Rock Eagle: Dorms With Some Adventuring

So we’re HERE!
The boys’ cabins are to the left of the buses and the girls’ cabins are to the right. It took FOREVER to get all our bags because of the crowd rushing to leave to see the cabins.

Before we got to our dorms, one of the teachers from another team made an important announcement. We had about 2 hours to get settled in our cabins and then free time. After we had to meet in the field to the left of the buses and then recieve our schedules.

Our group was relatively slow. Our groups’ stuff were FAR inside the bottom of the charter bus. So we got in our dorms late.
And then we couldn’t find which side was 16A and which one was 16B. There was actually an empty room like empty. There were 4 beds and the whole room: nothing. We just guessed but I’m positive That Lily, Daffodil, Estuary, Hyssop, Arch, Poppy, Aria and I got 16B when we were to get 16A. Aria, Estuary, and Poppy called top bunks and Daffodil, Hyssop, Arch got bottom bunks.

Lily wanted the bottom bunk so I got the top bunk.

Like this is the order from counterclockwise:
Top Bunk: Me, Aria, Estuary, Poppy.
Bottom Bunk: Lily, Daffodil, Hyssop, Arch.

Everyone had really nice sheets and cases for their bed. But Estuary’s mom had her PREPARED. Like for any situation that could possibly happen. She even came in with a bag of candy for her and us to share.

After having everything ready, Mrs. Cave and Mrs. Cape,  Lily’s and Estuary’s mom (what a coincidence that they BOTH had the same name, thank god for my naming system.), let us go adventuring on there with whatever we wanted to bring. I brought a bookbag with necessities JUST IN CASE something happens.
I brought my phone, a big box of Trail mix, water bottles, sunscreen, Flashlight (even though it was pure Daylight), bug spray, and a first aid kit.

When we got out, we began our adventure. We only traveled for 3 minutes when we found this ADORABLE lion statue painted like the earth. We took a lot of pictures there.
While walking, we were talking, having fun, and a lot of people were taking selfies ESPECIALLY with my phone.

Our first destination was the water tower! We got there 6 minutes after we left the lion. The tower was a pretty shade of blue but that wasn’t what the main attraction there. Beside the water tower, there was a group of birds flying in a weird circle, square, rectangle, parllelogram type formation. It looked REALLY weird and everyone was fascinated by it. Lily and I came up with the theory that something either died or… that’s just what those birds do.

Right by it, we found a… COCA-COLA COTTAGE. Seriously, that’s what it is called. Unfortunately, it was one, Closed, Two, it didn’t have ANY SIGN of Coca-Cola , and Three, it looked like a private office. We came up with the assumption that the cottage was FOUNDED by Coca-Cola. By that, we found ANOTHER cabin, which was a girls’ cabin, and they had a cheer for their animal mascot/ group name. It was really catchy one too.

Suddenly, THAT’S WHEN Yarrow actually wants to do something instead of acting bored out of her mind.
“Listen up, people!! We need a cheer so every time we pass a group, we impress them instead of the other way around.” she said.
No one really wanted to do that for the reasons she had but it wasn’t half bad.

We already came up with the hand signal on the bus so all we needed was a chant/cheer.
45 minutes after, we found a lake! There were stairs but the heights of the steps were varying. Like some were steep and some were barely even steps.

But the pictures I took were SPOT-ON with the lake and scenery.
We actually found a boxturtle, our mascot/ group name!! We all were crowding and taking pictures. Then we saw other people who we thought were people our age but they turned out to be 2nd graders.

We began to make our way back, but NOT WITHOUT looking at the cove and campfire site. We actually were hopping about the stands around the campfire and it was fun. We also found canoes!

When we made it back to the field, I couldn’t find anyone else. Like we had our thing about box turtles then, ( we did Boxturtles! Make our sign and then say, “Bloop, Bloop, Bloop!”

It took a long migration to make it to the Sutton Hall West.

And that’s where I’ll leave you girlies,
Until later,
Float In The CyberSpace!



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