Rock Eagle: The First Classes

We were all cramping through the Sutton Hall West door and that door was not forgiving towards anyone. I actually got smacked in the face by it.

When we entered the room, there was a BUNCH of people. But there was 200 of us there so…

I had found my Boxturtles solely on the fact they were doing the signal. We were sitting a circle while making boxturtly (new word) things. We were having the time of lives in that group until Aria lightly taps me on the back rhythmically.

“Oh, Arepggio’s looking for you!” sing-songy was her tone of voice.
I hid my face in my arms. I was seriously having fun.

“I think he just blew you a kiss.”

“Okay, while we are in this room, I will not Talk to Arpeggio, Look at Arpeggio, or anything related to him, okay?”

“Tell him that.”
“I just told him.”

I held my hands into my palms until someone tapped on me AGAIN.

“What?” Daffodil just silently pointed in a direction.

“Sorry Daffodil.”

“It’s fine, he just wants to talk to you and, not it’s not Arpeggio.”
Sometimes I think Daffodil can read minds.

I cracked my fingers separate by a little to see Arco mouthing, “What are you doing?”

“Being a socially awkward turtle.”

“I see.”

“So are you having or had or think you’ll have …fun?”

“So basically, you’re asking me to either look to the present, past, or future for fun.”

“That’s one way to look at it.”

“Then sure.”

“In the past, present, or future?”

“Everyone and None of them.”

“I see.”, me understanding the inside joke that even I were to explain it, it would NO sense to anyone else.
Soon they lined us up in alphabetical order according to teaching groups A being furthest to the right and L being the furthest to the left. Boxturtle = B = To the right.

We had an introduction to the Rock Eagle classes and place by this really nice lady. She talked about the dining hall. We had to line up in two separate lines to prevent crowding. Arpeggio was holding the door open on my side of the line. I glared before walking in. We actually went to lunch after and their food was PERFECTO. They even let us get sweet tea, lemonade, soda, YOU NAME IT. That’s the type of stuff only teachers get at my school. That wasn’t even the highlight of this.

You see, Daffodil warned us NOT to slip since the floor was wet and she said she knew one of us were going to fall anyways.

Sometimes I think she can see the future.

So after, Aria and I were putting our trays away and walking when Arco says,”Hey guys.”

I turned around, was about to respond when I took a step backwards, slipped on water, and nearly fell. Well, I did but my arms broke my fall. It wasn’t major, I hope. I squeezed my eyes really tight before fluttering them open.
Aria and Arco’s faces were hovering over mine.

“Help. me. up.”

Arco held my hands as he lifted me up and Aria dusted at my clothes.
“Am I okay?”
“You look fine.”

I realized that my hands were still in his.
“Th-th anks.”
“Well, I’m sorry to screw this moment but us boxturtles need to crawl away.” Torie declared as she dragged me away.

We walked in silence for sometime until she said, “I guess, you can say you literally fell for him, can’t we?”
I think my whole body turned into an indescribable shade of red.

We went back to the Sutton Hall and the same nice lady was explaining how some things work with introducing us to the instructors. She asked, what is their name, where are they from, what college are they from and (this is really weird) If They Could…. Squirt any condiment out of their belly button, what would it be. With a weird question, you get weird answers.

We found out that classes are 2 hours and 30 minutes long and then we have a 30 minute break between.

The absolute first class we had was Orienteering with a really nice instructor. She was really friendly and helped us A LOT. Orienteering is the use of maps and compasses. We learned about using paces, compasses, map keys, and contour lines. We actually did a treasure finding activity with this.

We did go on a trail first before we started class and then everyone got frantic about bugs and started spraying bug spray all over themselves.
This even happened after when Mrs. Cave had a tick on her leg.
I’ve NEVER been bitten by a tick so I was IMMENSELY scared.

Then for our 30 minute break, we went back to our cabins which are like this:


(I looked this up, and I have no idea who’s in the picture).

So we could apply more bug spray, sunscreen, and just sit and chat.
After going to Rock Eagle, I will never again underestimate how quickly 30 minutes can go because we were up and moving again.

Our second class was with the introductory and it was called Challenge Course. It was actually a lot of games and fun activities and was my favorite part of Rock Eagle so far. But before we could get started, Arco’s group was walking by because they were going into the forest for Orienteering.

Aria said, “Don’t trip this time. I’m just kidding.” But NOT without everyone else hearing. I was redder than crimson.

We did, “Where’s My Wookie?” which is like Red Light, Green Light, but we had to grab a “wookie”, a penguin stuffed animal, which was behind her. We had to grab it, and when she turns around and says, “Where’s My Wookie?” We have to be still and hope she doesn’t guess who has it. We had a good strategy and had everyone put their hands behind their back and laugh to confuse her. It took 2 times before we won. Oh, we win when everyone is behind the cones/line from where we started.

We also did something called, “Gemini Tag.” Gemini Tag is when there’s a runner and a catcher. Everyone else are linked in pairs. If the runner links arms with a pair, the one who is the side without the ex-runner is the new runner. If the runner gets tagged by the catcher, the catcher becomes the runner and vice versa. The thing was,  I was CONSTANTLY being popped off and being the catcher instead because most of the times I wasn’t running quick enough to escape the ex-catcher.

With that, we did something called, “Energy Circle.” Basically we all were standing on a stump. Now we all had to move from stump to stump in one cycle and have EVERYONE end up in their original stump at the end. Ween sh weren’t allowed to touch the ground AT ALL and the stumps were made into a shape with an inner and outer circle . Everyone had their own individual ideas and we tried ALL the different ones until we mixed the ideas together and won. Note: the stumps were uneven and the sizes and heights varied and we had to be really good at balance. Verbena did this really weird move where she went from the most uneven, thin and highest stump to a low thin one and it looked like her body was bending in a really weird that way, but hey, we still finished the challenge that time.

Lastly, we played “Arctic Rescue”. Now we are all on one side of a line, which represents us on a iceberg. There’s a rope swing. We were to swing from the side of the rope into a hula-hoop far from the line we were behind. To add to the problem, the wookie’s back! He tried to get us a thermos of hot chocolate and got tossed from the hula-hoops to the far left. So we have to get the wookie back into hula-hoop while swinging and we were allowed to nudge it closer to a hula-hoop in one swing. There was three hula-hoops so we all could fit. I didn’t want to swing because people were falling and I didn’t want to get hurt.

Then some people didn’t make it in the hoop and had to try again later. My turn was the most embarrassing turn EVER. I put my foot into the foot hole so I FELT safe. Then when the rope decided to go insane. I put my foot and I was being dragged around like Rapunzel’s  hair when she finally went outside. And then I was close to the hula-hoops, and then I started swinging around like a trapeze artist. It took me forever to actually get someone to help me. I had to be PULLED in by the rope onto the other side. I was hysterical and I’m pretty sure people could hear us screaming.
After the “Arctic Rescue”, we sat and chatted about how we worked together, was considerate, respectful, and embarrassed ourselves.

When we got to dinner, I was so not excited. Why?
Because then there was recreation and then…
The Dreaded Dance.

I am trying my absolute best to reupload these posts because for some reason the WordPress app is being a bully to me and didn’t let me post these when I was at Rock Eagle.

Float In the CyberSpace.


14 thoughts on “Rock Eagle: The First Classes

  1. OMG YOU ‘FELL’ FOR HIM! 😂😂😂 that cracked me up SOOO hard, also, your camp sound like it was fun! I WISH I COULD GO AND OMG U HELD HANDS 😍😍😍 lucky girl. But that picture looks like Upham woods!

    1. Lol , it WAS pretty funny and after that Torie made puns the rest of the trip.
      Rock Eagle is a ton of fun, especially when you have a bunch of wacka– I mean funny yet weird people with you.
      Yes, we– (deep breath) held hands, (imagine me talking at an accelerated rate) but it didn’t even mean anything be-because it was just to help m-me up because that’s what n-nice fr-friends do and beca-cause it was a kind thing and h-he does kind things and… (Stops accelerated rate of talking) now I’m just rambling.
      What is Upham Woods?

      1. Lol you sound like how Nikki would if Brandon helped her up and Chloe and Zoey would tease her about it and she would reply something about Theo and Marcus.

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