Popular Viral Things (Which Are Somewhat Annoying)

Just a list:

1) The Dress


It is SO confusing as to why people see different colors. THERE ARE SO MANY THEORIES. Just saying it now, I see blue and black. (The font isn’t white because then you wouldn’t be able to see the words.) The actual dress is really Blue and Black.

2) The Little Einsteins Theme Song
Yes, I watched Little Einsteins when I was a child. I actually did like the theme song. And I’m not saying it’s wrong to bring something back from a long time ago. But when EVERYONE around you is singing it and beating the desks to make it sound like that remix and/ or original in the vines? The efforts to bring it back is pointless now because people hate it. The most ridiculous part when people who sing it say they are a fan of Little Einsteins and they don’t know the full theme song. Or can name an episode.
\/ Below is the ORIGINAL (Most of the vines have the remix version)

But here’s the remix_____

3) Ebola
Ebola is NO LONGER a major threat to the world but since Sierra Leone’s president started putting himself in isolation it HAS POPPED BACK INTO EVERYONE’S MOUTH. Ebola WILL NOT KILL YOU. THERE ISN’T AN EPIDEMIC ANYMORE, calm yourselves.

I can’t think of anymore right now… I’ve had a… day at school. Not the best, not the worse. But not entirely good. *Debates if I should blog it* Probably not.

Float In The CyberSpace!


26 thoughts on “Popular Viral Things (Which Are Somewhat Annoying)

      1. Yeah there are 3 different pictures-
        Black and blue
        White and gold
        Gold and blueish

        They changed the picture and the original picture was black and blue but with the lightning effects it looks white and gold.

      1. The theory I’m going with the most is that it’s the color wavelengths. The mood theory seems too ridiculous and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with anyone’s eyes.


    By the way, CNN has proven that the dress is black and blue. They looked it up, and thats the design.

      1. I first saw gold and white. I looked it up, and It’s actually Black And Blue. Though, before I searched it up I found a quiz on Buzzfeed about the dress. I voted Blue And Black, and it turns out I was correct!

      1. Yeah, like everyone in my class saw white and gold and even my teacher! But my other teacher said if you saw blue and black, that means you’re smart.

      2. I don’t think that’s entirely true. I think it’s the color wavelengths, blue is the hardest to see and the shortest so maybe that’s it because some people saw white and black or blue and gold.

      3. Although on my Google+ “The Dress” followed me. I would show you but my Google+ contains where I live, my last name and all.

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