Random Thoughts #4567654


Wait, what?
I’m done.
So white chocolate isn’t made out of ACTUAL chocolate. It’s not that shocking really.
What measure are we on again, I’m lost.
How do people invest their own theme song?
I got “We’ll Be The Stars” in my head right now.\/

Where is my water bottle?
Violas really are over-looked.
How is it that for sweat, some girls shine and others LITERALLY sweat?
I think I’ve become Coast’s therapist unwillingly.
If only being a teenager was easy…
I am pathetically clumsy.
Can someone be in trouble for going AWOL from the class? Wait, that’s the same thing as skipping class, so I guess so.
I also got “I Really Like You” in my head as well \/ Or what Hyacinth calls it, “The Song With Too Many Really’s”

I should buy a new shoulder rest.
Why doesn’t anyone like me? I’m surely nice and kind enough. You know what, someone liking me is just as much stress as me liking someone so I should be grateful.
How is LA my lowest grade right now? I thought it would be Math.
Did that just happen?
I am a socially awkward potato.
Just found out that at Rock Eagle we have to go ziplining and climb a tower. Oh, joy. I’m partially mortified.
Where is Watch WellCast when you need them.
Play it cool. Play IT COOL. You just seriously tripped over a stairstep. You are ridiculous.
What makes Magenta again?
Haven’t touched Instagram in a while.
Why do people want to end their lives?
Life is the only TRUE valuable thing that once you take it, you can never get it back.
Was I just being funny?
I am NOT looking forward to High School.
Why are emotions so complex?
Is the universe against me?
Can everyone please shush?

So glad about the next Orchestra Concert and the songs we’ll play!
This scholarship application is so hard to complete.
I need a new watch.
Do I look decent today?
Something smells GOOD.
WHY won’t my hair get longer???
People say Life is a Movie. The script isn’t already written. You are the writer. This is your story. Does this mean multiples and multiples of people are watching me a big screen??? Jk.
Theorems, Postulates, Properties, Rules, so many things for a proof.
I might need a new sized viola.
I am TALL. I think I make people feel bad because of my height. Then again there’s a 6th grader that is EXTREMELY tall for her age. 
Unicorns are the best.
Where did Whack-A-Mole even come from?
In Hungry Hippos, are hippos ever really hungry? I mean how many ever times you play the game the number of food they need grows even WHEN you restart so are they REALLY hungry or are we just forcing them to eat? (This was completely theoretical.)
Hello? I;m raising my hand. About for 4 minutes now.
I don’t understand people (*cough 8th graders*) think Mr. Firth is hot. He really isn’t. He’s actually frustrating and I would like to stick to someone IN my age range.
Why do the girls scream when we get to the high school? The guys aren’t that cute.
I need more hoodies.
I’m preparing myself to be forever alone.
I’ve never tasted Pina Colada flavored ANYTHING, yet I sing, “IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADA…”
I’m a weirdo.
What is that?
Stop looking. But I… No, it gets you riled up and it helps no one. I’m still going to look.
Can I just bury myself in my embarrassment because then I would buried VERY deep.
I feel like I take pop music too literally sometimes.
No one gets me.
Don’t sing it. But I… DO NOT. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LIKE YOU! At least it wasn’t out loud.

I think that’s good. My mind is all over right now. I think a new “How Not To” should be up by Friday.
Float in the Stressy CyberSpace.


16 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #4567654

  1. I need more hoodies too, I have like 1 or 2 I actually wear. Most of them don’t fit me or are too…weird.. I guess. Like one has this weird butterfly thing with rhombuses as its wings..

      1. Yeah, white chocolate isn’t ACTUALLY chocolate. You can look it up but I’ll tell the MAIN reason. Real chocolate has to have ALL THREE OF THESE THINGS: Chocolate liquor, cocoa solids, and cocoa butter. White chocolate is a derivative and ONLY has Cocoa Butter. If it is true chocolate, it must also have cocoa butter WITH Chocolate liquor and Cocoa Solids.

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