Cadenza & I’s New Words Of Code

Hey, girlies.
I forgot to mention in my recent post about Cadenza and I’s code.
We made them Dessert words so even if they were or weren’t bad words, it would soften the blow.
I just made this up in Spanish one day and then I told Cadenza In Orchestra and It’s been our little thing, inside joke.
People wonder what we mean, but I haven’t told anyone
The curse words were courtesy of Cadenza so… It wasn’t me.


Apple Pie Crumble – The A word
Angel Cake – Sweet, Sweetheart
Arctic Roll – An Ice Queen
Apple Strudel – Crush (In The feeling sense)
Blue Raspberry Sherbet – A B word
Butterscotch – Nice, Kind
Boston Cream Pie – Foreign, Different (We came up with this because we live in a basic small town.)
Bubble Gum – Sweet, and or Clingy
Chocolate Strawberry Tart – Ashley (She didn’t get that it was for words so we let her have it).
Cookie ‘N’ Cream – Peaceful Progress, Rocky
Cherry Cobbler – Okay, Meh, Eh
Dark Cherry Swirl – D word
Devil’s Food Cake – Like it’s bad for you but you love it anyways
Fudge Swirl – The F word
Fruit Punch Sundae – Positive, Happy, Optimistic
Honey Tart – (We actually had these Rock Eagle and they were amazing) Adorable, Cute
Lemon Raspberry Sherbet – Negative, Downing, Pessimistic
Strawberry Shortcake/ Cheesecake (She gets confused.) – The S word
Swiss Orange Swirl – Chill, Cool, Calmed, Relaxed

Arco and my other friends actually want to know what they mean but we never told them.
Arco actually would like to know what a Blue Raspberry Sherbet is/ tastes like. We have no idea.

If you have reccomendations or any changes we should make, Comment below.

Float In The Cyber Space!!


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