How Not To Finish Your Homework/Projects On Time

Well, the last time I did this it got a really good public appeal so let me try it once again!

How Not To Finish Your Homework/Projects On Time

Step 1: Lose the rubric/directions.
Anyway possible. Cramp it in your backpack, accidentally throw it anyway, leave it in another period, use it as drawing paper and then throw it anyway because sucked, feed it to your pet, ANYWAY POSSIBLE.

Step 2: Procrastinate.
Watch YouTube videos, Go On Netflix and have a marathon, Text your friends all day, Go out, WHATEVER IT TAKES TO DO ANYTHING BUT YOUR ASSIGNMENT. Forget Deadlines, your happiness and the fun you’re having IS SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. Be very slow about this step.

Step 3: Beg your friends for answers.
If you’re lucky, they won’t help you and you’ll have to procrastinate SOME MORE.

Repeat Step 2 as many times as desired.

Now this can go two ways….. \/ First way

Step 4a: Yes Work.
Yes, the most gruesome step of all. But you have to start work EVENTUALLY. At this step, you usually Start Work At The Last Minute or Midnight.

Step 5a: Turn it in the next next day.
You know when your work actually looks like you put effort in it.


Step 4b: No Work.
Don’t even start on it. Not even at the last minute just IGNORE IT. Do anything BUT work on it. Heck, use it as a dart board.

Step 5b: Turning it in.
Yes, you have to turn it in eventually. Or you can not and then your grades drop. Your Choice. But usually this would be Weeks, Months and occasionally a year since the assignment as given. And hey, if you chose the grade dropping choice, you have an advantage. YOU CAN DO THIS AGAIN AND TURN IT IN THEN!!! DOESN’T THAT SOUND GREAT!


This was kind of sarcastic….. Yeah.
Float in the Procrastinating CyberSpace.


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