What’s Been Up Lately?

Well, hey there girlies.
I know the last, last time I posted I left you all hanging, and I really want to apologize because I dropped out of thin air and that’s not cool.
So what’s been happening? I suppose it’s getting slow because of testing but it will spaz back out in summertime.

Life’s been good. Yet, it’s getting complicated.

Um so, first things first:
The main reason I’ve been gone is testing and school. We are/have been taking tests in this week and the next called the Georgia Milestone. It was LA, Monday and Tuesday, None Wednesday, Math Thursday , none tomorrow., Science next Monday, and Social Studies on next Wednesday. So I’ve been trying my best to study my hardest and do well because these are new state tests. Another thing, I have,  because I am in 4th period math aka 1th grade acclerated Math, is the EOCTs or the End Of Course Tests. The other class periods, don’t do this test, however. And then we have finals on the final two weeks of school, so I’m jampacked.

I was on Spring Break on the week of April 6-10 and I went to South Carolina and North Carolina. Especially Myrtle Beach where a few of my friends were there which made it fun. And if you hung out with me ANYTIME during New Year’s Day, you would know in South and North Carolina, my wi-fi is messed up. So I didn’t post as wanted. Plus, I procrastinated on posting and had to do these MASSIVE ESSAY ASSIGNMENTS my science teacher gave us for Spring Break Homework.
Homework on Spring Break.

And I’ll probably won’t be on again until May. Sorry in advance.

So, um, school life.
For these milestones, I’m practically surrounded by guys. Arco in my back, Lake in my front, Bight On my Side, and Stack Diagonally. All the girls except Cadenza are out of reach.
Speaking of Cadenza, we were suggesting how to arrange the seating for the Milestones. Cadenza wanted it:


So on and forth in alphabetical order. I wanted:


So on and so forth in alphabetical order.

Mr.   Edington ended up doing:


Even if we had done it any of these ways, I would still be next, by, around, Adjacent, vertical, Corresponding to Arco because we’re right next to each other In Alphabetical order. I sit in front of Arco. Due to the model here not being accurate here, this will give away nothing. Nice try.

Speaking of Arco, Arco is doing something to save everyone else at school. Whether it’s morally, emotionally, or ethically right, I don’t know anymore.
You see, there’s this, um, well, crazy and eccentric girl at my school named Impatiens. And well, she’s crazy.

And in Aria’s words, “A f—ing annoying wh—-  and crazy a– b—- who is going to f—ing kill us all.”

And she’s really manipulative and intimidating.

And rude.

But scary.

And It’s not just us anymore. Pretty much the whole student body and then some know Impatiens and are scared of her. Sometimes I think she’s misunderstood and then she does something wild and messed up and it brings right back to scared. And if you watch PLL, she’s almost nearly like  -A except she hasn’t killed anyone. Yet.

Do you need examples?

During the  Christmas Celebration last year, she had cups of lemon juice  AND SPLASHED IT all over Bight and Lake which didn’t deserve that but what she said was, “They were stealing attention from me from him!”

One month ago, she locked these girls in her basement for the weekend without anything but cheese and got away with that because her basement has no windows or doors except for the top level of her house and got away with it because she reassured the parents that they were doing sleepover activities. Mazus was one of them and all she says about it is, “Never Forget…”

Last week, she came to random people with needle and a bowl asking for blood. She got caught with that one but she lied to my language arts teacher saying that wanted to make a remake of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and that the needle and bowl were harmless props. AND of course she fell for it because she loves theatrical performances.

Two days ago, she planted red fire ants in Cadenza’s pencil pouch. The teachers said there was no evidence but EVERYONE KNOWS it was Impatiens. Mostly because she said, “Yeah, I did it. The b—– deserves it after she spoke to him yesterday.”

I’ve tried my best to be nice and say Hi or a Hello and she either A, shoves past me, B, ignores me, or C, ask for blood or a crazy scheme. Now she glares at me with hateful eyes and saying, “Get away from him, b—-.”

Need I say more?

And the ambiguous he/him were talking about here is Cale. Why? Well, Lizzy’s always liked Cale. She asked him him for a blood vow to their undying love, and the same day, Dawn had those red fire ants in her pencil pouch.

At the advanced Orchestra concert, she threatened to screw over his cello if he didn’t carry her into the Orchestra room. (Super weird)

One day, she wore a LOT of makeup and screamed at him, “TELL ME I LOOK PRETTY, SOULMATE Arco. DO IT NOW!!!”

So he said out of fear, “You look pretty…. I guess.”

She grabbed him and screamed, “YEAH, HE LOVES ME, NOT YOU LITTLE,” and whispered this part, “who—-.”

“Please leave me alone,” he begged. “I’m not in love with you.”

Then she held his leg and cried, “Why don’t you love me, Arco? Just love me, please, we’re meant to be!”

He was trying to be nice but then the bell rang for next classes and he dragged himself to Aria and I saying, “Please, help me get her off.”

Impatiens glared at me saying, “You touch me, b—-, and you’ll regret it.”

I was scared so I hid behind Aria, being ONLY 7th grader with enough gutzo to go against Impatiens head to head.

“Impatiens, get off of him. NOW.” ”


“NOW.” She gritted.

And she yanked Impatiens off of Arco.

“Now let’s go to class and NOT be late.”

“Thank god, you’re in my next period and not her.”  Arco muttered.

We’re in every other academic together and whatever academic I’m not in, Impatiens’s in.

So I’m still not explaining anything because I’m trying to avoid it.
So recently, Impatiens threatened Arco saying, “If you don’t agree to go out with me by the end of the week of April Fool’s, I’m going to go after each every girl and maybe guy,  you know here at school that you know in whatever order I want. The thing with Cadenza. THAT WAS JUST A LIGHT WARNING. You’re going to know what I’m capable of. And maybe I’ll go after her first since you’re so close. Maybe bees will be better. Love you, soulmate!”

Her being me.

Which is what I meant by saving us. So he said yes because he didn’t want anything to happen to any of us and especially because of the condition of Cadenza’s hand.

And the night before that, we were in a group chat and he asked, “Should I say yes to her?” even I know and he knows and everyone knows everyone was going to say yes.

But. As much as I like my hand unbitten, I said no only.

Then everyone was exploding like ARE YOU CRAZY, SHE WANTS US TO DIE, etc. But I didn’t say no just so my emotions were intact.

I also said no because I didn’t want anything happening to anyone else because, regardless if she gets her way, Impatiens will attempt to hurt you and put you down. Quite successfully. And I feel like now, because he did it because he wanted to save us…

He’s hurting himself.

And I didn’t want that.

But to the next afternoon.

“I really don’t want anything happening to anyone. Not Cadenza again, especially not you because I know you’re sensitive and really scared of her. She’s manipulative as f— and she will get to you and everyone else if I don’t say yes. So if this is what I have to do save myself and everyone else, I’m going to have to chance it.”
“So we can’t do ANYTHING about this. Prevent you two happening.” I nearly choked.
“Every other way wouldn’t be believed because, ‘There’s no evidence.’ How the h— are we going to have any evidence if we can’t have phone or other devices to prove it? And because Impatiens’s  ‘such a sweetheart, Everyone needs to stop accusing her of this horrendous things on you, she’s a peach.’ Well, gosh d—, have you SEEN HER IN ACTION.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Why are you apologizing? You always say sorry when you’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I just think that apologizing for the misery in one’s life makes them feel a little better knowing that the blame may reside with someone else and not themselves, because humans don’t like feeling guilt. Or heartbreak. The feelings of those are equivalent to physical pain.”
“Wow, that’s…. really cool. Where did you hear that? ”
“In my mother’s psychology book.”
“Well, I better tell Impatiens what she wants to hear. If she’s delirious, she’ll try something ON April Fool’s. Here comes my lifetime misery.”

But she jumped from the door and screamed, “HIYA,  MY SOULMATE!”

“Oh, no.” He grimaced.
“What’s wrong? I thought you were going to say yes.”
“I thought I had more time to evade her.”
“Impatiens, is there something you need? You should be in your homeroom.”
“I actually do need something. An answer.”
“I thought I had nore tim–”
“Final call Bus 16.” The intercom said.
“Er, Gah, Hmmph! Tomorrow then.” She stormed.
“Wow, I do have more time to evade selling my soul to the Ice Queen.”
I just sat there quietly and politely.
And that night. I did my dare at last.
It was April Fool’s Day.
And to me, I’m entirely not sure my dare was to be something fun anymore. If you don’t know what dare, I’m talking about, It’s all there in Rock Eagle: Nature Hike, Campfire & A Night Of Dares Among Other Things.

This is what I mean by he can be a sweetheart trying to save us all even though this can’t really save us from Impatiens’s wrath. All my pity lies with him right now.

My life at school has been calm, not really, because of testing so there’s really nothing but that.

And hey, I will be posting more often so Look forward to that!

Float In The CyberSpace!!!


12 thoughts on “What’s Been Up Lately?

  1. School sucks. This morning I was literally DREADING to go to school. I’m like,”Ughhhhhhhh! Not MONDAYYYY!!!” >.> Why can’t summer just start tommorrow?

    1. I have not the slightest clue.
      Because I have advanced classes, I have testing again one week after this one and then Academic tests, Connection Tests, then Finals, so I’m lucky to catch a break.

  2. There are new state tests for us too!!! Except for my grade we take them starting in May something.
    Also I posted some interesting /useful posts on my blog

    1. Wow? You take state tests in May? We have to take them in April except for The final and EOCTs, those are in May. And I’ll be sure to check your posts out!

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