Rock Eagle: Nature Hike, Campfire & A Night Of Dares Among Other Things

The girls, had the night class first. The night class was the Nature Hike.

The guys, however, had their campfire.

Then was when I finally understood what Arco meant by “Arpeggio’s not even going to see her anyways.”

(If you didn’t read, Rock Eagle: Breakfast & The Second Day Classes, then you will be behind on plenty.)

Then I thought, “Eh, too late now. The way she broke up with him was brutal enough and there couldn’t be anything worse that he could do at the campfire if it was co-ed than what she did after the photos Arco, Cambiare, and I took with everyone else.”

So the instructor  took us on our nature hike. We went past the bridge we had been on on the first day there, and went along the White Trail. It’s called the white because of paint on the trees on the trail.

It was a 28 minutes hike and there was a lot of cool scenery there that I couldn’t resist taking pictures of. Unfortunately,  most of them include my friends and their faces so I can’t post them. 😕😕

We were told to be quiet on the hike so we could hear the sounds of nature. Keep in mind, at this point it was only 7:45 so the sun hadn’t set for us yet. It was kind of fun because we got to hop on stones and balance on logs that acted  as a bridge.

So we sat down after the hike in this no sides, hut, gazebo type thing. We sat and talked about how it sounded nice and peaceful outside except for when we could hear boys faintly. I don’t know why we would able to hear them all the way out here but everyone just chose to ignore. We talked about some unimportant things like what was our favorite part of the field trip.

We began discuss the difference between diurnal,  nocturnal, and crepuscular animals, examples of such animals, and how bats and owls use echo-location to find their prey because they are nocturnal.

We actually played a game where we stood in a circle and the instructor picked four people. Those four people went inside the circle and one of them was an owl seeking out moths to eat. That person would be blind-folded while the three other people were “moths flying around”. The people making the circle were there to ensure that the moths didn’t escape the area. The “owl” had to clap once and all the moths had clap twice. Almost like Marco Polo. I thought it was funny how when everyone else who was an owl just tagged the moths when they found them but then Arch just went and hugged the moths that she found. Everyone else was laughing as well so I knew I wasn’t the only one. We then sat back down to converse about what that game was demonstrating.

We began to play another game when the other group, C’s group aka the Alligators, was walking by.  We all just smiled and waving like the moment wasn’t awkward.

So it was kind of like Where’s My Wookie (If you didn’t read Rock Eagle: The First Classes then you wouldn’t know what I was talking about.) but different because the person in the front was also blindfolded and we had to be quiet because if the person in the front heard a sound they have to turn around and if one of us at the bottom line hadn’t passed her when she turns around, we would have to start over.

It’s harder than it sounds.

We didn’t even win until the last time we played.

Soon enough, it was time for our descent down and as much as it was tiring hiking to the area this night class was a lot of fun.

The guys looked really happy and smiley when we went back into Sutton Hall. No girl knew what they had done but at this point I don’t think anyone really cared at this point because we were all anticipating what would be at our campfire.

I think Cambiare was didn’t really care that campfire wasn’t co-ed because well, what was done was already done and if the campfire was co-ed then she would have just blew up at Arpeggio again EVEN when it was supposedly over.

Knowing Cambiare, things are never really over.

So we trudged on a trail, anticipation beating and pulsing in our hearts and our veins like it was our very blood.

You can tell I’m over-exaggerating with this sentence but I thought that sentence sounded thrilling, cool, and could belong in a dystopian novel. It is probably a lame sentence though.

No but really, we all were a tad nervous as we walked on the sidewalk path led by our first instructor  while chatting with friends. Arch was having her own little fun with her rainbow colored finger-flashlights that she bought from the canteen. Petunia was pointing her finger-flashlights at the gourd so we could see where exactly we were going while chatting along with Lily and I as we were led on into the woods to follow into until we had found the same campfire site us boxturtles had visited just the day before.

After 4 minutes of chatting, lights, and nervousness, (oh my) we had made it to the site. There was already one other instructor there with a fire already going.

We got in our seats in the order we were in line. The instructors didn’t want phones used for this part because they wanted us to fully interact and tune in for the fun. And I thought in the end that it was worth it to shut off their phone to focus on what was happening outside the walls of the internet.

So the first thing we did was scream out our emotions and stuff (But not for that purpose, the ACTUAL purpose was to distract and get the guys to hear us. BADLY.
So we all screamed at the the top of our lungs.

Aria said that she expected some guy to text her saying shut up.

Evidently, we were SO LOUD that we heard what sounded like some screams of “Shut up” from the guys.

That let us know we were doing something right.

Then, we were chanting this thing where we chanted “Repeat after me. We’ll say what we want to say.”

And then we chose a style to say the rest. There was Common White Girl, Valley Girl, Baby, Celebrity, Basketball player, Blah, and many more styles we used. It was really fun.

Secondly, we did an interactive (in a sense) story. So there was 4 groups of students, each on a different part of the bleacher like seats plus a group of chaperones and teachers.
So there was a Pickle/King (this group had two parts), Good Knight, Bad Knight, Dragon and a Princess. As the story told, if it so happens that the name of our part is mentioned, we had to say and or make in unison a statement or sound given to us before the story began. (The technicality of the word king in the word kingDOM counted for that group. The technicalities of Knight and Night applied as well.) The group labeled as King had to make a Fanfare or the horn noise for royals or medival times, The group labeled Pickle said, “O- KAY!!!”, The group labeled Good Knight (us) had to say, “OH YEAH!!!”, The group labeled Dragon said, “RRR, RAWR!!”, the group labeled Bad Knight said, “Ugh. Why?” and the group that was labeled Princess HAD to say, “Hubba, Hubba.”




So basically, the story goes (I just might put in the sound effects, I’m going to do that. By the way, this is just a summary.) that the Princess (Hubba, Hubba) of this Kingdom (Fanfare) lives with her father, the King (Fanfare). Well, one Bad Night (Ugh. Why?), the Princess (Hubba, hubba) was kidnapped by the atrocious, awful Dragon (RRR, RAWR!) from the Kingdom (Fanfare) and the King (Fanfare). So the King (Fanfare), searched far and wide in his Kingdom (Fanfare) for noble men to save his daughter, the Princess (Hubba, Hubba). He soon recieved three applicants: The Pickle (O-KAY!!!!), The Good Knight (OH YEAH!!), And The Bad Knight (Ugh. Why?).

{The first time we chanted our statement, some of the girls [MOST DEFINITELY NOT THE SOCIALLY AWKWARD ONES] tried to make it sound, more inapropos?, than it really was. One of the instructors laughed, “Okay, this is a little chant thing, not trying to sound like little hot sexy mamas here!” Everyone laughed then.}

The Bad Knight (Ugh. Why?) attempted to defeat the Dragon (RRR! RAWR!!) on that Bad Night (Ugh. Why?) and lost. The Pickle (O-KAY!!) attempted to defeat the Dragon (RRR!!! RAWR!!! {Keep In Mind, the way Jessica was telling the story, she made it sound like the pickle [O-KAY!!!!!] was going to win.}) and lost as well on that Bad Night (Ugh. Why?). The Good Knight (OH YEAHH!!! [This time they said it like the Family Guy Kool-Aid Guy]) however, attempted to defeat the Dragon (RR!!! RAWR!!) and won. The Princess (Hubba, Hubba!) thought that the Good Knight (OH YEAH!!!) was attractive. So the The Good Knight (OH YEAH!!!) rode the Princess (Hubba, Hubba) on the trail to the Kingdom (Fanfare) and to the King (Fanfare). The End.

That was pretty fun to do and I enjoyed it.

Next we were told a “ghost” story. So basically it went that during the Homestead Act of the 1860’s, a family made a settlement where the campfire site is now. And where the campfire is is where a well was. The well had this AMAZING water. So the family had a wife, husband and a little boy obsessed with his little red ball.

Now the little boy continously played with his red ball around the edge of the well (Don’t know why the boy wouldn’t sense any legitimate danger.), and the mother was constantly warning him to not play around the well. But the son did not heed his mother’s warning. So one day, the boy was playing with his ball once again and it fell down the well. The boy jumped in the well going after the ball and died. So there’s a rumor that when you are really silent you can hear his chuckling when he was playing with his ball. That wasn’t scary. But when someone ran through the aisle of her group with her white hoodie on with the hood on, and frightened everyone.

The best part, however, was next!

We did this other chant where they started, “This is a repeat after me song!”
“This is a repeat after me song!”

“Do as I do, and do as I say!”
“Do as I do, and do as I say!”

She sang, “Hey, Bo Didaly Bop!”
“Hey! Bo Didaly Bop!” We repeated (And we repeated everything else as I break it up.)

“I’ve got to get back on my block!”
“I’ve got to get back on my block!”

“With this pizza in my hand,”
“With this pizza in my hand,”

“I’m gonna be a Pizza Man!”
“I’m gonna be a Pizza Man!”

It was really catchy and it was funny as well.
We continued, “Hey! Bo Didaly Bop!”
“Hey! Bo Didaly Bop!”

“I’ve got to get back on my block!”
“I’ve got to get back on my block!”

“With these nun-chucks in my hand,”
“With these nun-chucks in my hand,”

“I’m gonna go be Jackie Chan!”
“I’m gonna go be Jackie Chan!”

“Pizza Man!”
“Pizza Man!”

“Jackie Chan!”
“Jackie Chan!”

“Hey! Bo Didaly Bop!”
“Hey! Bo Didaly Bop!”

“I’ve got to get back on my block!”
“I’ve got to get back on my block!”

“With this soccer ball in my hand,”
“With this soccer ball in my hand,”

“I’m gonna go be Mia Hamm!”
“I’m gonna go be Mia Hamm!”

“Pizza Man!”
“Pizza Man!”

“Jackie Chan!”
”Jackie Chan!”

“Mia Hamm!”
“Mia Hamm!”

“Hey, Bo Didaly Bop!”
“Hey, Bo Didaly Bop!”

“I’ve got to get back on my block!”
“I’ve got to get back on my block!”

“With these animals in my hand,”
“With these animals in my hand,”

“I’m gonna be a veterinarian!”
“I’m gonna be a veterinarian!”

“Pizza Man!”
“Pizza Man!”

“Jackie Chan!”
“Jackie Chan!”

“Mia Hamm!”
“Mia Hamm!”


“Hey, Bo Didaly Bop!”
“Hey, Bo Didaly Bop!”

“I’ve got to get back on my block!”
“I’ve got to get back on my block!”

“With this salad in my hand,”
“With this salad in my hand,”

“I’m gonna be a vegitarian!”
“I’m gonna be a vegitarian!”

“Pizza Man!”
“Pizza Man!”

“Jackie Chan!”
“Jackie Chan!”

“Mia Hamm!”
“Mia Hamm!”


One of them whispers,”Thanks.”


So on and so forth.

After that, though, IT WAS S’MORE MAKING TIME!
Every girl, well within our group, was excited about the s’mores. We waited in a line and we put the marshmallows on a closet hanger (straightned out, of course. I think they didn’t want to risk the wood and stuff hurting any one. What Torie said, “Wood is nothing. They gave us clothes hangers. If a fight was to break out, both parties who be able to murder the other. Clothes Hangers are just as or even more dangerous than wood.”)

I am a pretty good marshmallow roaster according to Lily’s family almost every time I go there during the summer. I, evidently, give the marshmallow character. I know how to get it that pretty good golden brown though. Most people couldn’t so I sat there with marshmallows handed to me one by one. I was happy to help but then Aria got me up and said I was being taken advantage of. But I still helped with her disapproval.

I always loved just putting everything together in a s’more. Just the chocolate, Graham Crackers, and the Marshmallow. It’s just delicious.

Someone began to sing the Campfire Song from Spongebob and then most of us sang along. I feel like the whole group of girls has gotten closer during this field trip. It got silent after the singing and we enjoyed the silence.

Not for long.

Suddenly there was, and I’m really sorry about how stereotypical, racial, generalistic this will sound, a circle of loud girls. One of them began to play the “Nae-Nae” song and stuff like that and dance with these odd dance moves.

Lily and I understood none of it.

Absolutely nothing.

Aria said, “It’s is Hilariously ridiculous. Can I use your phone? I’m going to record it and send it to Aster and Willow. They weren’t on the field trip so I guessed it was fine.

Soon enough, our chaperones were looking for the rest of the Boxturtles. So we walked all the way back to the Sutton Hall and just chill, I guess. Most of the girls from 16B went to reapply makeup while most of the rest used the bathroom. Mazus was cartwheeling and another girl was just standing behind a lectern. I was wandering, basically. And soon enough, I found out why those felt the need to put on makeup.

We were going to hang out with the boys in the field.
Of course.

And of course, those girls decided to split from the group early. Then Estuary’s mom gently scolded them. For the 45th time TODAY. They HAD to wait for us and the Lily’s mom but to be honest some of the rest of us were not all Gung-Ho about this.

But we HAD to go if they were to go.
So we were dragged along.

The boys, well some, were at the flower bed Cambiare and I were in earlier today. And we were standing in front of the Sutton Hall. So if you looking from another angle, IT KIND OF LOOKED LIKE WE WERE READY TO FACE OFF. (Don’t know why I thought it needed all caps.) But we all went to the Recreation Field. I looked at my phone (NOT MY WATCH. If you didn’t read, Rock Eagle: Breakfast & The Second Day Classes, you wouldn’t get it.) and it told me it was 11:24.


I flipped and told Lily who Flipped and told her mom who said that it was fine, cool, and we could do this. Lily wore a face of doubt.

With us a small group came more people. Yet, not everyone came.

I got a message from Arco saying:

“Are you among the people who are outside?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Because it’s kind of hard to relax with the noise.”

“Why aren’t you here?”

“Our group’s Nature Hike was more vigorous ESPECIALLY BECAUSE WE WERE IN PITCH BLACK DARKNESS. So most of us wanted to relax our feet and our bodies.”

“But Lagoon’s here.”

“His dad didn’t care about the stick together rule and let whoever wanted to go, go.”

Lagoon’s dad doesn’t seem to care much about many rules.

“Oh, okay. Talk you later. :)”

“Yeps. :)”

So Cambiare, Lily, and I were sitting on the ledge of the edge of the bleachers at the basketball court. People were doing many things. Wandering, Playing Volleyball, Talking, sitting by the lake, listening to music, doing relationshipy things, etc.

And now it’s 12. Time is flying quickly.

Daffodil, Aria, and Arpeggio are having a discussion not so far from us at the edge of the lake.



“So what are you doing?” Aria asked.

“Sitting and Talking.”


“And what?”

“And anything else?”


“Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies.”

Where they were was LITERALLY the dark side.

“I’m in.” Cambiare said, jumping up.

“Eh, okay.” I complied.

So going up the steps to the top level, Lily’s mom gave us all a questionable looks the situation was,

One boy. 5 girls.

As Cambiare so blantly said, “She probably thinks we all like him since we’re a group of girls with one guy.”

Aria elbowed her, “Ow! What was that for?”

“You’re being Captain Obvious.”

So we just stood there for a second or so before Daffodil said, “Maybe we should temporarily disperse.”

After murmurs of agreement, we split. Cambiare, Lily, and I went our own way and Daffodil, Aria, Arpeggio went their own.

Of course, it wasn’t long when we met up again because of quite a feat. Mazus was doing gymnastic tricks and in an effort to mimic her, Mr. Grouse actually ended up doing a cartwheel. It was quite spot-on and hilarious as we all clapped and smiled in spite of the situation. I mean, it’s not like he’s old, he’s only in like his mid-30’s but no one ACTUALLY thought that he could do it. Yet, he did.

After that debacle, Cambiare went out to search and see if Mascara was out. She came back with a defeated look on her face but that look relaxed as Her, Lily, and I looked for constellations and made our own up. I saw a group of stars that kind of looked like Aquarius and Scorpio so I named it “Scorpaquarius”. while laughing in the grass. Lily saw a group of stars that reminded us all of cotton candy, though it thought it could be cotton candy and a drink. Cambiare, she said she couldn’t see anything for 5 minutes, but she found a bird. Lily and I cocked our heads and we decided it was a penguin.

“The irony that we are at a place named Rock Eagle but yet that group of stars looks like a penguin.” we all laughed together.

We were silent for a few seconds.


The world went dark.
The situation was that the lights were turned off all over and many girls screamed. At that point, which it was almost 12:30, The chaperones took us to our cabins despite the protests of the 16B girls.

As we were walking back to the cabins, Lily asked, “Wait, isn’t Aquarius and Scorpio, Arco and yours’ horoscope signs?”

I had stopped in the middle of the path. She was right. EVEN IN MY SUB-CONSCIOUS I WAS THINKING ABOUT HIM. That wasn’t even intentional that time. So Lily pushes me until I move again.

I went ahead and took a shower before bed and so did Estuary and Hyssop. The rest wanted to wait until morning because we knew we would be up and at them before 6 despite the rules. (You’ll see why that would be ironic in the Last Day Post.).

We had the lights on and we were just sitting like what now. We heard the other girls giggling though.

“Welp. I want to play Truth Or Dare, care to join me?” Aria suggested.

We all agreed but Lily. I admit now playing that game with them has to be one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made. Smart Lily. At least, I had not been foolish to pick dare even once.

Poppy, Estuary, and Hyssop had been on Aria’s bed, Arch was on the floor once again and everyone else was in their beds.

Aria had gone first to ask. “Hyssop truth or dare?”


“Have you thought about anyone else in like a crush sense other than Pond (By The Way, we found her glove in her dirty clothes bag. )?”

“ER, um, ish, yes.” she said in defeat. They gasped. I had known she still liked Lake so I had no reason to be shocked, but I played the part.

Hyssop asked Estuary, “Rory, Truth Or Dare.”


“I dare you to go into the 16B room play Uptown Funk and dance to it in there for a minute before closing the door and running back in here.”

“Let’s do it.”

I had a perfect view from my bed as Estuary began playing Uptown Funk from her iPhone and barged in their dancing while Hyssop was timing it. We saw the inside of their room and they had a braid train going on when Rory came in. I’m pretty sure Verbena got her hair caught in Yarrow’s hair after that. We were laughing a bit even Lily as we watched. It was quite the dance.

(I have now over-used the word quite.)

Estuary asked Poppy, “Truth or Dare?”


“Who do you like?”

“Well, I can say but I feel like she might not be happy.”

She meaning me.

“I’ll cover my ears and Mind (I meant eyes), I guess.”

“I’ll say later, I promise.”


My main concern was why she thought I wouldn’t be happy.

Then my mind went places. Estuary hit me to get me back down to earth. “We’re done.”

Aria and Hyssop had close mouthed slight frowns while Hyssop was braiding Aria’s hair.

Cara asked me , “Truth Or Dare.”


“Are you seriously oblivious to the fact  that you and Arco are perfect for each other?”

Well, I went red, Aria smiled, Estuary was anxious, and Hyssop said, “Well, she actually went there.”

“I-I wouldn’t say ‘perfect’. We’re good friends. That is all. Shall we continue?” I said hastily.

“What’s up with the haste?” Aria asked.


“Oh, okay.”  but the look on her face said she didn’t believe me for one second. She’s known me long enough.

“Daffodil,” I asked, “Truth or Dare?”


I’m not a very good dare giver considering I don’t like them myself.

“I dare you, to, um, er….. touch whatever that is in the closet.”

They looked a mix of blankets and those things in the vents that maintenance guys come into your remove the ceiling tiles and have in a pile by their ladder. And if you don’t know what I mean by that, here.

“That’s kind of too easy.” Hyssop piped.

“It’s better than her choosing something that would get us arrested.”

So during that Daffodil went ahead and she did it.

Daffodil asked Arch, “Truth Or Dare?”


“Why do you enjoy sleeping on the floor?”

Murmurs of agreement followed.

“It’s not like I enjoy it but my bed is extremely stiff and this carpet feels softer than it.”

“That’s true,” Poppy started, “I felt it myself, which is partially why I chose the top one.”

Aria asked me, “Truth Or Dare?”

Before I could answer, Daffodil knocked on my bed, I let her up, and a ding came from my phone. Like exactly when she got to the top, it went off.

Aria yelled, “Grab her phone, Daffodil!”

Before I could comprehend the situation, my phone was being thrown around as if it was the hot potato.

“Got it.” Aria said. She turned on the phone and she smiled a teasing smile.

“Aww! It’s from Arco!” she said sing-songy.

“LET US SEE!” Almost everyone yelled.

But Lily scooted closer from her bed so I could tell she wanted to hear as well.

It says, “I heard the screaming earlier, but I thought it was just something cool that happened. Since then, it’s beeen eerily quiet so I just wanted to ask if you were okay half smile half frown emoji.”

“AWWWWW!!!!!” They said in unison.

At this point, I had this pillow over my head to cover my scarlet red face.

“Isn’t that adorable? She’s redder than a firetruck!” The color deepened.

“How can you see that?”

“Um, you might as well rename your cheeks Rudolph’s Nose.” Estuary commented.

Back to the game, Aria smiled, “What’s it gonna be?”


“What are you going to text back?”

“Oh my gosh, you guys!”

“Tell us!”

“Fine. Um, I’m fine it was some other girls because the lights went off. The lights are on now and people are still out there. But thanks for asking friend blush smile emoji. By the way, good N-I-G-H-T, you silly goose evil demon smile emoji.”

They looked at me with blank stares that said, “Really?”

“What? It’s special to me and him so he’ll understand.”

“Not even a little flirtatious? I’m the only one here with a boyfriend , I can text him something cute.”

“Hyssop, I don’t think that would be best…” Daffodil started.

“I think if it’s special to her then we should let her do it.” Lily said.

‘What if I text him and then let you guys say hi.”

“Yeah, okay!” they said.

So I texted him the above and this, ‘Prepare for crazy bombardment in 10 seconds.’
And then  they started.

It was kind of like this pic of tumblr:


“Here you go!” They smiled five minutes later. I was suspicious of something, so I glared while looking the messages. They went as followed:

Hi ~ Aria!
You forgot Estuary.
You missed Hyssop.
Lily and Daffodil say hey.
That rhymes!
Um, hi everyone? Where is she?
Don’t worry about it. Our question is, How are you two not married already?
I’m so sorry for this, this is Daffodil and I’m afraid they’re asking rather a  brash question.
Um, okay?
Well, one thing. We are FAR too young for marriage.
Romeo and Juliet married around our age.
They were fictional. And dead.
You can’t base reality from fiction.
Sure, we can.
okay then.
SO why aren’t you sleeping.
Why aren’t you sleeping?
touch accented e.
laugh emoji So where is she exactly?
Watching us screw over her life. demon smile emoji But if you want to talk to your bae, we’re throwing the phone back over in three, two, one.

Sorry, it’s me.
Me as in? I’m kidding I know it’s you.
N-I-T-E. 🙂 🙂 😉
N-I-G-H-T. 🙂 😉
N-I-T-E! 😉
N-I-G-H-T. 😉
I could do this ALL n-i-t-e.
I could also except through out N-i-g-h-t and D-a-y.

“Oh no, you’re not. We’re still here and awake and honestly, you’re doing it AGAIN. *fake gasps* Are those winky faces, I see.? THOSE EMOTIONS ARE LIKE THE QUEEN OF ALL THINGS FLIRTATIOUS. YOU’RE FLIRTING AND YOU DON’T KNOW IT.” followed by gasps from everyone else. ”

We do this all the time, it’s not flirting if it’s common.”

“Actually, then it’s just common flirting.” Daffodil said.

After more awws, “Got to go, good night 🙂 , they are going crazy about us. You know how it is. :)”

“Good nite, and yeah I do know how it is. :)”

“So are you going keep on smiling at your phone or….?” Aria asked.

“Sorry. I’m here on Earth.”

“Okay then.” Hyssop said, “Um, Estuary? Truth or dare.”


“Who do you like?”

“Really? Do I have to? You ALREADY KNOW.”

“You have to.” Hyssop began while checking out if she did Aria’s braid right.

“Okay. It’s, and Aria isn’t going to like this, ……..”

“WHO?” Aria practically yelled.

“Coast.” she said in a tiny voice.

You should have seen Aria’s face.

“YOU LIKE HIM? THAT AGIT-” The rest was muffled as Poppy and Hyssop muffled her mouth until she calmed down.

“Well, you have an interesting opinion on boys.” she as if she matured in 45.6 seconds.

Estuary asked Daffodil, “Truth or Dare.”

“Truth, and this going to be my last one because I want to get some sleep soon and relax.”

“Okay, do you even like anyone?”

“At this school? No. More than half of them are weird and immature ( she isn’t lying). Anywhere else, yeah, I guess. Aria, truth or Dare?”


“I dare you to tell us if you honestly understand the concept that Arpeggio is LITERALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU.”

“Actually, I don’t think its that serious, but I think he’s likes me, I mean, I guess.”

“Okay then.”

“Poppy, Truth or Dare.”


“I dare you to tell her who you like.”

Her being me.

“It’s Bene.”

“Why would be unhappy about that?”

“Yeah, because you know if it was Arco, she’d be like B—- BACK OFF OF HIM, HE’S F—ING MINE.”

We all laughed.

“I just thought so because you might start with the bad influence la, da, di, la ,da, da.”

“No, Bene’s fine.”

“Okay then. UM, Arch Truth or Dare?”


“Have you ever gotten jealous of anyone of us for any reason??”


“YASSSSS!” went Poppy, Estuary, Aria and Hyssop.

“Lies, It’s lies.”

“She keeps her feelings locked in a box like a boxturtle.”

“HEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They shouted.

“YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The 16B girls screamed back.



This went out until Lily’s mom told us to stop.

Then a girl came in 20 minutes later, “Oh, yeah, we want to sleep and we want to shower but you keep distracting us.”

“With a braid line still going on?” Hyssop asked.

“And your lights on?” Aria questioned.

“And your 3 showers compared to our one???” Poppy last inquired.

Silence as she was thinking.

“Um, YEAH.”
“Okay, then.” they said.

“Let’s do a dare circle before we all get bored.” Poppy suggested.
“Okay. Sure. Yeah.” We responded.
“Okay, what should her dare be, you guys?”
Aria smiled like she already knew what to give me. They whispered and debated as they finally agreed on one.
“You, have, to, drumroll please,” drumroll by Estuary and Poppy follows, “text Arco and say you love him, you silly goose or whatever you call each other. Go on, you can do it now.”
“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed into my pillow.
“Geez, you don’t have to do it NOW, NOW.” Aria interjected.
“Then when?”
“Just do it, at least you just say it, even if this will make it easier you can tell him that in person.”
“That makes it worse.”
“Okay then.”

The we had to come up with Aria’s. Estuary came up with this really good one. “Okay, you have to ask out Arpeggio and if he says yes, you have to scream like this goat in the Geico commercials.”

We laughed at the goat as Aria said, “Okay.”

“THAT EASILY???” Poppy asked.
“Yeah, I know he’ll say no.”

Poppy’s was next, and we had the PERFECT ONE.

“You’re going to ask out Bene.”
“WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT???????!!!!!” She yelled in hysterics.
“But what will I said or do? How will I look? I didn’t bring makeup, I’ll look hideous SOME BODY HELP ME!!!!!!!”
“Okay, Okay, Okay, OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Aria yelled, “You will look fabulous, we’re getting up REALLY  early tomorrow anyways so we have a long time to get ready. (IRONY WILL BE STRONG.)

“Speaking of which, ” Lily’s mom came in, “You girls really should really sleep, it’s already 1:16.”
“Wow,” Aria whistles , we didn’t know time was goes like that.
“Lights Out in 5 mins okay?”

5 minutes passed faster than we though because in simply no time at all, Lily’s mom came back and said, “Okay girls, it’s 1:21 and I don’t want you be exhausted tomorrow we have to get our bags and we have the Rock Eagle Hike first thing after Breakfast. So, I’m turning the lights off now but feel free to talk but at a shushed volume like I am right now, okay?”

We sat for 2 minutes like what now. Daffodil whispers, “I want a dare as well.”
No one knew she was awake so we freaked out for a bit.
“Um.” We didn’t know what to give her.
Aria came up with something because she said, “Hey, Daffodil. Your dare is to tell our language arts teacher to marry her new boyfriend.”
I didn’t even knew she had a boyfriend.
“Yeah, okay, ” she yawned, “Now I’m officially hitting the hay. Night, guys.”

Soon after Daffodil had told us Night, this random lights came from absolutely nowhere, well we thought until Estuary said, “Arch please those are annoying play with them IN  your sleeping bag.”
“What if I need to see?”
“I guess that’s fine but don’t play around with those too much.”
Light-less and Noise-less, laughed suddenly filled the air with smack noises.
“Evidently.” Aria said back.

Arch had her lights out again for fun and they were getting louder.
“Arch, seriously, stop with the lights.”

15 minutes later.
Do you have to guess what happened?

Anyways, after she did it again, Arch went to the other empty room because she wanted to her own dancing multiple disco lights party by herself so we let her. I think she went to sleep after that, because she never came back.

Then Estuary got sick of them playing they playing the slap game so she told the chaperones about it and they told them to please stop and get some sleep.

By 2, most of us, including I, were still awake. Lily had slept but I couldn’t sleep because once again the cold would not let me sleep. Estuary had found a remix of the geico goat commercial and we were giggling quietly to our selves. Finally, even Hyssop, Estuary, and Aria grew restless and went to sleep like sardines in a container, and I went to sleep.


(Hey, girlies. I think I’ll be lucky if you read this part considering that it’s at the bottom and this post is long. So I had Spring Break last week or whenever the week of April 6th is from whenever I finish this. Um, so. I’ve really busy lately, I’m drowning in work, assignment, exams, Milestones [State-mandated test, replaced the CRCTs] , EOCT prep, and just drama. I’ve been out of it lately, so i’ve been trying to squeeze it some blog post typing time. Which hasn’t been a lot of time, honestly. But I have a new tablet with a keybqoard that I can use for RAM time which has been helping me lately write more. After the Rock Eagle: The Last Day post I will post eventually after this one I hope. Only then I finish that post without my tight schedule and procrastination in the way, will I explain my personal things. And that may be a while. o-o I really don’t know anymore. When Summer begins, I will be able to Blog and Chatzy hard but until then, things may take a while. And in advance I’m truly, really sorry. 😥 )

(the changes from current Delia, I do not support the messages in the conversations that were removed from this post nor should 7th graders ever be saying things like that.)

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