The Relay For Life Walk On April 3rd

So I guess this will kind of shed some light on what I’ve been doing before I had My Spring Break.

And If you are not aware of what Relay For Life is, It’s an organization that is either ran or supported by The American Cancer Society but it has events worldwide,  has events like, relays, walks, candle light vigils, etc, for raise money for cancer research and support the caancer survivors and those of whom that lost the battle to cancer.
More Info Here:

So most people donated money to walk that day but like on my team, some people just weren’t able to or didn’t wan to.

So I was sitting in Mr. Grouse’s room, awaiting instructions.

He said, “Stand up if you have a family member with Cancer. And stay standing once you’re up.”

Some students rose. ”

Stand up if you know a family friend or a friend with Cancer.” More rose.

“Stand up if you know a  church member with Cancer.”

Even more rose. “Stand up if you know someone at school with Cancer.” EVEN more rose.

But I didn’t raise. Neither did Brio nor Coast. I felt so guilty that I didn’t know ANYONE with Cancer. I thought it made me look bad so I just shrank in my seat. “Okay, so most of you know someone with Cancer. Now sit. Now raise your hands if you are going on the walk today.”

Everyone but one guy raised their hand and then like some people glared at him while Mr. Grouse passed out these green sheets which were horizon oriented with A Relay For Life Symbol At the top and two large columns labeled: In Memory Of and In Honor Of. But I didn’t know anyoone who so I asked Mr. Grouse and Pansy for who they knew and so I got Mr. Grouse’s Paternal great grandfather, Pansy’s pastor and aunt. But that was it. We had a purple ribbon to use as something to hold the sign on our necks.

Someone was interjecting, “But Mr. Grouse, Purple isn’t the color for Cancer. Pink is.”
And before Mr. Edington could respond, everyone, quite harshly, yelled, “PINK IS FOR BREAST CANCER. PURPLE IS FOR ALL CANCERS!” Which is why I decided to write every name I recieved in Purple.

Leaving Mr. Grouse’s class for 2nd Academic, I tell Willow about my situation and she responds, “Mazus and Gaura have a form of Cancer.”

“What? They do. I didn’t know, what type?”

“Gaura has or had an Eye Cancer and I think Mazus has like a Brain Cancer or something like that.”

I was really upset at that point, that even my friends have/had cancers and I didn’t know.

It was just eating at me the rest of the day and the weekend.

Heading to 2nd academic, I noticed that people in different homerooms had different colors. But as Mr. Grouse responded to Yarrow complaining that the color didn’t go with her outfit or complexion, they didn’t have a choice on what color they got.

So for 2nd academic, we went down to the lower level 6th grade hall computer hall to this assignment called Classworks that we constantly have in here class whenever we go to any computer lab. An the catch is that it one, NEVER ENDS and two it sometimes makes you do the same activity like 24 times even when you get a perfect score. There is no other class we have to do this in except for my language arts teacher.

At lunch, I sat in glum silence while reading still dwelling on the fact that I didn’t know anyone with cancer until I was told.

“So what’s up with her?” Aria said after chewing a cheese stick, “Is she upset that Prince Charming still doesn’t notice they’re meant be?” she said teasingly.

“No….” I mumbled.

Willow re-explained my situation and Aster and Aria went like, “Oh….”

“Well,  they were some people in my homeroom who didn’t- wait.” She paused, “Did you say Coast was one of tthem too?”
I nodded.
Then Aria went into a full-on rant about Coast dating this girl and others dating people they don’t like. And I had to agree with Aria when she said it was like using each other for status quo and popularity rather than the feelings.

“The only situation I don’t have a problem with is Arco and Impatiens because,” I began to choke on my chocolate milk and she paused, hitting me in the back continuing,” if he didn’t, she would be attempting murders, injuries and other s— that she f—ing does. Even though I would have been f—ing happy to beat the s— out that b—-. By the way, I think Cadenza’s hand is healing.”

If you don’t know the details Impatiens and her crazy things, check out the “What’s Been Up Lately?” Post which explains, pretty much, everything.

So instead for having Connection A and B, we went to connection A and then left immediately for the walk if you were going. Everyone who WASN’T however, got to watch a movie in the General Music room. Spanish, my connection A, was out early but Orchestra, however, was late. So I stuck around with Daffodil, Willow, and Aria until I just began wandering.

I spoke to this guy for like a short time and during that time Aster came by and sang, “Can’t you feel the love tonight!”

“Aster, please don’t sing that.”

“Why shouldn’t she?” The guy started and I knew he was going to start with the freedom of speech thing again.

So I wandered more.

Finally, Lily and Lantana had found me. Lantana started, ” We were looking for you. I thought, ‘She’s wearing neon pink..’ so we searched for neon pink and then I went, ‘Maybe she isn’t wearinnng neon pink.’.” I had a neon pink jacket on my waist so I could see where she got that from. Lily and Her were chewing on popcorn as we discussing our current book reads over the booming music, which it just happened to play ‘Single Ladies’ so a lot people were dancing.
We just stared and did nothing but talk, read, and eat.

At about the 6th lap, Arpeggio caught up to us and said, ” Where’s Aria?”

We shrugged.

“Oh come on, speak to me.” He hugged us we were all friends while we were slightly scared.

“Arpeggio, what is it?” I groaned.

“Oh, I’m just going to use your friends to find you’re fears, dreams and hopes and use it against you. So go ahead, Lily, Lantana, start.” Lantana just laughed while Lily made a face in between laughing, smilng, and being weirded out. “Oh well, I’ll get from someone eventually. Salut.”
“Where is Salut from again?” Lily inquired. “I think it’s from French and Dutch.”  Lantana responded. We nodded with each other for like 2 minutes, just constant nodding like, ‘This is awkward but we’re going to make it apparent that we all understand.’

We began to speak of series we needed to catch up on. “Mine for the most part is Dork Diaries, I haven’t read it since the Heartbreaker one.” “You are aware of the fact there’s been two if not three since that one and a new one is has been announced?” Lantana questioned. “Wow, I need to catch up, badly.” They shook their heads very hard in agreement.

So time began fly with more songs until the music just began to cease to an entirety. We began to talk about how we collected boxtops when we were in 5th grade and how they HAD enough money but they wanted to wait until next year, with the new principal who has been doing a bit of an irresponsible job by letting the kids take advantage of her and the teachers. Walking on the side of the track by the garden that Lily’s mom tends with the garden club at our old school, we were still talking about the Boxtop thing when sounds were coming from the school and everyone was filing out of the building with some haste.

“What is happening?” Lantana asked.
“It appears to be a drill, perhaps Fire.”  Lily suggested.
“What if it was for the zombie apocalypse drill?” I goofily suggested.
They gasped, “Do you think the zombies got in/” Lily asked.
“That’s most likely why they are leaving in a rush.”

Of course we knew that it was a Fire Drill, we just needed an idea to play with.

“Wait, there’s this kid in my neighbor that’s kind of a stalker that I suspect is a zombie.” Lantana stated, “IT PROBABLY WAS HIM!”
“Whoa, okay they’re stalkers, which gives them the element of surprise.”  Lily concluded.
“Well, that’s not good. And wait, if there was a fire drill and the zombies were still inside wouldn’t that mean that….. THEY’RE FIRE-PROOF???”
“Oh my gosh, yes.”  Lily clapped.
“They should be water-proof as well, just to be contradicting.” Lantana said as we agreed.
“So we have Stalker, Fire proof, Water proof zombies…. Interesting.”
As I was thinking, Arpeggio came and bothered us AGAIN.
“Hello, acquaintances.”
“Hello, Hola, Hi.” we responeded.
“So your fears??”
“Arpeggio. leave us alone. We’ve got a good theory going on.” I said.
“I’m so hurt inside that I’m bothering you.” He responded, note the sarcasm. “I’m going to ask the teachers something.”
“Have fun with that.” Lily whispered.
“Ditto.”  we called.

Arpeggio came back saying that our teachers had agreed that this was a parasitic relationship and that I’m the parasite. Can you feel that?”
“Yep, siree.” Lantana began.
“Uh-huh.” Lily agreed.
“You had to have know that.” I stated.
“Hmmph.”  He said.
“Now leave us alone.” I said without moving my tongue.
“Just do it.” I said still without moving my tongue. “Go find Aria.”
“Okay. Won’t miss you.”
“Yeah, yeah, go ahead.”

“Hey.” I hear behind me.
“Hi.” I said, knowing without turning that it was Arco.
“Hey, Lily. Hey, Lantana.”
“Hi!” They chimed.
“So why are you wearing your hoodie hood over your head in this weather?” Lantana wondered.
“Because I’m trying to avoid Corda and Impatiens.”
“I thought Corda was well over you and on to Lake.” I wondered as well.
“Well, we all thought wrong because she would not leave alone, twirling her hair and giggling and you know why Impatiens wants me right now.
Lily, Lantana and I gave a three-way at each other before at him.
“Impatiens’s really annoying and yells a lot.” Lantana had said.
We all looked at her like, “You said that out loud?”
“I’m sorry but it’s true and sometimes I get tired of her trying to ruin everyone’s lives right now.”  She apologized.
But we all concurred about that fact..

“ARCO!!!!” The screech broke the peaceful banter of ours while Impatiens was trying to find him.

“Oh my gosh, she can not find me, I need to hide somewhere.”

“Hey, um , walk in front of us, we’re taller than you by enough, well except for me.” Lantana laughed.

And we moved quite quickly to do our best to cover for him until, “Where is my soulmate, b—-es?” Lizzy went backwards to us.

We moved him behind us before she would see him.

“We don’t know.” we lied.

“Are you lying, to me?”  her voice escalated.

“No, no, no.” Lantana reassured her.

“We haven’t seen him through the event in fact I think that’s him behind Andante OVER THERE.” she exaggerated.

“Oh. Really? Good. Because you will go down. Bye b—-es.” And she ran off.

“That was close.” he breathed.

“Um, too close.” Lantana piped.

“I think I’ll stay back some feet from you so you don’t get Impatiens attacked.” “Okay.”

And soon enough…
“ARCOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” She hugged WAY too tight. “Oh no.” he muttered.
“If you try to escape me again, one of your friends gets it.” She gritted.
“Hello, Impatiens.” He said struggling to get out of her death hold.
“Hello, definite soulmate-who-is-going-to-stay-with-me-forever-and-never-leave-me-in-the-lonely-hour!!!!”

Lily, Lantana, and I three-way glanced at each other then them and I whispered, “What are we going to do?”
“Well, we can’t leave him there in drown in his own misery.” Lily chimed.
“So what do we do?” Lantana asked.
I thought long and hard before saying, “We’re going to engage into combat with zombie talk.”
“Eh, no harm in that.” Lily shrugged.
“Impatiens probably won’t know how to fire back.”
But I knew messing with Impatiens was a dangerous thing to do. But I felt the urge to do it anyways. So I did.

“Hey guys!” I beamed.
“Hey, I haven’t seen you all this time?” Arco said, lying for our, his, and Impatiens’s sake.
“Really?  We’ve been front of you for a while now-” Lily tapped Gracie, “I would presume, we haven’t been looking behind us previously.”
‘Saved, ‘ We all thought in relief.

Impatiens began whining about something, so I thought, ‘Wouldn’t this be the best time to discuss zombies!’ “So at the elementary school over there, we,” I pointed Lily, Lantana, and I, “found a shocking discovery after they had an evacuation/drill.”

“What was it?” Arco tried to listen over Impatiens.

“That there are Stalker, Fire-NO, STALKER, FIRE-PROOF, WATER-PROOF, ZOMBIES!” Lantana and Lily said.

Clearly agitated with Impatiens within the three minutes she had been there, He mouthed, “Wait a minute.”

Then to Impatiens, “What could you possibly need right now that is so important that you are whining about?”

“I want to go and get some stuff from the confection table!”  She yelled.

“If you want you can, I’m not stopping you.”

“Okay!” She smiled. Until she frowned, turned and said, “STAY WITH ME!!!!”

“What have I done for this?” Arco asked the sky as he dragged by Impatiens over there.

Lily and Lantana gaped while I covered my mouth, ears, and eyes in a sequence and I said, “Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil.”
We all laughed for a second until Impatiens came back looking pretty hyper and crazier than usual.
“Um, is she okay?” Lily questioned.
“Nope.” Arco said.
“Well, why?” Lantana inquired.

“Because she went to the confection table, donated all her lunch money, and grabbed as many confections her money could buy. Which good for the organization but for her….. ooh. I even warned not to but then she screamed, ‘Soulmate, SHUT UP!!!! I WILL EAT AS MUCH AS I WANT, NOW STAY WITH ME AND HELP HOLD EVERYTHING!!!!!!!’ So here we are. So what about zombies, I think it was.”

“Um, yeah so there’s Stalker, Fire-Proof, Water-Proof, Zombies that invaded our old elementary school and might try to take over the world.” Lantana catched him up with.

Daisy was walking by and she said, “I am so confused right now.”
“Not to worry confuses all at times.”
We nodded until we were back into our conversation.

“OH, okay. Wow. How you come up with this stuff??” Arcowondered.

“Yeah,”Impatiens began to grit once again, “How?”

“Well, she came up with the zombies basis and we built up on that together.” Lantana pointed to me.

“Wow, that’s cool!” He said to me as I smiled and Impatiens screeched, “OF COURSE IT WAS HER, IT’S ALWAYS HER!!!!”

Every stared in horror as they thought Impatiens was going to hurt someone again. I couldn’t blame her, she was fuming.

“Impatiens,” Ms. Crow gently scolded, “Please try to lower your volume, it’s beginning to distrupt the fun of others.”

Impatiens put on a fake smile, turned to Ms. Crow, and replied, “Okay, Ms. Crow, I didn’t understand. I want everyone to have the most fun they can in this experience. I’ll lower my outside voice to middle power.”

“You are such a polite young lady. Go on, have fun with your friends.” Ms. Crow grinned.

See? THE TEACHERS NEVER NOTICE ANYTHING! Except for like Mr. Grouse, he has his suspicions.

“Ok, so- OW!” Arco was hurting after Impatiens jumped on him and then came off saying, “Did you miss me?”
“Well, I-”
“Yeah, sure, uh-huh.”
“You better.”
“As I was saying, I think it would suck if Usain Bolt became zombies because he would be biting people so quickly! There be no escape.”  He piped. “Like now.” He whispered.

‘You what would be weird? If we had zombie aliens.”  Lantana tried.

“Wow, that’s a good idea, Lantana.” He high-fived and you could see Impatiens being mad.

“Of course, it would depend from where the zombies are coming from. The farther away the more light measures.” Lily put in.

“Yeah, so if they were farther away, they might see-” I was interrupted by Impatiens.

“They might see the the earth during World War II, yeah , and quantum physics with the lightyear stuff like in Toy Story.”

We all stared at her for what she said had made no sense. I think she wanted to impress. I can’t blame her for that though…

Quantum Physics had nothing to do with any  the things but I kept my mouth shut.

It was now 5 minutes until we had to go back in and we had already established Zombie Locomotion, Weaknesses and Strengths, basically without Impatiens because wnted to say no more or else she would explode.
So I was telling Arco what caused me to say stuff about Zombies when I was hearing my name being called and it stabbed my speech bubble.

“Yeah? Who’s calling me?”

“It’s me, Aria , in front of you.”

“Oh, hi.”

“I guess you were to caught up in your conversation with Arco to notice Daffodil and I calling you 20 TIMES.” She spoke the name in a sing-songy tone which Impatiens to glare at me with hatred while I frowned at Aria, who mouthed Sorry.

“Come up here for a few seconds or so.”

“Um, okay. y=You guys, I’ve got to do something but keep talking about Zombies.” I called after them.

“So what is it?” I asked.

‘Have you done your dare yet?” they asked in unison.
“In fact, I did.”
“Say what?” Daffodil said incredulously as she pulled out a dollar and handed it to her.
“Thank you. We made a bet to see if you would do it this week or next week, and I thought, ‘She’s gonna do it on April Fool’s Day.’ Did you?”
Daffodil gave her another dollar.
“So what did you do?”
“I simply texted him, ‘I love you.’ Like you said to and didn’t say April Fool’s or anything that told it was dare. Like you said to. And I know he’s grounded which is why I had the extra gutso to do it then.”
“That’s it.?” Daffodil asked.
‘Well, yeah what else?’
“I don’t know. Just sounds like its missing something.”

“Well, okay then, I have to catch up to them!”
“Bye!!” They called after me.

“Hey, again.”
“Hi!” Arco, Lily, Lantana said enthusiasically. Impatiens said it like she really didn’t want me there. Which I knew because she thought I am a boyfriend snatcher when I have never dated anyone. And I don’t flirt. I don’t think. I don’t even know how to.
“So what have we done?”
“We were silent a few minutes, then Impatiens began to whine again about how she didn’t understand no one wants to re-explain it and now here you are.” Arco explained.
“Yep.” Lily and Lantana agreed.
“So hey, what if we DID have zombie lawyers?” I wondered.
“Oh, then we would have Zombie Court.” Lantana began.
“And Zombie Judges, Jails, And Prosecution Attorneys.” Lily kept on.
“Then the death penalty would be…” Arco started.
“HAVING YOUR BRAINS EATEN AND BECOMING A ZOMBIE.” Lily, Lantana, Arco and I laughed in unison. Impatiens was getting madder by the second and by the time she was going to say something, we were called inside to get our stuff and go to 3rd period and by then we had disperse and anything she would say would be irrelevant.

For third period , we had a test. It was pretty easy considering that I studied well enough.
In math, we had a substitute and we had this 56 question packet to do. The boys didn’t do much but laughing and making awful jokes and Puns. Our substitute that we had was THE SAME EXACT ONE WHO DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHEN ARCO AND I DREW ALL OVER EACH OTHER’S ARMS. His looked a rainbow threw up and mine looked like a multicolored smurf. But the girls were working hard.

Walking to my bus before spring break officially began, I saw Arcx=otalking to himself. “Talking to yourself?’ I asked while brushing my wacky hair out of my face. “Yeah, well, yeah.”
I laughed and said, “Maybe this Impatiens thing might not be bad.”
“That’s complete malarkey,”  he smiled, “And yes, it is AWFUL. I’ve never been so glad for Spring Break ever.”
“Well, hey, you get avoid Impatiens.” I offered sympathy, “Oop, your bus is right there.”
“Um, yeah. Bye, have fun on Spring break!”

“You too, Until next time, comrade. Don’t get eaten by zombies.”
He simply laughed and smiled at me while he was getting on his bus.
My bus was so far down we had to actually stand the grass by the neighboring forest in line to get on. I sat with Lantana discussing the matter of Zombies more.

And when I got home, I was awarded a new Samsung Tablet with a case with a keyboard which I’m using to type posts lately.

So yeah.

Float In The Zombie-Infested Cyber Space! (Just Kidding, you should run XD )




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