Beta Clubs, Award Shows, Geography Bees, And Possible Scholarships

So I’ve told you about the crazy, the awkward, and the wacky.

I thought It was about time to tell you my academic acheivements.

So first off, I’m actually going to start with the Georgraphy Bee. I actually won at the scool level and got lots of attention and affection from it, if I didn’t already tell you this. Then On Friday, March 27th, 2015, I didn’t go to school. I went on a 1 hour and 45 minute drive to Milledgeville, Georgia to attend the State Geography Bee. It was fun, I made new friends, and their numbers and we help each other for the next year. I had studied well enough, and I didn’t make it to the Final Round but that wasn’t as important to me as getting this far. And hey, I always have next year. And actually, there was this 7th grader who was, how you say it, checking me out, and I felt a little uncomfortable as I had to sit next to him. Little did I know he was going to win the State Geography Bee. XD I showed my friends pictures of my three new friends including a really cute guy.

“Eh, he’s not Gully cute though.”

“Gully…” they sighed.

“I guess he was adorable.” Aria wanted to get that record that on audio since I’ve never out loud called anyone cute.

“OH MY GOD, DID YOU HEAR THAT?” She freaked out.

Aster, Willow and Aria began explaining crushing on people, and first stages of being hormonal to me while I was sitting like, “Oh my gosh.”

But he was super talented, adorable, smart, funny, almost like Aria in  way, but Gully was extremely flexible, which ended up raising his appeal. But then he just moved in 5th grade. Buttercup didn’t even like him until AFTER HE MOVED when he liked her. We all think Buttercup should neck herself 12 times for passing up THAT AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!! But anyways.

Willow and Aria were like, “Ooh. Our girl is getting guys’ numbers!”

Which I didn’t think was a such a big deal because I already had a few but I shook it off anyways. I ended up missing a lot of work especially in Science so that temporarily put me behind in her class.

So after the geography bee, I got a letter from the Duke Tip Program and from an organization called The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. And If I didn’t tell about the time I took the ACT, well shame on me.

Basically, This school year, last year, My whole math class (the advanced, advanced class) aand some other people like Cadenza and Arco got a letter from the Duke Tip Program based in Duke University, a college in North Carolina (Yep, Lizzie.).

They wanted us to sign up on their website and decide to take the ACT or SAT because we have shown extraordinary academic achievement. So most of us did, and there was two periods you could take them in. November-December or January-February of that/ this year. Few of us chose to do it November – December, I myself included.

The rest of us chose to do it in January-February, Arco and Cadenza included. So there was a variety of places in our area we could take the test in. I went to the Georgia Gwinnett College since that’s where my mother attends. So Daisy, Willow, Lily and Carnation and I had the ACT on the same day, Saturday, December 13, 2014 but in different places. Well, except for Daisy but she was in a different room than I. So I got there and I was scared because I was the only 7th grader in my room and all the high schoolers looked at me like I didn’t belong. Fortunately, I studied hard and got a…. 32!!!!!


So then I told Arco and Willow recently and boy, were they happy. “Oh my gosh, dude that’s what my sister got went she took it in high school!” Willow jumped.

“You are capable of going to an Ivy League school at age 13. Do you KNOW HOW BRILLIANT YOU ARE??” Arco asked as I WAS NEARLY AS RED AS A STRAWBERRY.

“Wow, you are amazing. At regular tests, you get like 100’s, 90’s and rarely high 80’s but then you have state-mandated tests and you blow them out of the water! Gateway: Perfect score. 6th grade CRCTS: 3 perfect scores, 2 near perfect, 4th grade benchmarks: 2 100’s 3 94-5-6-7’s!!! Is there nothing you can’t ACE?” She inquired.

“Really?” Arco asked and Willow shook her head hard, “Wow. You are just something incredible, aren’t you?”

“I’m not perfect, you know.” I whispered.

“BUT YOU’RE AMAZING!” They told me in unison.

And on that same day, Arco went around and told everyone my grade and how amazing I was. I kind of didn’t like the attention but the fact he did that… It just blows my mind. He’s so kind towards, It should hurt. But it doesn’t and let’s swerve from sappy talk.

But about that letter, so it was a letter inviting me to sign up for the Foundation’s scholarship which, if I am accepted, will give me 40,000 dollars per year until college. I was so excited. It asked me things like, my school address, it wanted my grades on files, health info, ACT score, Awards/Honors/Nominations, Extracurricular activites and asked me to put in Teacher Emails for them to turn in Teacher reccommendation forms, which I had to use my social studies teacher, Mr. Grouse, my LA teacher, My math teacher, Mrs. Crow, and a extracurricular mentor, teacher, and or assisstant so I chose Ms. Anima, or of course if the choice was mine I would use my old orchestra but he’s not my Orchestra teacher anymore 😥 .

They also asked me write about experiences and stuff as such in short answer format. Then an essay on a book, song, poem, story or any piece of work that has affected me. So I went with Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, which is one of my FAVORITE AUTHORS OF HER TIME, because it really affected me emotionally.



As much as I love Louisa May Alcott, I HATED it when Amy ended up with Laurie instead of Jo, I was like, “NO. NO. NO!!!!!! JO, YOU’RE SUPPOSED FALL IN LOVE LAURIE AND HAVE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN INSTEAD OF THAT PROFESSOR GUY, NO!!!” I think I was mentally weeping for a week.
Like the same exact thing I did, when I read that Tris died and Four scattered her ashes across the Chicago Skyline. I was so upset and People were hating on Veronica Roth for months which I can’t blame them for. I mean, you killed off the most key important character that, pretty much, everyone loved, you’re going to get backlash.



Yeah, so the due date was April 14th at 12:00 noon. But Willow was having issues I couldn’t find with the program. So she giving me her log- in info, I went into the system and saw the issue(s) during Bus Call on April 13th. She had everything else done and the emails were not sending. The Emails had some weird unnecessary puncutation and The address also had an accidental comma somewhere.

Fixing these mistakes, I clicked send, with her consent and then Mrs. Crow rushed saying to Mr. Grouse, “Did you get Willow’s emails, the language teacher did and we need to fill them out FAST.”

“I’ll be right on it,” Mr. Grouse began as the rest of the homeroom remaining was clueless. I began looking at Festivals in Georgia after that, and discovered the Savannah Flim Festival.

I thought it would be nice to go and I said, “Well, no one would even bother to join me for that one.”

“What are you talking about, I so would.” Arco started.

And since then, the rest of that week we were looking at all types of festivals we would go to… Anyways. 
I’m just really nervous if I would get accepted.

Shortly after that event, I recieved another letter in the mail from The Duke Tip Program about an award ceremony on May 2nd (THIS WEEKEND, YAYSIES.) in Cochran, Georgia. Now Cochran is 2 hours and 45 minutes away from where I live, which is WAY FARTHER than Milledgeville. And we have to be there at 10 sharp so I would have wake up REALLY early. So it’s a state award ceremony for the top 40% percent in the nation, wherever you live that’s the state your ceremony was in.

I think Willow and I were the only ones who got in in our grades, we didn’t really ask anyone else. But then differences are met between Willow and I because I was invited to the GRAND RECOGNITION CEREMONY which is in the 4% in the nation. But the problem was that THIS ONE was on Monday, May 18 which is on the last week of school for me and I have finals I just CANNOT miss so I had to turn that one down. And now, I’m going to have wait until the end of August to get my award, medal, trophy from the Grand ceremony -_- .
3 months of anticipation.

And now, JUST YESTERDAY, I chosen to be a part of the Junior Beta Club in my school’s chapter. That is an extreme honor. We got our letters in homeroom dismissal and it was a lot of us.. We, the girls, had like a jumping squeal circle whilt the guys were bro fisting. We got in due to our GPA’s so far, which I just so happened to have a 4.0.

The National Beta Club is the nation’s LARGEST educational, non-profit, independent, youth organization. It recognizes Outstanding academic acheivement, Worthy Character, and a Commenable attitudes. It also promotes character, social responsibility, service involvement, leadership skills. and interpersonal relationship skills. So the national fee, one time, fee is 15 dollars and then for my school it’s just 15 dollars more. The induction ceremony will be on Thursday, May 14, from 6-7 pm. We also to dress fancy so I will be prepared. Speaking of dressing fancy, I have an Orchestra concert next Thursday.
The club will meet on the second Tuesday of each month (I don’t know if this includes Summer Months, though, should have asked.) at 8:15 am in the General Music Room. And there have been famous people in Beta Club. Bill Clinton, Kevin Durant, Diane Sawyer, Heather French, Herschel Walker, Trisha Yearwood, And Millard Fuller. Beta Club actually began in South Carolina. They even have an online shop with awesome clothes, apparel, jewelry, Bags, you name it. I’m really excited for this, you girlies.

I’ve been granted so MANY opportunities and I’M SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE SUCH SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE.
Without motivation from, you girlies and my family and friends, I may have ended up ina different postion.
So thanks!!! 😀 I appreciate it. (Did you notice, my signature colors are back!! *jazz hands* )

Float In The Honorable Cyber Space!


4 thoughts on “Beta Clubs, Award Shows, Geography Bees, And Possible Scholarships

    1. Thanks so much!
      Well, I bought two ACT practice books on for this year and the other from last year so I could have some diversity.
      I really worked, read, and even looked up some topics even further to get a better understanding of what they were all about after I got home for about 3-4 hours while listening to music and also just exercised to calm my nerves some with some blogging.
      I had my neighbor’s older sister tutor me some as well.

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