Morning Freakout.

So this morning, I had an alarm for 5:15. I woke then but forgot what it was for so I went back to sleep. The answer struck me in a dream. Luckily, I woke at 5:30 so I started what I was supposed to do. I was SUPPOSED to get my hair ready because today because it was Music Classes/Organizations photos for the yearbook.

And it takes me FOREVER to get my hair done in the morning.
So OF COURSE I would set an alarm that early.

The thing was I had to:
Apply Protein mix and leave on for an hour
Wash out
Leave-In Condition
Flat-Iron in such way there is a swoosh at the end

So I was already behind.
Lucky for me, I finished  by 7:56.

I began to Check WordPress and do my homework after.

Then I realized I didn’t have my Orchestra Shirt.
The thing is that I NEEDED that shirt for the pictures since pretty much everyone else was going  wear because, TWINSIES. or MULTIPLESIES. I’m just kidding.

But the needing that shirt, THAT was serious.

I tore my room into a tornado and I STILL couldn’t find it.

Then I went to the laundry room and FINALLY found it. And then I saw a mouse.
And I freaked out.
It was sitting there innocently and I was scared out of my mind.
I didn’t kill it neither did my mom. But we didn’t know anything about it so we caught it and let it free. Then I remembered that my siblings left the house and left the door open giving the mouse a way to get in.

But that was yesterday.

Today, I was freaking out because I woke up late and I had an orthodontist appointment.
So I need braces.
I’ll need them for about 2 and half years or so.
Everyone says they’re awful.
And they will hurt.
I don’t like pain.

Float In the Freak Out Cyberspace!


11 thoughts on “Morning Freakout.

  1. Bella has braces and she has to use those band things and she said that once the band broke inside her mouth. She says it hurts when they put the braces on. And another girl told me when she got her braces her mom had to wake her up in the middle of the night and put ice on her mouth.
    I sometimes think I need braces but the dentists said I don’t need braces. My brother is gonna get braces through.

  2. Once there was this snake in our back yard. It wasn’t a black snake, and I think it was brown. And Dorian once was with her dad outside their backyard and they found a snake and her dad killed it.

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