Rock Eagle: The Last Day

We had woken up terribly late. (That’s the irony I was talking about.) None of us heard any of our alarms. The other girls, however, were ALREADY READY. And it was raining. BADLY. We only had 28 minutes, compared to the 1 and half we would have had if we woke up at 6:00, to shower, pack ,get our outfits and shoes, and get to Breakfast. Since Nicole, Cara, Nia, and Torie had not taken showers earilier this morning or last night, they had to go go super speed to get ready. But It wasn’t like those who did take their showers had much time either. Torie’s hair was half curly, half straight but Ms. Knight had said that she didn’t HAVE time to straight it out.
We did have time, however, to see why our alarms didn’t go off. Torie’s went off just then, Nia’s phone had died, Someone turned Nicole and I’s ringers off, Cara’s phone was shut off, and Rory’s was underneath thousands of wires. Sarah didn’t have a phone so she sat there watching. “Who the f— did this?” Torie asked. “We didn’t. ” we all said. Walking to the front of the room, something shiny caught my eye. “Hey, what’s that?” I asked. “I don’t know but we’re about to find out.” Torie reached to the side of Cara’s bed where Rory’s phone was found previously and found a bow that said, “Dance: Malayna T.” “MALAYNA HAD THIS ON IN THE BRAID LINE.” Rory recalled.
“So some of those b—-es in 16B did this in revenge for last night, huh? They’re going down.” We had to restrain Torie from doing any actual damage to them or anything else. So we were ready with our bags and everything to take to Sutton Hall and about to leave when some 16B girls had to apply waterproof mascara and we couldn’t leave without them. Ms. Amy said she wouldn’t let back in because that would not be fair to Torie. They glared at her and she smiled big and mouthed, ‘Smile, b—-es, we know what you f—ing did.’ So they pulled their hoods full forward and applied it slowly and dragged us down further.
By The Time They were done, breakfast had already started and we had to run to Sutton Hall to put our bags there and then run the Dining Hall. They were close but we were rampant. The lines were already in the Dining Hall so we rushed into the shortest line which was on the right side. So we stood in that line catching our breaths, when Torie forgot to give Ms. Trevino her inhaler and she forgot to do her jumping jacks. She’s big on both and hates forgetting them. So she took her inhaler to Ms. Trevino and came back saying that she said I had better just keep it. So she started doing jumping jacks to the line of the line to make up for the ones she didn’t do.
If it was being looked at by another point of view, you might have thought she was crazy. Like a lot of people looked at her like she was.

They still didn’t have anymore juice, just milk. “Well, Calcium’s good for your bones.” I muttered as I sat at a table with Nia, Rory, Madison, Sarah, Cara, Torie, Zach, and Nicole. Torie had her camera recording on the table pointed at Zach. When I realized what she was going to do, I choked on Honey Dew from my fruit salad. “Don’t die now!” Nia said. “So Zach, would you like to go with me?” Then he choked on his cereal. “Don’t die either, I need an answer.” Torie said.
“Well, no. For two reasons, I don’t exactly like you that way and you’re not being serious because you’re recording this and everyone at this table is watching me waiting for an answer so I can only guess you were dared to do this or something.” “Thank God. By the way if you had said yes, I would have had to do this.” And she goat-screamed in his face.

Sarah and I were giggling  while everyone was laughing hard, for it was quite funny. And he kind of deserves it for being so cocky all the time. But I wasn’t about say that right now.

My breakfast was actually pretty yummy though. I had a fruit salad, a milk, hash-browns, and eggs. I gave Sarah my bacon. I just didn’t feel like eating much of any meat here.

We went back to Sutton Hall SOAKING WET. Well, most of us. Some of us were just dripping wet. Point is, we were all wet one way or another. I covered my whole face with my neon jacket because I looked like a EXTREMELY soaked pink jacketed monster. So we had the Rock Eagle Hike, which is a hike all the way to see the Rock Eagle Formation, which I heard was far so I was glad I had put on my hiking boots once again. So we went with Jessica and stood outside for 3 minutes as she attempted to remember our names. She got Sarah’s, Rory’s, and Marissa’s immediately. She got the 16B Madison’s, Sydney, Jada, and Nia next. Malayna, Torie, Megan and I next. Although, she first thought Torie’s name was Tara and Malayna’s name was Malaysia…. Then Courtnei, 16A Madison, and Cara. She thought Madison’s name was Mabel…

So we set off on our trip on The Hike. We were a bit more slow, I must confess, than everyone else. 5 minutes after we had started We were still behind but in retrospect, the weight of the rain could have been dragging us down. You don’t know. Great, now I sound like Cale. So Mrs. Knight said, “Okay, we’ll have a race, whoever gets closest up wins, go!” We knew the true purpose of what she was joking about so we ran as hard we could to get back upfront. I don’t think Nia got the true point of the ‘race’ but she asked if we won anything. “No, Nia, we don’t.” Torie patted her back, “We don’t.” She mouthed “Oh” with her mouth fairly wide.

We had seen pretty interesting things on the hike. We saw a tree that had a two-way split bark and these little plants that that looked like mini-umbrellas wich we all desperately needed.


We found a lot more longer worms on the hike. I named this one Shirley because I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl so I gave it a unisex name. Although I believe Shirley is more in the feminine side. If these look blurry then WordPress didn’t transfer properly for the 10th time and I gave up after.

So Nia developed the need for a ‘walking stick’. She picked an old stick with a little moss, said, “This is the perfect walking stick, and began walking with it as if it was a staff with i found a little funny although she was being entirely serious. Nicole and Torie warned her about insects, moss, and other things on the stick but Nia went on anyways without heeding their warning.

I was too busy trying to take good nature photos in the pouring rain to pay much of any attention to anything else. So then that is how, once again with my  mind else where, my friends, I TRIP AND NEARLY FALL.

“Wow. You’ve managed to do that again and we’re like miles from him. Speaking of which, have you told him yet?” {If you didn’t read the last post, this won’t make sense.} “No…” I muttered. “Whenever you want to do then,” she said out loud, but I heard her when she was talking to herself, “Don’t judge, don’t judge, don’t judge.”

We had gotten once again, behind and Sarah’s mom kept trying to coax us forward. I began to hurry and I could tell Nia and Torie were too but they were just REALLY sluggish. They were eventually screwing around with Nia’s walking stick and Torie warned her, “Nia, this is going to break soon.” But once again, Nia didn’t listen. So on the steepest part of the flat, muddy terrain we were on, the stick finally broke on her and she nearly toppled backwards. “Not one of my greatest moments.” she spoke to herself.

They had to stop eventually because Nia was so far behind.

“Hey, Nia. Let me see your glove.” Torie half-said, half-asked. “Sure.” she responded. (Not to be mean or anything but if this glove is of sentimental vale to her, why does she losing it and handing it around like it’s nothing? Maybe that’s just the way I see things.) “Wow! Josh’s hand is bigger than mine. By a lot!” she spoke in amazement. She kind of sounded like a child who just accidentally walked into the World’s Largest Supply Candy Building. Finally we stopped at a bridge. “Okay, girls. This part is the steepest part of the whole trail. And because it’s steep here, I really want you to stay close to  me and be VERY careful and cautious, okay?” Jessica asked. “Yes ma’am.” we said in unison.

I think Torie injured her already injured leg even more by doing those jumping jacks in the line because she was complaining how her injured was hurting even before we went on the hike. Of course, she thought it would go away so she ignored it. ” I think I might need a walking stick at this point.” she groaned. “I need one as well.” Nia piped. Sarah, Nicole, and I were fine or at least if one of us were hurting, no one said anything. I, eventually found a walking stick for them both along the trail.

The hike was LONG, I’ll tell you that, but it was fun at the very least. There was many beautiful scenes, most of which have my friends in them, so I didn’t post them and that I put down my camera to see through MY OWN EYES not through a pair of manufactured lens. So as we began to see pavement leading to the Rock Eagle Mound, Nia said, “Thank god!!” Sarah, Nicole and I began to skip through the puddles of water on the pavement while Nia and Torie were just walking. Just walking. From the bottom, the mound just looked like, well, a giant mound of rocks. but there were patterns on the stepping stones as we skipped our way into the Rock Eagle Tower.

Jessica began to explain Rock Eagle history to us from inside the tower. Before we climbed up the long flight of stairs, Jessica told us a legend where the number of the stairs going up is different than going up because of the ghost of the tower. I honestly think it’s because of the manner of counting ALL THOSE STEPS, one must have just miscounted. This of course triggered EVERYONE to count their steps carefully. Out loud or not.

The view of the The Rock Eagle Mound was pretty from the tower.

  That was a picture of the tower steps. It looks blurry because the water screwed with my phone lens.

  These were the circular things that in this picture looks an owl.

Cara thought it would look nice with a filter  but I didn’t think so.

We then went further into Rock Eagle history. Like, for example, no one actually knows who made the mound. It’s believed to represent something from U.S. Native American History and is believed to be from a Native American tribe or peoples. The mound was originally made from yellow quatrz but In an effort to preserve it, it is now made with a mix of granite. We even got to see pictures of the very tower we were in being built.

We, then, took group pictures which ended up like the afternoon before, except the whole 7th grade on the field trip wasn’t here and I’m not standing next to Cale nor Madison #1. What I meant is that they look a long time. We could see the other group, Madison #1’s group, strolling down the beginning of the pavement. Yes, we could see that far. The other group was already to the front to the tower after 3 minutes and I waved to Madison from down below.

Going back down, everyone counted their steps again just to make sure that Jessica was being for real. And even I, myself, couldn’t believe the numbers were off for me as well. Passing by group Alligators, I said, “Have fun up there.” to Madison. “Thanks, but I’m cold. And tired.”
“You sound like Torie and Nia.”
“I’m just super lazy today.”

So as we were walking back around to The mound, Torie pointed her camera and yelled slightly loud, “Smile, Group Alligator!” The adults in our group laughed as only a few people heard her and posed.

Nia had left her walking stick outside and she grabbed it right where she left it. Nicole had been talking to Sydney now as Jessica began, “Okay girls, we are going on a different path down, okay?” “Yes ma’am.”

This path was a bit less steeper than the one we were on previously. During the descent we basically spoke about random things. And then there’s Nia throwing her walking stick in the lake undetected. I don’t know how. But no one noticed. “What species of turtles are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?” as I was peering at her turtle backpack. “If they are Eastern Box Turtles, that would be awesome. And by technically, we would be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because if the Ninja Turtles are Eastern Box Turtles and We are Eastern Box Turtles then Ninja Turtles are we. Or, wait, We are Ninja Turtles.” “Yeah, by the Transitive Property in the proofs we did in Math Class: if a=b and b=c then, a=c.” “Yeah.” Sarah uderstood, Nicole was hazy, and then Nia was just confused. I ended up looking up if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles WERE Eastern Box Turtles. I told Torie that they were actually Red-Eared Slider Turtles. “D— it. What the h— would a turtle’s ears be? And why are they red?” “I don’t know.”

Some silence later….

“Are you aware of the fact that your voice gets slightly higher when you think or speak of Cale?” Torie inquired with a smile. “No, because I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen.” “Remember that other truth I asked you before Mrs. Knight asked us to turn off the lights?” “Yeah, I guess so, why?”

{I forgot to mention this but yeah, Torie asked me a Truth before lights out saying, “Who do you think you would be able to have a fun, enjoyable and best relationship with?” I was thinking about all my favorite male book characters and then I thought, ” it’s Cale, you nit-twit.” or maybe that was my closeted negativity. So, I started muttering, “Oh, great, oh, great, oh boy.” “What?” Torie said smiling. “Cale.” “What?” “Cale.” “WHAT?” “Cale!” She smiled with fake shock. “Would you like to elaborate?” “No.” “Yes.” “That wasn’t part of the question.” “Answer me.” “Fine. It’s because we’re already close friends so it would just be riding a simple wave of life. PLus, like you said, socially awkward/weird people can have the most fun together which we do.” She just smiled a big smile. }

“The whole time I was pretending not to hear you, I was listening to your voice and it went like this: low, and shushed, normal, then slightly high. Note: slightly.”

“Can’t avoid me. You do realize this all to your advantage.”
“I guess.”

I guess we came back pretty late because we were locked out of the Sutton Hall for like 2 minutes. Keep in mind, it wasn’t raining as much after it stopped. But I guess Madison’s group was even later then we were because by the time it was REALLY time to change to our last activity of the field trip, they STILL weren’t back. They were soaking when we were able to open the door. It must have been complicated to open that door since it was taking some time to open them. Then we had to leave again to the Dining Hall for lunch. You know when I said what Ms. Sheard was saying was irony? This is why. EVERYONE HAD TO FILL THE TABLES UP IN WHICH THEY CAME. And that ended up being messed up for me because Torie, Sarah and Nicole ended up in the table in front of me while I was stuck, once again with Russell, Emily and her friends who fawn constantly over Emily’s texts as if it’s their job and he’s their girlfriend. Or at least that’s what Torie calls them.

So we were outside for some time. So Madison and I were just talking about random things when Torie came to Madison said “Come with me.” to Madison and told me to stay here and they wouldn’t be long. I think what she was going to do was talk about when Madison kind of shoved her when she was breaking up with Zach and sort of called her a b word. Yeah. Because Torie never forgets without saying something. I just sat and began to reread the book I had finished on the bus on the first day.

Soon Enough, Madison was back. I wasn’t going to ask her about what happened. She said, “Sometimes I egret saying half the things I say to people.” “For example?” “Well, all the time basically.” “Okay.” I paused. “I have a question.” “Shoot.” “Why do you constantly chastise Cale for things if you don’t mean them? He is his own person.” She was silent. “I don’t know. Like my brain loves proving myself superior to him and most likely others. And then my nonliteral heart says, ‘No, why? Come back, I didn’t mean, stay with me, help, please ANYONE.’ I think I’ve become WAY too needy.” “Why?” “I don’t know why or how.” We were both silent. “Hey, so I saw Cale skipping in joy once and it looked like the most girlie–” “Madison. Really?” The look on my face said. “Sorry. Do you want to watch them play Frisbee whatever the da– game they’re playing instead?” “I’ve got nothing to do.” my look said. “Okaysies.” We just watched for like 5  minutes. I feel like I was trying to understand the game while Madison was just staring at Nick the whole time, which makes me wonder why exactly WERE we watching this in the first place. “Hey, Cale!” she screamed. “Oh no, I’m screwed.” I thought. “HOW LONG HAVE YOU SEEN US HERE?” “Please stop. I’m begging you.” my look cried. “3 minutes, why?” “NO REASON. DID YOU KNOW WHEN YOU SKIP YOU LOOK LIKE–” I clamped her mouth shut and smiled like there was nothing wrong. “Absolutely nothing wrong.”  my look said. “Really?”  he raised an eyebrow, “Anyways.” he looked at the ground. That’s when Madison grabbed me and pulled me towards the lower field. “She’s taking me hostage.” I said. “Is no one seeing this? No one? Okay.” as the scenery went past me in a rush. “You embarrassed me!” we said in unison. “No!” “Yes, you did over there.” “I didn’t do anything.” “We were just there.” “You clamped my mouth shut.” “You called us out.” we didn’t say that part similarly, of course,  neither did we say this together, “In front of Cale!” “In front of Nick!” “Our lives are ruined.” we covered our face with our hands to peek at each other and laughed our heads off. See, this is what usual Madison #1 is more like. “Okay, now we’re looking for Mascara and I have a feeling he’s down there…” My look said, “I’ve got nothing to lose.”

She nearly screamed, “There. He. IS!!!! He’s playing basketball, joy! His hair is so fluffy it’s like a unicorn, yay!” I think he brings her inner fangirl out. “Okayyy…” I sighed. “Hey, there’s Torie. You can have a perfect view of Mascara as we talk to her.” “Cool beans.” “Hiya, Torie!” I waved. “Hey. Oh, you have to see this video of this duck. It’s like trying to clean itself  slash bite its tail and it’s just going in circles over and over.” We all laughed pretty hard at it because it was pretty funny.

Torie looked 3 feet from us to see Zach sitting by the lake while Dawn, Nia, Ola, Kaidesh and Kenya try to him push into the water. “Push him! Push Him!” Madison began to yell. Torie and I looked at each other smiled and went with her. In fact, she went over tried to help them because, “They are pretty weak, couldn’t hurt a fly, ” Torie had mentioned. It had drawn quite a lot of attention which is why we had stopped screaming, by that I mean Torie and I.
For the others….. The guys playing frisbee whatever it is came out as well and peered at us from the upper field. Cale, holding the frisbee, mouthed, “What the heck?” “They, we, want to push Zach into the lake.” “Why- Never mind, he’s kind of getting what’s coming to him.” I shrugged, “They just want to. We can’t crush their dreams.” “Here are their dreams. Boom! Crushed.” ‘You are mean.” “I’m kidding. This is kind of funny to watch.” I smiled a knowingly smile as they gave up within 16 minutes. “We were close enough.” Madison said with trimuph while Torie and I gave her questionable looks. We then migrated back to Sutton Hall to recieve our final activity there.

Before we went to our last activity, Jessica and all the other instructors gave us a thank-you-for-coming-and-we-appreciate-you-guys-coming speech. Or at least that’s what Torie called it. And after that speech, the rain finally finished off. Like, there was no more. And everyone was immensely happy and honestly, people were getting sick from being out too much.

So our last activity was named “New Games”, but it was basically like RAM time. We were allowed to do basically anything. So most of us, who had forgotten about the packet with the questions that we were supposed to finish when we got back to the school. Torie, Nicole, Madsion #1, and I were working on ours together which was perfectly fine. I didn’t exactly know what exactly to do after I had finished. Madison went with her grandfather to get change from the laundromat  to buy some stuff. I think it took us quite a while to complete our sheets because New Games was going to end in 45 minutes which meant that we took 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish it. Wow.

So I went to the room where the dance was aka where we sit to be dismissed to our next class and people where playing the Owl and the Moths game, having fun. I was kind of just watching with Sarah and her mom. Sarah’s mom needs to use my phone so I let her borrow it while watching everyone do their own thing. Soon enough I joined them in a hand game which I lost easily because I’m kinda bad at hand eye coordination. After playing like about 6 minutes or so, Sarah’s mom had handed me my phone back and I went wandering once again.

But of course, my wandering was interrupted by everyone rushing back into the hall.
Time sure did fly.
Madison still wasn’t back but at this point I was just sitting in the room before the canteen, reading and watching the outside.
Soon, my thoughts were interrupted by Madison coming back with like a lot of food. “I just want to eat away all my feelings.” “Well, that wouldn’t be healthy.” “UGH.” “Do you want a pack of pretzel M&M’s?” “Sure, I guess.”

We went to the other room and kind of watched the hustle and bustle. “So Emily told Mascara that I liked him EVEN THOUGH I told her to not to and now he hasn’t said anything to me or Emily or at least that I know of. Oh my gosh, he’s looking this way. Oh, my gosh, he smiled at me. Oh my  gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Wait, I don’t think he was smiling at me. Was he smiling at you? He was! I think. Wait, let me ask Emily something.” she came back 4 minutes, “She said that he doesn’t know that well EVEN THOUGH we speak to each other and on the same team. We WALK TO CHURCH TOGETHER ON TUESDAYS!! He doesn’t even remember my favorite color, what the heck? Wait, my favorite color has changed frequently. Maybe I’ll give him credit for it.”
I was speechless. After all that before, Mascara just can bring out the needy in her in half a second. She thinks so, too. Oh my gosh, what I said was so mean. I am upset with myself.

“Maybe I should flirt, would that work, or would that make me EXTREMELY NEEDY as usual, I mean I am high maintenance.” “I really don’t think-” I began. “Maybe I should get makeup. Borrow some. Do you have any, Wait, you don’t like make up. Maybe…” “Madison-” “Am I hideous? Is he pretend ing not to know me? Am I THAT embarrasing/ Oh my gosh-” “MADISON!” “Huh?” “You. don’t need. Mascara. The. makeup. or. the. person. You. are. fine. please. calm. down.” ‘You’re right. Wait, his group is near us. There’s Jenni, I’ll ask her how to flirt. Come on!”  And I was dragged along. “Wait, who do you even like?”  Jenni asked. “You don’t know anything.” “It’s Max, isn’t it.” “God da– it.” “Well, wait let me ask Jaden (which is a girl).” And then it was a circle of asking almost every girl. “Wait, do you know?” Madison asked me one on one. “No, that’s preposterous.” “Okay then.” We sat in silence. “Let’s go back to the other place like we’re non-conformists.” I shrugged as we went to the other room.

“Hey, wait. Weren’t we supposed to be on the buses back to school 30 minutes ago?” “Um..” I looked at my lanyard, “Uh, yeah! We should have! CHECK THE NUMBER OF BUSES.” “There’s only bus 1, two, and three.” “WHAT?! My bus is late!” “Oh geez.”

Emily was on her phone texting Miles once again and said, ‘I’m trying to see if anyone has Miles’ bird debut on video.” “Oh, I do.” “Well, then send it to me!’ We exchanged phone numbers and then she smiled, ‘Thanks. Now I can torment him!” “Welcome.”

We sat watching those buses for 30 minutes when Madison said:

“Let’s go to the other room.”
“Um, okay?”

Emily was texting, who thought it, her boyfriend while they were, like right next to each other. Sometimes that just aggravates me.

“Hey, ask him what’s Max’s phone number. Wait, no his kik.” And Emily did. I was just sitting here in amazement of how willing girls are to get things from other guys. I’m amazed. “Here you go.” And she copied it now. “Madison, I’m not entirely sure that’s ethically correct.” “It’s our school. Nothing’s ethically correct.”

“So why do you need this?” Emily asked, not looking up from her phone. “You don’t know anything,” Madison said as we left.

“Are we going to go back and forth/”
“Pretty Much.”

5 minutes….

“No offense or anything, but why did you want to even go out with Zach in the first place? You know his personality is too cocky for anyone’s good.”
‘”Well, I still thought/think he’s the cute type of cocky personality person, who can like i don’t even know.”
“There. There. If you need a laugh, just attempt to imagine when I slapped in Orchestra 2 months ago.”
She began laughing, “Was that even funny?”
“You see, I wish I was in Orchestra class 7B instead.”
“You really don’t. It’s too hectic in there.”
She nodded in her head in a hyper manner while I shook my head solemnly.
“We’re going back in there.”
“Okay then.”

I went to the back of the room where I finally found Cale with this odd cap on his head.
“Hello, friend.” I rainbow waved.
“Hello, friend.”
“Hey, what’s up with the funky hat?” Madison asked.
We looked at each other, went like, “Oh!!” and started:
“What’s that?”
“A hat.”
“Crazy, Funky, Junky hat.”
“Hair Unsightly.”
“Trying to look Like Keira Knightley.”
“We’ve been there.”
“We’ve done that.”
“We see right through your funky hat.”

And if you don’t know where that’s from, check it out:

We were laughing as Cale said, “One, that was hilarious and two, this is isn’t/barely a hat and it’s not mine.”
Then I noticed William on the side of Cale like, “Ugh, you’re so tall compared to me.”
“Cale? Is that William’s?’ I said in a motherly voice.
He laughs, “Maybe…”
“Yes, Yes.” Wiiliam mouthed.
“Cale, give him the whatever it is.”
“But what if I want to make it mine?”
“That’s too bad but the boy needs this things back.” I mock-scolded.
“Nope.” We were laughing and in the middle I swooped it off his head and gave back to William and said, “Here you go. Cale’s a giant bully, right.” “Right.” But I think I will give to him.”
My expression was like, “After all I did for you.”
“Thanks, Will.”
“I think you should keep it.” Madison interrupted, “Take it and never return.” Which he didn’t.

“The struggles with Mascara are too real.” Madison sighed.
“With what? A make-up product?”
“Ugh, no. And I can’t tell you because you’re a guy. Ugh, come on.”
“WAIT, Call me at the Krusty Krab.” He said.
“Hello, is this the Krusty Krab?” I laughed.
“No, this is Patrick.”
{Note; he is REALLY good at impressions so I was laughing at how the impression was so spot on when Madison pulled me away.}
“What was that for?”
“Shush.” she whispers. “Hey, Janneke!”
“Hi.’ she said.
“Aren’t you dating Russell now?”
“Yeah! Why?”
“You don’t know anything.” Madison replied.

After we had left that scene, Madison pullled me into the hallway. “DId you HEAR THAT?/” she hissed. “Can’t believe Russell has a girlfriend and we are still forever single pringles.”
“Correction: I am the only forever single pringle. You, my friend, has dated… I don’t even know the number anymore.”
“Point taken. But it’s Russell. Russell, who is annoying af. Russell, who does he most disgusting things. Russell, who proably couldn’t comprehend the concept not miixing things together.”
“Well,” I hestitated, “I can’t not agree with you there. But we should be nice. Not only for niceness sake, but to be friendly. Even though Russell used to bully and annoy the heck of Nyla, Torie, Thuy-Nhi, Sarah, and I in elementary school before he moved and then came back. He scared us at Walk and Talk said ‘Do you remember me?’ in the most frightening manner. Torie began giggle-sobbing, Nyla was pacing like, “This is not happening, this IS NOT HAPPENING.” Sarah and I were trying avoid association and Thuy-Nhi was like, “Do not see me. Do not remember me.” We were trying to avoid him. “DISPERSE!” Torie screaming as we all ran in different directions and met up later.”
“Wow. You see, this is how all single people have offically hit ROCK BOTTOM. Don’t even say anything about Zach, I know what I did. But in my defense, he was going to break up with me at the Campfire.”
“The campfire wasn’t even co-ed.”
“How long did youu know that?”
“Well, Cale told me it without telling me it when we were taking pictures yesterday. So I pretended understand until I did before we went on the Nature Hike.”

“He told you right before, I broke with Zach!”
“In his and my defenses, we didn’t know you were going to blow up in his face like that.”
“I-I-I know.” She was struggling with her words.
“Are you okay?”
She was struggling with laughter. “I wish you had told me that as well, so I could have a bigger fool of him TODAY!!!!!”
“He kind of did deserve that, though. Hey, wait, I need to go do something.”
“Okay, come  back soon.”

I think she knew I was going to Cale because she commented as I was walking, “HAVE FUN.”
“Um, hi again.’ I started.
“Hey.” he responded.
“BBRRRRR.’  You know tthat sound when you vibrate your lips and it sounds like a helicopter? That was that. But of course he understood. In science, we had done that the whole class period just silently doing that without any word from Mrs. Rothman. “Because you’re hilarious and awesome.” Cale said after I was wondering in amazement how we did that. “Please,  you’re the cool one and I’m the lame one. It’s how always been.”

We did this for like, 4 minutes,that sure did fly by, he askedm “Hey, do you know why we haven’t left yet??” “Our bus still isn’t here.” “Screw the bus, let’s just walk home. ” “We would die from pnuemonia and it’s cold.” “Come on. I have my hoodie and you have your flourescent pink jacket. But if you still get wet and or cold, you would be able to use my other jacket over yours.” “Really?” I asked sounding weak. “Yeah.” We stared at each other for a few minutes before I said, “They would never let us leave.” “Screw them, too.” “I think we should be patient.” “Only for you.” “Thanks.” “Yeah. I’m going to sit with you anyways, BRRRR.” “BRRRR.” “BRRR.” “BRRRR. This is so fun with you.” “BRR, I know. You make it fun.” “BRR. Thanks.” “BRRR. Welcome.” “BRR.” “BRR.” “Oh, BRRR, I have to go back to Madison, I promised.” “Okay, see you. On the bus.  Where we’ll be.” He tripped over a bookbag and I, so fortunately, grabbed him. “Careful, you silly goose. Don’t want to be hurting anything.” “Um, yeah, Hurting things. Right. ” “See you!” “Yeah. Right. Seeing.” He was acting as weird and sketchy as I was when he asked me what time it was in Rock Eagle: Breakfast and The Second Day Classes.

“You went to Cale, didn’t you?” “You don’t know anything.” “It took you a tad long while for you to come back and you’re flustered.” I felt my cheeks, and they felt warm. “I’m here now. I could have just went off with Cale and….” “WHAT?” “Nothing…” “Went off with Cale where?” “Nowhere.” “Okay….. So it’s been 45 minutes more. Your bus must be screwed.” “He thinks so too.” “Who’s he- Never mind.” “So now what?” “We wait again.”

It took 45 minutes more for the bus to come. When I saw it, I called Madison over. “It’s HERE!” “YEAH, BECAUSE IT ONLY TOOK ABOUT ANOTHER HOUR FOR IT TO COME.” Madison said crabbily. “What’s wrong?” “I kind of want to go home. My grandpa is nagging me so if I’m home he’ll nag my sisters instead.” she chuckled to herself. I smiled as Cale came up to me. “Hey.” He said.
“Hey,” I replied, “Was it THAT hard being patient?”
“No, because 45 – 50  minutes more went by SO quickly.”
“That’s what I’M SAYING!!” Madison agreed.
“Patience is key.” I responded.
“You’re right..” Cale agreed.
“Bye, you guys.” Madison said.
“Bye.” I responded.
“Bye.” Cale waved.

We began to attempt to to stuff our stuff in one side of the space under the bus where you put your things, but it was FAR too crowded. So we went over to the other side and as we were outting our stuff in together, Torie and Nia were mouth screming, “Hi! HEY! UP HERE!!! OTP!!!!” I was like, “Oh my gosh, please you guys.” in my thoughts.

Inside the bus was cold. LIKE REALLY COLD, and I didn’t know how to adjust the air conditioning.  “What’s wrong with you??” Torie asked before the bus, FINALLY, began moving. “Well, I’m cold.” “Well, I said you could always borrow my other jacket.” Cale suggested as he put it on my face laughing. “You know what, this is comfortable, thanks.” I laughed. “SEE, OTP. O-T-P! O-T-P!” Nia chanted. Everyone else just laughed but no guys, cause well, he was the only one.

We began watching The Bee Movie, which I never saw, so I was just like, okay what to think. Torie was giving Rory Ben’s number so she could do her dare circle dare (which was to ask out Ben). As she was giving the number to Rory, Torie looked at me and gestured towards Cale and mouthed, “Well then?”

I gazed at him who was gazing out the window. When he noticed me, he smiled and went, “BRRRR.” “BRRR.”and I looked at the ground and he looked back outside which it was raining ONCE AGAIN. I looked at Torie and said, “I can’t.” I smiled an uncertain smile.

(This JUST reminded me of the song from Hercules called, I think, “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” :’D Which is odd considering that I’m only 13 and haven’t seen that movie in forever.)

So the ride back to school was slow but cool and I was enjoying myself quite a lot. My parents were a bit late to pick me up and in the meanwhile I let Emmanuel borrow my phone and was talking to Kaidesh who evidently got sick or lost her voice to last night.

When I got home, it took me 3.4 seconds that I STILL HAD CALE’S JACKET!!
I texted him urgently saying:
“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. I still have your jacket. Don’t think I’m weird…”
“It’s fine, I knew you were weird anyways. Just kidding. But’s it’s fine, you can give it back tomorrow.”
“Laugh emoji, Thank you so much.”

And I flopped on my bed as I immediately began to watch ‘WatchWellcast’ videos.

And if you don’t know what that is, CHECK IT OUT, they were awesome!

Float In The CyberSpace!!


17 thoughts on “Rock Eagle: The Last Day

      1. That’s true as well.
        In fact, there’s a legitimate crazy girl who has out for everyone except Cake because she likes him. In fact, she is part of my next post.

      2. I’m pretty sure u meant Cale so I’ll just hope, and yeah I know, like I only had one crush in my life how does she get like a like of boys who will go out with her

      3. Oh, no by crazy girl, I didn’t mean Madison, Madison’s sane. This is another girl at my school named Lizzy.
        And yes that was a typo, sorry I’m on my phone.

      4. WAIT, I think I had another typo 😂😂😂😂
        I meant she had it out for everyone but Cale. Like she’s had like revenge and did something dangerous to them.


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