Rock Eagle: The First Night

(Karla won’t be blogging for a while due to school life and testing so… That’s where she is/been.)

We all were clamoring to get to our cabins. After all, it HAD been a long and hard day for all of us and no one wanted anything more but to be inside the cabins. By the time we got there it was 9:20, considering the dance ended at 9:15.

I, however had a lot on my mind and I didn’t know about the rest. We were all clamoring once again over who would shower first. Our room only had one shower and then there was another in the adults room we could use. Lily went in the adults room and then Aria went in our shower. Then Estuary and Arch. I and Daffodil. Lastly, Hyssop and Poppy.

The showers there were actually quite nice. They felt ones at a hotel, minus the complimentary shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap and you know the rest.
Before I went to my shower, Lily and Estuary said the water might be cold. It sure didn’t feel like because the water temperature was just right in there.

Soon, it was almost 10:30 which was Lights Out.. And yet no one could sleep. But some of us were trying to sleep. Lily, Daffodil, and I. Poppy was in the middle, And then Hyssop, Aria, and Estuary didn’t want to sleep. Then Arch was keeping me up because she was sitting on my bed before I politely asked her to go to her bed. Which she didn’t want to so she slept on the floor, but even then she wasn’t sleeping. She wriggled really weirdly in her sleeping bag and no one could comprehend why she was on the floor.

Lily was trying to distract herself from people talking by reading. I just lay and listened with Daffodil. Estuary and Hyssop were in Torie’s bed because it was really comfy. Aria was in there for the most part but then went down and slept with Daffodil.

I think Lily REALLY wanted to sleep because she went to sleep in the adult’s room at 11:00. Then you could hear the other girls playing “Slap Game” REALLY LOUDLY. Then at 11:06, both chaperones came in both our rooms to say that it would best if we sleep but if they wanted to stay up that’s on them but they have to quiet.

I truly believe Estuary and Hyssop were TRYING to be quiet. But it wasn’t working. Plus, there was thing where we kind of agreed whoever goes to sleep first gets pranked.

At this point, I didn’t care.

It took me forever to sleep but then I slowly descended into a sleep with a dream….

Float In The CyberSpace!!


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