Rock Eagle: Recreation & The Dance

I spent most of my time sitting at dinner wondering, “What am I going to do at this dance? And what IS recreation?” instead of enjoying my cheesecake from dinner. (That’s right, they gave us cheesecake. I REALLY LOVE this place!!!! 🙂 ❤ )

We had 45 minutes until recreation so people went to the Canteen, the gift shop which is inside Sutton Hall, and everyone else did whatever in the front of the Sutton Hall or inside in room before the revolving doors to get in the Canteen. Daffodil, Aria, Estuary, Hyssop, and Arch sat in the Canteen for a LONG TIME. Lily and I sat there reading at first before we began playing around with a ball. Lily’s mom bought at the Canteen. Some weird things happened during those 45 minutes. Some kids were sitting on their phones, some were inside the room before the revolving doors to the canteen, some were playing sports, some were just standing/walking around, and then there’s the kids who were throwing and catching shoes. I mean, seriously taking off their shoes, throwing them in the air and catching them, them often not even catching them but the shoes flying and hitting other people. One hit my arm.

Cambiare came up to tell to me she had a “fake” bae right now. (When she says this she typically means a crush, I don’t know why she doesn’t just call it that but I guess… MODERN WORLD.) She said it was this guy who was friends with Arco. You see, you know how I never talk to anyone or spark a friendship unless it is made obvious they want to talk to me or they do it. Very rarely, I’ll do it. I’ve never found any reason TO talk to him except for like, twice and he’s on my team but he’s not in any of my classes or anything. The only way we know each other is because we’re mutual friends through Arco. We were talking until both or our attentions were focused on something else….

Chiuso (Note so this makes sense: Chiuso isn’t exactly fit. He’s a bit fattish. [New word]) LITERALLY jumped over a trash can and rolled down onto the curve of the field length. It was pretty hilarious but I, being a nice person, asked if he was okay while smiling. “Yep.” He shook it off and then jumped by another trash can right by it AGAIN. This time, he went down head-first and then rolled into the counselor. Then he got scolded while everyone else was laughing. I didn’t find it that funny anymore because there might be some trauma in the head from that but he was, self-declared, fine.

Arpeggio was, doing, I didn’t even know and didn’t care but Aria DRAGGED me over there with her, Hyssop, and Cadenza. She did a LOT of dragging today. Arpeggio was reading a book and I honestly think that he was in peace before they found him. I almost pity him sometimes. I just sat there, doing nothing but listening to them shipping us and stuff. I honestly think that the only reason Aria ships us to save herself because if our ship didn’t exist, people would be ship Arpeggio and Aria like no tomorrow.

After those 45 minutes, thinking that we got to do whatever during Recreation, we went back to the cabins to chill and relax. Then Ms. Cave, came in and told us that Recreation time was “mandatory” and we had to spend it at the neighboring field which was large. So we, begrudgingly, complied and went outside.

There was a lot of things going on there. There was frisbee, I think it was frisbee football, volleyball, Kickball, ball games, basketball, people sitting looking up at the sky, A TON of things. Lily, Poppy, and I were playing all with the ball from before. Then we all dispersed, and I was shocked I didn’t trip and fall again because we were playing dangerously close to frisbee football? I don’t even know but there was loose sticks everywhere and Arco was apart of that game and I’m here thinking, “Oh my gosh, don’t trip and fall, don’t trip and fall.”

After Aria, Bene, Daffodil and Hosta sat under this beautiful tree with white blossoms and spoke about our thoughts. Then Aria and Bene were attempting some weird things while Daffodil and Hosta sat and talked about art and the earth’s essence and other things I’ll never understand about Daffodil. (Seriously, I think Daffodil’s psychic after happened in Rock Eagle: The First Classes. )

Being the entirely responsible one, I went to prevent Bene and Aria from doing anything they would regret. They tried to climbed trees. Trees which were really hard, it looked, to be able to climb so I warned them. They didn’t exactly make THAT far up before they gave up.

Cambiare came up and told she had a legitimate bae this time. “You got that guy to date you THAT quickly?” I was almost stunned until she said, “Nope. It’s Arpeggio.”

You know when in T.V. shows, particularly cartoons or sketches when a character says something SO unpredictable and then there’s that record scratch like, “What?”

“I thought you liked the other guy?”

“That’s the thing. I was going to tell you not as much as Arpeggio.”

“When did this happen? You’ve gone from dating Arco, to liking that guy, to dating Arpeggio?”

“Oh, trust me. I dated a LOT of people in 6th grade. I was like a mini wh—. (word I won’t place here for the discretion of  younger readers.)”

“There’s no correlation between these three people. When you think there is, oop, one doesn’t fit.”

“I know. But I’m wacky like that.”

“How did this happen?”

“A girl dragged me over there and made me do it since I was talking about him since without doing anything and she didn’t want me to wait until the dance so we went and she got it over with.”


Aria and Bene were at the lower court where the basketball court and lake was doing god knows what so I said, Let’s go to the lake.

Aria and Bene were, as it may, talking to Arpeggio and Cambiare said, “Hi.”

She said this two more times because he was just staring at Arpeggio before he actually heard her and said Hello. They sat there in silent awkwardness. There is a difference between like silent, weird and good, awkwardness and silent, weird and not-so-good, awkwardness. This was more of the second. Like the first one is more like the Nikki and Brandon sitch (To Be Honest, I am BEHIND in Dork Diaries and I hear Brandon kissed Nikki. PLEASE TELL MEH IF IT’S TRUE AND IN WHICH BOOK!) or, ACCORDING TO OTHERS *cough* *cough* Poppy, Daffodil, and Aria and like everyone else *cough* *cough* Arco and I which I kind of do, kind of don’t understand. People call us adorable and occasionally, we’ll be walking the hallway together and a random person comes up and asks if we are dating. Yes, we’re almost complete opposites and opposites do “attract” evidently. BUT WHAT IS THERE THAT MAKES US SO “ADORABLE’ AND ‘BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND’ LIKE? Sorry, back to Recreation.

In my head, I was face-palming saying this will be pointless, he freaking acts like he’s in love with Aria and frankly so far, he’s been a god-awful boyfriend.

“So…. How’s life?”, Bene started while in midst of a VERY awkward situation we’ve found ourselves in.

“Cambiare’s dating Arpeggio.” I blurted without knowing until everyone looked at me.

“Wait, what?!” Aria and Bene questioned in unison.

“Yeah. Like 32 minutes ago.” Cambiare said.

“Well Arpeggio, you’re doing a heck of a sh—-  job of being Cambiare’s da– boyfriend.” (Keep in mind that Aria tends to curse a lot and I basically clean some of it up because…. DISCRETION. So this really isn’t a shocker.)

“Well, that was blunt.” Bene and I said together.

And when I said Cambiare’s dating Arpeggio; Cadenza, Hyssop, Larkspur were already on their way, I mean I think they have his name on headset.

So then they got into that late.

But then they were trying to push him into the lake and I was going to read in the grass with Lily, and Mrs. Cape again.

A bunch of friends and I were playing with like a mediumish ball and throwing it pretty high in the air and then we all try to catch it. Wasn’t the best idea we’ve had but it was fun.

It was 8:oo so us, box turtles, decided to stay in the cabin for a bit then go to the dance.
It was mostly the 16B girls wanting to apply makeup and change their outfits, all that jazz.
The only thing us 16A girls did was apply deodorant, perfume, and comb our hair lightly and then got outside. Since leaving anywhere without say so or a chaperone, we had to wait for the 16B girls.

We were 7 minutes late to that dance, BTW.

Well, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for (ESPECIALLY Lizzie)……

I didn’t get a good vibe walking to the dance. I actually felt horribly nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. The dance was still in the Sutton Hall so at least it wasn’t out there where I would quite unfamiliar with. I walked in there once and immediately walked out.

It was so….. it just gave a  fun yet uncomfortable vibe to me. Then Daffodil and Aria to drag me in and I was like, “Nope. Nuh-uh.”

I went to the room before the canteen to calm my nerves and then realized, “I left Lily alone in that clammy, loud room.”

So I came back but before I could even find Lily, I heard my name come from Arco’s mouth and slid down next to him.

“How did they get you in here finally?” He smiled.

“Oh, I came by my own free will this time.”


“Wait, how did you know they tried to get me in here?”

“It was right by the door, it was a commotion, and I’ve sitting ever since this dance began.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“Did you not want to be here?”

“You and I both know the answer to that. It’s too much pandemonium and I can’t dance for my life unless you count waltzing. And I doubt that we’ll have a ballroom dance.”

“So you can ballroom dance?”

“Why do you sound so surprised?”

“You’re not exactly a graceful swan. I didn’t think you would be a ballroom dancer.”

“I took lessons when I was younger. I’m forgetting something.”

“I doubt any of these girls know how to ballroom dance with all these dance moves these days.”

“What type of girl do you think I am?” I asked abruptly.

He hesitated, “You’re interesting, different, but in a good way I guess and you’re a socially awkward turtle which always makes me laugh and I-”

“Turtle! That’s it! I remember now! I’ve got to find Lily so we can spend time in the room with the Canteen. Want to come with since you don’t like this either.”


It wasn’t hard to find Lily. She was propped against the wall covered her ears in agony. She was surprised when I said we could go to the room by the Canteen. But we took pictures OF the dance floor so it looks like we were actually dancing and being active. I lagged behind to dance with a group with Lily’s mom for like 2 minutes before I was at the room. So we sat in the Canteen talking some and then Cambiare walks in looking for Arpeggio who was, SHOCKER, sitting next to Aria having a private conversation. But she didn’t know that just yet.

While Arco stood there confused, I told him that her and Arpeggio were dating and like everyone else, he was shocked as well.

“How do you go from me, to my friend, to Arpeggio?”

“That’s what I’m saying!”

“It’s pointless, you know, I think he’s in love with Aria.”

“That’s what I was thinking!”

“Everyone, shush okay? Arco, it wasn’t like you were any better of a boyfriend.”

You know, how Daffodil’s basically psychic about… EVERYTHING?

Lily and I have the ability to know when an argument going to start so Lily and I silently moved one table over close to where Arpeggio and Aria were. Daffodil and Hosta were playing the My Little Pony cards with Poppy and Bene but then they just…. disappeared and it was just Poppy and Bene playing.

It was that moment when I realized, “Wouldn’t they make a cute couple?”

I mean, we tower over them by 2-3 feet but hey height doesn’t matter.

At this point, Cambiare was sitting at our table, saying, “It IS a lost cause, isn’t it?”


“Me and Arpeggio.”

We all were silent and I knew Arco was going to say, “Well… it is.”

But instead of giving him a facial expression, I whispered, “Don’t say it.”

“How did you know.”

“I just did. She’s sensitive at this point so take everything rhetorically. Okay?”


And before my brain could register what we just did, Cambiare heard and said, “You two just plain adorable like get married now and you still don’t get it.”

“Uh, what?” we said.

“You two will NEVER understand, will you? You never will.”

“What did we do?”

“Nothing,” she got up, ” Just be his Hazel Grace to your Augustus or however you do those metaphor thingies.”

And she went to watch Poppy and Bene play My Little Pony cards.

“Was she being serious?”

“I have no the slightest clue.”

I actually truly knew she was or a little bit knew.

“They’re adorable, aren’t they?”

“Poppy and Bene?”


“That’s what I was thinking.”

“How do we keep reading each others minds?”

“I don’t know. But it’s cool, I guess.”

“I am exhausted, how about you?”

“I am actually a bit hyper.”

“Good thing, I didn’t ask for you to demonstrate how you waltz because you would be a spaz.”

“I would not.” I shoved lightly.

“You would so.” he shoved back.

And it was like this until my foot caught on my chair and when he lightly shoved me my foot spazzed pushing our chairs CLOSE.


Like C.L.O.S.E.

“Well, what a predicament we’re in.”

“Quite a predicament.”

I was about to say something else when…..

Before you even start, no he didn’t kiss me or anything like that don’t be ridiculous if you thought so. Shame on everyone of you nasties. (That’s So Raven Reference) Lol, I’m kidding. Well, not about the kissing thing, that didn’t happen. But I was joking about the scolding.

Torie jumped from nowhere and scared the living daylights out me. Imagine this REALLY JITTERY AND FAST.  “Aww! Will you two finally date and kiss? I mean, its ridiculous you haven’t already considering the universe stopped dropping subtle hints and just dropping atomic bombs on you two but it always misses the da– target almost like Japan except it wasn’t an romantic analogy, it was real and, and they hit their targets but it was REALLY ACCURATE. Seriously, EVERYONE SHIPS YOU TWO. BTW, have you tried the sodas here, they are AH-MA-ZING!”
“Torie, how many sodas did you drink?” Cale asks.
“Yeah, how many?”
“About 5!!!!! ISN’T LIFE GREAT!”
“She will sugar crash.”
“I know right.”

“Well, I want to go back to my dorm because I am tired so I’ll see you around, In this place and school I mean because,”
“I got you.” Tapped my head.

Within, the 9 minutes he was gone, I forgot that he left and I became extremely scared hen I couldn’t find him so I did the only thing a crazy wacko would do in the situation.

Text him like he was kidnapped.

Then I remembered and I looked like a complete doofus.



There was nothing left to do but read.

But then I finished it.

So then I stared into space.

Thinking about life and things.

And how Daffodil is psychic.

How everyone thinks Arpeggio’s in Love with Aria.

How Arpeggio is a god-awful boyfriend just by evidence.

How I had some type of fun, even though I didn’t really dance.

How cute Poppy and Bene would be.

How that argument between Cambiare and Arco even went.

How Cambiare can move on so quickly.

How Cambiare moves on a tad TOO quickly.

How what I ate for dinner was good.

How I thought this was an awful thing.

How Arco gets to back to his dorm yet I can’t.

How I nearly forgot about Lily because of him.

How people ship us.

How there was no teachers in this room AT ALL.

How Aria finds the perfect way interrupt things between us.

How it wasn’t we were going to anyways.

How we could have.

How what the heck would have happened if we actually….

I am a hypocrite.

The hussle and bussle woke me from my thoughts.

Bene said, “I just played some My Little Pony bullsh– with Poppy and it was f—ing incredible.”

“I love My Little Pony Bullsh–!” Poppy said about TOO excited.

“Sure, I do too.”

Aria had sugar crashed, and she was laying on Arpeggio’s shoulder and it looked actually adorable.

I knew she was most likely was going to punch someone when I woke her up, but I did it anyways and she nearly hit my nose.

“How the f— did I end up on his f—ing shouldler.”

“You slept like that. Guess it was just a…. natural instinct.”

I recieved a -_- but it was worth it.

Cambiare said, “I’m going to be known as the f—ing idiot who dated Arpeggio when he’s CLEARLY in love with Aria.  I give up. THERE IS NO COMPETING WITH HER.”

“I didn’t think it was a competition.”

“Neither did I.”

I had a lot to think about in bed.

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34 thoughts on “Rock Eagle: Recreation & The Dance

      1. Lol you won’t be talking when ur like 28 and posting, “Hey guys! Cale proposed to me today!” Lol just kidding *evil grin* Or am I?

      2. Lol, I wouldn’t kid about that. But wouldn’t that be fun. To propose, we would need to date which hasn’t happened (no matter how much people want that to happen, may or may not be including myself).
        I don’t understand how people find us adorable, though. Other than complete opposites, there’s really nothing that makes us ship worthy.


      4. No, there’s just something about it that isn’t quite right…but again, I can’t see them so…

  1. C’mon Nikki, you’re almost as bad as Karla! If I was so close to a boy I had to spell it C.L.O.S.E., I would move away! But Karla is worse…she practically tell us when Logan BREATHES at her.

  2. Hey can you tell everyone I won’t be blogging for a while? I have a lot of tests and STEM and now (maybe) NJHS stuff going on. 😦

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