Then Corda has the decency to turn around and laugh in my face. And then Arco tells her to SHUT.UP. 
My mind was having a mental party.

The thing was is that EVER SINCE a week and a half ago, Arco wants to tell me SOMETHING (and something tells me it’s been the same something SINCE) and then it’s either, “Never mind.”, “I’ll tell you later.”, “I forgot.”, or insert something really awkward or awkward silence.
What level of desperate did that sound??

In Math, we were learning, STILL, about SSS, SAS, AAS, ASA, and HL. my teacher said, “Out of these letter combinations, there would be no non-school appropriate words.”
I will give you all the time necessary to realize what that word is.


Done? Okay.

So I was in the middle of asking Lily a question and then Aria walks by and says, “Are you having fun with Arpeggio? By the way, your contact name is still Mrs. Arco (insert last name here).”

Lily raises her eyebrows and I silently tell her what’s up until I can’t explain what Main Girl and Side Chick mean. 

“Aria, what does main girl and side chick/rebound mean?”

“A main girl means a guy’s MAIN girlfriend, and then a side chick is a person a guy screws around with when he’s not with his girlfriend, and a rebound is a person a guy ALWAYS goes to when his girlfriend isn’t happy with him.”
Lily and I had horrified faces.

Walking back to homeroom, Arpeggio says, “Yep, I’m going with it, my bucket of sunshine.” with an evil smile on his face.

“Do. Not. Call. Me. YOUR. Bucket. Of. Sunshine. Got. IT?” I gritted.

Then I see him go to Arco, tell him something, smile at me, and then walk off and I march into homeroom and sit in contemplation about how PATHETIC my life has become.

Then Arco shows me this letter he got from Ms. Crow that says that he has been promoted to 9th grade algebra next year. If it just so happens he gets another one or two levels, hello. Oh. Welcome to My math class who I’ve been with FOREVER and my major embarrassment moments…… NOW.

So to be honest, I had mixed emotions towards this. But I laughed it off and then said, “Good Luck with that.”

Coast comes and reads and says, “Well, that sucks. You’ll STILL be behind.” 
I sit in silence as Ben is explaining the system of the math classes, nodding my head at his points.
“Well, bye.”, Coast says. 
I still sit in silence.

“So what is going on with you and Arpeggio?”,Arco asked.

“Nothing, Nothing, WHAT DID HE TELL YOU?”

“Nothing, all he said was I’m going along with it.”

“It’s ridiculous.”

“Are you Dating Arpeggio?”

“Arco, don’t be ridiculous. No.”

And then his bus was called and he left.

Willow came up and said, “Well, someone got hit by jealous bus. HONK, HONK. And hard too.”


“Arco is obviously jealous for what nonsense Aria and Arpeggio are trying to pull relationship wise.”

“WHHHATTTT????? No, that’s impossible.”

“It really isn’t.”

On  my bus, everyone BUT THE RUDE PEOPLE IN THE BACK were wondering how Lantana was again. And then heck broke out at the high school stop. Most girls were screaming. SCREAMING. At the “HOT” guys from the track meet and some from the High School Band/ Orchestra. 
Then when the bus reaches my neighborhood, these girls talk about teachers they think are “HOT”. They start with they think Mr. Firth is “HOT”. 


Mr. Firth is NOT  “Hot”. Nope.
I wasjust mocking him the whole time.
“Sit down in your seat, SER!” Yes, I spelled Sir like that on purpose.

Then one of them was saying how she doesn’t like any of the guys at our school and thinks they are ugly.

Then the bus driver stops the bus. “So are you talking about my son?” 

“I don’t know your son.”

“Creek is perfectly fine.”

“Fine or fine fine.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Do you think Creek is cute?”

“Creek is alright…” and I ran off the bus at my stop.

My friends are texting me like crazy and I’m done with my (I’m SO sorry they are SO long) post.

Float In The CyberSpace!!!!


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