Rock Eagle: Breakfast & The Second Day Classes

(Sorry, girlies. The last 2 weeks have been….. hectic. Plus, I was busy which I know is not a legit excuse but forgive me? I’ve edited this post more than 24 times to get this right and good for you girlies, so hopefully you enjoy. I’m on Spring Break which is ending this Monday so yay. My science teacher was literally DROWNING US IN HOMEWORK. In fact, I still have 4 essays I have to write afterwards. Joy. )

(By The Way, I don’t think I mentioned this but at the dance before Aria and Arpeggio had their private conversations, Arpeggio was told to stop “flirting with Amaryllis” by an assistant principal which was hilarious. I’m told.)

I ended waking up 5 times over night. But that was mainly because the cold was bothering me.

It’s ironic because Cold air lulls me to sleep but it can agitate me while I’m sleeping.

We ended waking up at 6:00 but no one actually got up and did anything until 6:08. Except for Lily which I suspect woke up before the rest of us. Aria actually said that she could hear me waking up and told Estuary and Hyssop to shut up since evidently they were up until 2:45 am.

Keep in mind, WE ALL WOKE UP AT 6:00.
I don’t understand how one can be lively and have 5 or less hours of sleep.
I can’t do that.
Not at all.

We were trying to figure out what to do today because we had Herpetology and then The Lake Assessment.
And for The Lake Assessment, we are going IN Rock Eagle Lake.
What both of our chaperones say we could do is put on regular shoes for Herpetology and then Change into Water Shoes for the Lake Assessment then change back into other shoes for Ornithology.

Soon enough it was time for breakfast.

I was standing in line with Cambiare for breakfast. It was still kind of dark and you couldn’t point out anyone.


Because we were all wearing the same T-shirt.
It was like a giant blur of blue, like I were to take off my glasses it would be a blur of this blue:



(It’s the shade of blue labeled shipping (I just realized what I did, -_- , no pun intended. )

Then Arco came and I got nervous immediately. (Lizzie, I’m braced for criticism).


“So how did you leave the dance?”, Cambiare asked.

“Lagoon’s dad just let me leave and go to the dorms.”

“The other chaperones wouldn’t let us leave! Right?”

“Right. Right.”

“And I would have avoided having to be near Arpeggio giving puppy dog looks towards Aria and having private chats constantly. Right?”

“Yeah, right.”

(I swear she isn’t this agitating/needy usually. The pure oxygen must have been getting to her, {I didn’t say that, Arco did. [I think its getting to everyone.] } )

“So how did y’all sleep in your cabins?”

“Trillium was telling us all the sweet things that Lagoon was texting her and no one sleep after that because no one could get over it. Then they were playing the Slap Game and the chaperones were basically ignoring them at that point.”


“Well, no one could sleep because of our energy from the dance, that the Arch was being a bit crazy, and that Estuary and Hyssop were watching funny videos on YouTube. Also, the girls in the other cabins were playing the Slap Game as well. Poor Sarah actually left the room and went to go sleep in the other empty room.”

“Both of your nights sound….. fun. But I don’t why you didn’t just Look up things on the internet or watch tv.”

“Say WHAT??” we questioned in unison.

“Have you gone insane from the surplus of trees? There was no WI-FI, there was no TELEVISION.”

“Arco, what are you talking about? Like what Cambiare said, but more sensible, we have no internet nor Televisions.”

“Wow….. The boys have free wi-fi and tvs in their cabins.”


“I can’t believe it.”

“I can’t believe the girls DON’T have any wi-fi or tvs?”

“So then, How was your night, happy camper? Ranger Rick? Any other demeaning countryside name?”

(I totally promise she isn’t usually like this.)

“Most of The guys were just switching through the channels, looking for something like Family Guy or anything else on Adult Swim that involves sexual jokes and crap. Most of us were just prank calling people like Pizza Hut.”

“Right because that’s SO much better.”

“Cambiare, you have to say that’s better than them being complete pervs.”


This conversation went on in the line for so long that soon we were in the middle of the lunch room like,  “What do we do now?”

I ended up having to sit next to this guy who, well you’ll see.
What he was doing made me almost lose my appetite if only I wasn’t actually really hungry.
He grabbed hot sauce, salt and pepper, and ketchup and put in it his lemonade.

That already made me want to puke.
Then I didn’t want my bacon so I let him have it, THINKING THAT HE WOULD EAT IT NORMALLY.
Boy, was I wrong.

He ripped it up and then put it in the lemonade as well.

Everyone around me were turning the other way and eating their food in their chairs to avoid looking at whatever new concoction he was making.

Then he reached his hand into his lemonade, mixed it with a knife and took out the bacon bits and put it on whoever wasn’t facing away from the disgusting mix.

That, my dear friends, included me.

Everyone wore a fake smile and said, “Thanks…” in unison because it was well nice to do.

Except for Amaryllis.

I think it’s either the fact we were up so early or like Arco said the “pure oxygen” or the people in her cabin or whatever the thing is that Amaryllis so cranky because at our sleepovers with Lily, she never is this irritable.

She says, “Hey? No. No. Okay, we are not doing this right f—ing now especially at this d–n f—ing of day. Now, shut your f—ing a–, stop making everyone d–n uncomfortable. In fact, stop wasting a good f—ing cup of lemonade and f—ing drink it, okay b—-?!”

Everyone at our half of the table was more silent than still wind.
No one knew what to do.

But then he kept mixing and Amaryllis picked up the cup and took to tray merry-go-round (Which isn’t a merry-go-round or acts like one. We just put something in a slot and slides down into where we have no idea where.)

But he just got a new cup of lemonade and did everything again and drank some of it this time.

It was disgusting to watch.

After that nightmare, we headed out to Sutton Hall West to receive our next classes. That’s when Cambiare and I compared schedules and saw that we had THE EXACT SAME SCHEDULE but just with different instructors.

This class was Herpetology or the study of reptiles and amphibians. Some of the girls, 1/2  of the 16B girls, were fawning over the instructor for this class while the rest of us were just like yeah, okay.

It was really cool to see all the animals there. We saw some salamanders, newts, held snakes (Even Poppy held one and she is or was DEATHLY afraid of snakes), toads, frogs, tortoises, turtles, alligators, we even saw a snapping turtle with overturned shell. (The snapping turtle was in a tall large bin and you could tell it wanted climb up and out, but we couldn’t risk it because…. there’s a reason it’s called a snapping turtle.) We also did some activities and and  puzzles while we waited for the next animals. We got to feel a baby American Alligator (That was the species name. Not saying it’s not American.) And it felt softer than I thought it would.

I was actually scared of this class at first but it proved to be really interesting and fun.
After The class ended, we had to back to cabins to change into our water shoes for The Lake Assessment. Hyssop began freaking out. She couldn’t find the glove that Pond gave her. He had one, she had one. It had a sentimental separation value to her.

We looked over of the cabins but could’t find it. So we all came to the conclusion that she had left the glove in Herpetology. We were almost late to lunch so we ran in the water shoes which were kind of a bit uncomfortable to run in the woods/ forest with.

At lunch, the line was taking a while. I think the other school was stuck in there. Once again, walking in Arpeggio was holding the door. Aria kept complimenting and praising him to the point that I wanted to hit my head against the walls.

I glared at him again before walking in the Dining Hall. Lily and I were looking at the sign on the wall that said, “Please Do Not Touch Or Lean On The Wall.” Then being silly, we decided to take pictures of us putting our hands ON the sign and leaning on them. In the middle of our fun, Arco was calling me to something.

“Hey, is gazillion a number? Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes.”, he had a cute, goofy smile on his face.

“No, you silly goose.” I smiled whole-heartedly as I put my hand on his shoulder, “It’s not a number.”

“How about a trazillion, bazillion? AT LEAST HAVE BATRAGAZILLION EXIST?” He shook me lightly.

“No, no.”, I said mock-seriously but smiling, “No. They don’t exist. At all. I’m sorry.”

“Not even batragazillion?”

“No, you silly goose. Not at all. It goes from trillion to quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion….”


I patted his back. “It’s okay. It’s okay. We’ll get through this. Hey, you want to see Sarah and I have been doing?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“We’ve been taking pictures of our hands touching that sign right there.”

“That’s cool and, wait, wouldn’t someone have had to touch the wall to put up the sign in the first place.”


“My mind is blown, I have no idea.”

“Me neither.”

“That was such a smart point, you’re going places, Arco. I don’t know WHERE, but you’re going places.”

“I knew I was.”

“You mean, I know I am, since its present tense?”

“Same difference, you’re such a grammar nazi sometimes.”

I pulled the hood over his head from his hoodie while he was laughing and said, “Yeah, okay.” while laughing as well.

I ended up having to sit next to Chiuso at lunch since there was no more room. It wasn’t all that bad. It was WAY better than this morning. He didn’ t start much conversation but wasn’t like we had spoken, spoken before. We were at the far end of the table. In the middle of the table, we have your popular girls talking about did what and when.

I actually speak to those girls and they’re not stupid, dim-witted or ditzy as one would think. And they’re actually pretty nice and friendly. Then in the waywards front, you have Ginger, Creek, Arpeggio, and Arco. I knew he could see me that far so I just sat in thought.

The teachers were making a big announcement about staying around them after lunch for the group picture. I did leave though. What? I had to use the restroom and they couldn’t tell me I couldn’t go.

As soon as I caught up, Cambiare found out about something.

“Trillium told me that Arpeggio told her that he was going to break up with me at the campfire!”

“He couldn’t say it to your face? ”

“Of course not, that’s rude.”

Last time I checked, Arpeggio could be the king of rude. But okay.


“She’s blowing up about something. ” Arco said.

“It’s Arpeggio.”

“What about him?”

“He told Trillium that he was going to break up with Cambiare at the Campfire.”

“But the campfire is—”

“This is all my fault. Why did I even BOTHER?” Cambiare interrupts.

“What about the campfire, Arco?”

“Arpeggio wouldn’t be able to see Cambiare anyways.”

I didn’t understand but I smiled like I did and hoped he didn’t notice.

“You didn’t understand and you are hoping I didn’t know.”

“There’s no sneaking around you, detective.”

We were outside the Dining hall, and we were literally outside.

We had stand/ sit on the steps we had Sat on just an hour and 5 minutes ago.

I wasn’t paying much attention because I was explaining Inception to Cambiare.

Since Cambiare, Arco, and I were at the farthest on the top, we got to stand. The closest on the top had to kneel. And everyone else had to sit because they were on stairs. The teachers wanted whoever was wearing jackets, hoodies, any cover up of your body and or shirt to take them off so we looked “decent” and “orderly”. They also wanted whoever had hair covering their faces, eyes, or symbol on their shirts to Brush it out or off or tie it up. Just so my brain can prove it’s craziness, I had restrain myself from brushing Arco’s hair out of his face when the wind blew in his face.

Well, the wind was blowing a tad more than gingerly. And soon enough, hair was blown in faces again.

This time, I wasn’t thinking and I actually brushed it out of his eyes.


I smiled as well as I pinned the pin in.

” So you guys decided to be a romance movie? Fabulous. ” Cambiare said.

Another girl came up out of nowhere. She was saying, “Why the h— do we have to f—ing take off our jackets, it’s our f—ing bodies.”

“I like the way she’s thinking.” Arco said.

I knew he was reluctant to take off his hoodie. So was Aria.

“So what’s y’all names?”

I surprised the teachers were giving us THIS MUCH TIME.

I introduced myself and everyone else. She already knew Cambiare.

“So his name is Arco?”

He mock-sobbed. I side hugged him and said, “It’s okay. Just love life!”

“You know I hate life.”

“Why must you hate the life? It just wants to love you! Why must you be so cynical!” I mock-sobbed as well.

“Are they dating, Cambiare? They seem like they are.”

We were quiet. “They aren’t but everything they do could be in a gradual romance story.”

We glared at her.

FINALLY, the teachers were ready for us to take the picture.

We were supposed to only take 3 pictures.

Then after the third one, the photographer kept saying, “One more.”

We ended up taking 14 pictures. Everyone was eager getting off the stairs. I saw Aria and Arpeggio having ANOTHER private conversation and they were close.

Cambiare stormed, “THAT IS IT!!”

I’m going with the fact that perhaps Cambiare saw the same scene I had.

She was racing over to them.

Arco yelled, “Cambiare, what are you doing?”

I knew exactly what she was going to do.

I also knew she was going to regret what she was going to do.

“Cambiare, not now!”

But it was too late.

She shoved Aria away, got in his face and started, “Arpeggio, I’m breaking up with you.”

“That’s not bad,” Arco began.

“She’s not done.”

“She never is.” we said at the same time.

“Um, okay.” Arpeggio said, turning around.

But Cambiare whipped him back around, “You’re going to listen to me and you’re going to listen f—ing well. I don’t f—ing know why you said yes to me if you didn’t f—ing like me. But I don’t even give a f— anymore. You’re a f—ing b—-. It’s very s—-y  of you to play with emotions. You could have just f—ing rejected me, at least that wouldn’t have gotten me as riled up as this is. Next time, someone builds the courage to actually ask you out, as if b—-, if you don’t like the poor b—-, then f—ing reject her b—-.”

She grits and then laughs an ice cold laugh, “And it’s not my f—ing fault you can’t grow a d— pair of f—ing balls and ask out that f—ing b— behind me, you f—ing b—-.”

Arco and I were shocked and slightly scared as Cambiare came back to us. “Sorry guys,” she smiled, “I just had to get that off my chest.”

Arpeggio stood stunned for 3 minutes.

“He had it coming to him.” Arco said before he sat in his group.

Cambiare seemed way more happy and I feel like she did the right thing.

I just wish she didn’t do it in such a horrific manner. If you didn’t already know, sometimes when someone curses, gingerly or heavily,  I am either okay, slightly uncomfortable, or Seriously uncomfortable. But this, with adapting, might not apply to certain people.

We had an hour break before the next day class. Lily’s mom was in a circle with Allegro’s Dad, Creek, Arco, Ginger, and Allegro. Lily was just reading and I didn’t know where Aria and Arpeggio was. So I went talking with Lantana in the room before the Canteen. Lantana was saying that people didn’t go in the Lake because not everyone had to go in the lake for the Lake assessment. So we were just talking about how our trip was so far. I was so into the conversation,  I wasn’t aware of my surroundings and when I turned around Arco scared the living daylights out of me .

“Ahhh, I mean, heyyy!” Cue nervous smile.

“Hi? I just wanted to know when we have to head back to the room for class asignments.”

“Oh, really?” Nervous smile, “I, um, just have to find mywatch, heh, heh, where is my watch?”

“I thought you didn’t bring a watch.”

“I mean, heh, my phone.”

Awkward moment where I put my arm backwards to find my phone on the table…

“We, have um , 15 minutes until we go back into the other room.” Nervous smile again.

“Okay, then. Thanks, by the way.”

“Yeah, you’re welcome, yeah, no problem.”

When he was gone, I buried my face into my palms and said, “How bad was that, Lantana?”

“Pretty bad.”

“Ughhh! !!”

As forementioned, it was REALLY uncomfortable to walk in grass and the forest with those shoes. With our instructor,  she did this get to know you activity where we said our favorite character from a tv show or movie. I said Spencer Hastings from PLL. Do not judge me the Dork Diaries movie isn’t even out yet. Lol, just kidding.

Walking to the Lake Assessment room, there were these really pretty pink cherry blossom tress which Sarah and I slowed down to take pictures of. After that, I asked Torie why people love shipping Cale and I.

“I’d thought you’d never ask!” Aria smiled, “Just kidding. Okay, for one thing, you both are completely socially awkward.”

“What does social awkwardness have to do with anything? And besides, he’s less soc–”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. You both are in near equivalence when it comes to social awkwardness. It has to do with everything and anything because social awkward people go great together and they don’t need words to understand each other. They have each other’s mindset. Which is why you two could just sit with together and read each others  minds/understand each other. And that’s h—a f—ing adorable.”

I couldn’t deny this. It happens to us ALL THE TIME.

“Continuing on, you two are always together.”

“Not always.”

“I didn’t mean that in an entire literal sense. You just are. And one is always there for the other. You two like depending on the other. Also, y’all know the other as if you WERE the other. That is also adorable even to me. You’re a Scorpio, he’s an Aquarius; perfect match right there with plenty effort, and you don’t get jealous easily and sometimes I question your scorpio-ness so that wouldn’t be an issue if you two were to have a relationship. Finally, you two are opposites. Opposites ATTRACT! For God’s sake, you sent good morning and night texts. And you do that thing like you hang up first, no you but with texting and over the spelling of NIGHT! That’s ridiculous and takes some type of dedication!”

I was silent. She had good points.

When we got to the classroom, we did an activity where we had these cards which all had a step to the scientific method on it. We were to put them in the correct order. Yarrow was the only one debating with the rest of us about where to put Analyze results. We said to put it after Conduct Experiment but she kept protesting that it went after Draw A Conclusion.

We were right.

There were nets in a bucket by the door and the floor was a little wet. But it’s a lake assessment, what would you expect?

Each group was assigned a fish name.  The instructor went up to the chalkboard  and introduced us to DO or dissolved oxygen. The concept was quite easy. I already knew what pH was though so I got to tell the class what it was. I was smiling outside but inside I was thinking, “I can never be a teacher or instructor. ”

With our fish name, Lily, Aria, Daffodil, and I had Largemouth Bass,  we looked at their preferences for their environment, compare it to the conditions of Rock Eagle Lake,  and then draw a hypothesis about if our species of fish could live in Rock Eagle Lake.

After a long explanation, we hit the conclusion that the Largemouth Bass COULD live in Rock Eagle Lake.  After the explanation, Aria just said, “Or because there’s a boy group here named the Largemouth Bass and all the group names are based of animals that live at Rock Eagle.”

She really should have said that earlier.

After everyone said what their hypothesis was, each group got a bucket with pills and test tubes. Everyone got a net and set off for the Lake.  The Lake was close but the slope was dramatic.

Everyone had to go in the Lake but not too far in that the water passed our knees because on the first day, some groups of guys thought it would be fun to go far in and/or swim in the lake. Every girl was shaking their heads.

I kept slipping into the lake. Again, the slope INTO the Lake was also dramatic. One of us in our group had fill a container with a thermometer in it with the Lake water and set it in our buckets, which was Daffodil. Aria got the  container which we put the dissolved oxygen pills in. Lily got the water for the pH container while I put in the pH pills in the container. Then we parted ways to catch some organisms.

I caught a couple larva, three sunfish, a water scorpion, and a baby crayfish.

Many people caught larva as well. Aria, however,  was after this Largemouth Bass that kept swimming towards us.

She never did catch it though. “F—!”

She muttered as the bass got away again.

Lily’s mom raised an eyebrow and I scolded, “Aria, watch your language.”

“I’m sorry, its hard. ”

She did nearly catch a frog though. I nearly slipped into a snake nest or burrow.

“Careful, Arco wouldn’t want you in mortal danger.” Daffodil chimed.

This will stick permanently if Daffodil starts coining in on it.

After 45 minutes, we met back up and looked at the creatures we had found. Others had found dragonfly nymphs, more sun fish, water scorpions, a frog, and Verbena found a full size crayfish. Everyone was pretty proud of their catches yet Aria was still stuck on that bass she didn’t catch.

Lily reassured her that the bass probably wouldn’t have fit in her net in the first place.

We had to rush back to our cabins to change shoes. After that, we tore up the room even further for Hyssop’s glove, going with the fact that maybe we didn’t look hard enough.

We still didn’t find it.

So we went back to Sutton Hall West once again. As usual.

This time, we had Ornithology, which is the study of birds. This was a bit different because with Cambiare and I’s groups, a boy group had to split in half and sit among us.

No, it wasn’t Arco’s group.

And so we went down a long trail past the recreation field to the Orthinology area.

There was a mother Canadian goose sitting on its eggs four feet from the Orthinology hut we were under. Our group instructor let us take pictures of the goose until someone’s flash was accidentally on. Then the mother glared at us as we backed away. No one wanted a fight with a mother goose.

We were to get in groups of three with a pair of binoculars and a book of classifying the birds in our area. Lily, Aria, and I got into a group Together.

So we sat down in the little hut, building, thing with a brown roof our instructor was teaching us about how different characteristics of birds can affect their lifestyle. Then we had to name characteristics of raptors and aquatic birds. Soon enough, however, we were released and got look for birds. Aria chose to use her camera and zoom in instead of using the binoculars.

We didn’t find much of anything. We found some Brown Thrashers,  our state’s bird respectively, Canadian Geese, Mandarin Geese, Yellow Rails, and Harris’ Sparrows. Nothing else though.

The instructors led both groups onto the bridge, quietly, that went across Rock Eagle Lake horizon wise. We were to be able to find more birds but we only found a Cerulean Warbler and a Boat-Tailed Grackel. I was actually afraid to look into the water because my glasses had been slipping off my face often these days but lucky for me they stuck on.

After 10 minutes on the bridge, our group went hiking up a hill to a bird watching station which was a medium length, small height shed. There was a wasp or two in it though so some of the girls were screaming. Then they were told to shush so they didn’t scare the birds away, so instead they silent screamed.

Their definition of silent screaming was different than everyone else’s.

I, using the binoculars, found a Le Conte’s Sparrow and a Yellow-Throated Vireo, Lily found a Nelson’s Sparrow and Aria saw a Scott’s Oriole. We weren’t in the shed for long. We went hiking for 6 minutes longer until we met up with the other group once again at a medium bird box. We were told that it was used to attract birds like warblers, tanagers, and sometimes even small owls would come there.

Lily and I got a little excited about the owl part because we both are owl fanatics. I think they’re more of a deal for Lily though. You should see the owl stuffed animals she has in her room. She brought some with her as well to the cabins. So with the other group we stood in a giant circle and played a game. Two guys volunteered thinking they were going to something cool. Anika, the other instructor, had them pretend to be a bird couple to demonstrate the game. Funny how they both have girlfriends, one of whichs was in that very circle. The game was that we choose a partner some of us would be a bird couple of hawks catching fish over a lake. Whoever wasn’t a hawk was a osprey stealing fish from the hawks. The osprey couldn’t steal any fish if one of the hawks in the hawk couple was in the nest. Whoever was catching fish could take only one fish, drop it at the “nest”, then repeat. But the fish were to be placed upside down.

I stayed at the nest while Lily got the fish. I was glad I stayed because the middle of the circle, where the “fish” was, was a complete mess.

So Lily and I had 3 fish altogether. It wasn’t exactly much but it was fine.

We turned over our fish to see that ours had nothing on them. Some people around us had stuff like DDT or C or S or P or ST.

Whoever had a fish with DDT died, whoever had a fish with P was poisoned and also died, C fish owners had a counterfeit fish and that didn’t count, whoever had  S fish supplied them more than its worth, and whoever had ST had their fish stolen eventually after the game and theirs didn’t count either.

The group instructors decided not to split us up anymore because we were all  going to the same place. So after 4 more minutes of hiking we went to sit on these logs in a horse shoe shape.

They asked for a volunteer again and Gulf, again, was chosen. The funny thing is he didn’t do anything cool this time either. He had to dress like a bird. A hawk to be specific. They had the costume parts and everything. Everyone, I included,  was taking photos because, well come on, it looked hilariously ridiculous. Trillium, his girlfriend,  was just crying laughing. The instructors even made him walk around with the costume on in a circle twice.  It looked like he was having some type of fun.

After that show, we got to see some of the birds at Rock Eagle. The first we saw was Ella, which is a small Eastern Screech Owl. She was attacked by a cat which really ruined her, I think right, wing which made her unable to fly anymore. The second bird we saw was Cutkey, who is an American Kestrel. I thought she was really cute and adorable. The third bird we saw was Mahaya, who is a Red-Tailed Hawk. She had a really serious look on her face but I thought she was cool. The last bird we saw was named Buddy, who is a Great Horned Owl. He flew into barbed wire and his wing was not able to be fully repaired. He was really distrustful of humans because of his bad experiences with them and was constantly flapping his wings wanting to fly. His wings was so strong and large that when he was flapping his wings he was blowing things around. He couldn’t fly though because he was lightly cuffed on a glove Anika was wearing. Every bird was on that love when they were shown to us. Eventually he started to fly forwards,  dragging Anika with him, so then he had to go back in the shed to calm down some.

You can see more information on these birds at .

When that was over, we went on the long, steep descent down. There was a secret stair I didn’t see in time to avoid it. So I tripped but fell in a really plush pile of leaves.

I didn’t get hurt or anything but after Lily, Daffodil, and Aria picked me up and dusted me, they said,  “Wow. We didn’t expect to fall for HIM THAT badly. I don’t think anyone has fell so hard for someone that they got physically hurt and bruised.”

They all smiled and along with them I smiled and laughed as well.

For dinner, the counselor made an announcement about tomorrow. She said that tomorrow would be our last day and we should make the most of it with our friends in the Dining hall and activities.  (In the Rock Eagle: The Last Day post, you’ll see why that was ironic.)

I sat with Aria, Arpeggio, and Lily at this little table by the other school. Lily and I just sat read while we occasionally looked up to engage in the conversation. But that was pretty much it.

After dinner, we had an hour break again. This time I just sat around with Cadenza, Hyssop, Arpeggio, Aria and Cambiare. They were talking about how perfect Arpeggio was for Aria and vice versa.

She gave me a help me sign but I shrugged and mouthed, “This is like being me for a day.” “I am so sorry for you, even though I will most definitely do it again.”

“It’s okay, friend. it’s okay.” We smiled an understanding smile.

Soon enough Cadenza and Hyssop were pushing us up their to see who was a “compatible height” with Arpeggio. I tried to fend for myself but they got me up there and said, “It’s perfect!!!!” They squealed.

“Say what??!!” We said.

“Perfect height! Right, Cambiare and Aria?!”

“Yeah, uh-huh, sure.”

Arpeggio was only 2 inches taller than me, though.

I got back on the flower bed and said, “What does height have to do with compatibility,  anyway? ”

Cambiare hopped beside me, “Typically, girls 87% of the time want boyfriends, fiancés,  and/or husbands that are taller than Them.”


“Because they think it looks cuter and nicer that way. Plus, Their minds may be rigged to think that guys are to do EVERYTHING romantic in the relationship so tall people do cuter things. I would like a tall guy.”

“I don’t think it matters to me. As long as I like them, they treat me right, and have a dazzling personality, I would happy and content.”

“You are such a genuine person compared to others these days. Why can’t people be more like you?”

“Because my personality is already taken by moi. ”

We laughed.

Cambiare got up and said, “Hey, you want to know who I like?”

“I thought you liked just that guy?”

“We’re 13. We’re both single. We can like anyone and everyone we want.”

I Was  skeptical.  I had thought that you have one crush, work towards them, if it fails or you give up, move to one new one. If it works, great you now have a boyfriend /girlfriend (of course recently, like today, now, April 11th recently I have found exceptions {expect a post about it}) .

“You see, Gulf over there?”

“Yeah, Why?”

“I like him but he’s dating Trillium so he’s ‘off limits’ according to girl code.”

I never truly understood / trusted girl code. I mean, some are common sense but some just aren’t fair. Like you can’t like your friends boyfriend Automatically just because they are dating? You can’t entirely change emotions for someone over a situation that may or may not be temporary. And it’s not like they are going to make a move if they were truly your friend.

“And do you see Dune? ”


“Gulf’s twin. Yeah, I like him too, besides his hair looks fluffier and has a lighter color than Gulf’s.”

Gulf has that light brown colored curlyish hair, while Dune had brown blondish straightish hair according to Madison. 

“Plus, he isn’t dating anyone so he’s available! You know what, we need a code name for him. “

“What would it be?”

“Hmm. What about Mascara? I don’t think that’s in the database.”

By this she means all the code names used for the guys at our school. It used to be really orderly but then it just got mangled because girls had different opinions on different names for guys.

“I don’t think so either, so let’s go with that.”

“And yeah, you already knew about the other guy so we were done.” She said as we sat back down.

We had to go the recreation field where others were already.

We didn’t do much there because as soon as we got there it was time to go back in.

And we had to be ready for the Night Class.

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8 thoughts on “Rock Eagle: Breakfast & The Second Day Classes

    1. Well, it’s really only Torie who does that.
      All these other friends just swear because, well, everyone has their reasons.
      That other girl we met at the stairs doesn’t really count since I haven’t seen her since.
      But it has been fun here.

      1. Well, yes it is a 4H camp but I actually left March 19th.
        I’ve just been piled up in homework, mostly from Ms.Rothman, tests, quizzes, projects galore.
        I’m actually on spring break now but Monday’s tomorrow and that’s when it ends.
        I didn’t think anyone thought I was still there.

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