Living The Blonde’s Life: The Hair (Based On Bridgit Mendler’s Blonde)

The idea I got for this story is so abstract. I was looking for story ideas to write since Amy says I should write one. So I thought, “Hey, Dawn showed me this awesome book on Wattpad with her account that was based on Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ so I thought even further, ‘So here’s a challenge, use a song from your iTunes Library and write a story based on it! So I chose randomly and my random spinner landed on Blonde by Bridgit Mendler.’ So I’m anticipating how this will go. I just made a Wattpad so tell me your usernames so I can follow y’all.
Mine is socialawkwardturtle
But enjoy, I hope.
This is more of like a intro-ish type thing.


Living The Blonde’s Life
The Hair

I don’t understand where the idea for blondes being hot and ditzy came from, but when I figure out where it came from, I just might hate that thing or person forever. Blonde jokes, myths, misconceptions, flirting, the expectation of being dumb, it just makes you want to dye or rip the blonde permanently from your head. It’s that agitating. 

Is there like a sign above our heads, screaming, “Hey! Look here! Dumb Blonde Approaching!” and it’s oblivious to the hair-bearing one? I guess I’ll never know. We are entirely capable to string together a train of thoughts that make logical sense (for the most part). We are aware of our surroundings.

Then there’s the other cliche where the blonde is dumb as an act but is actually REALLY smart. And it just so happens to need ONE GUY to figure it out? I mean, it sounds relatively well in theory but then in reality, it makes blondes look even more pathetic. Even there’s the nerdy blondes who are the underdogs but end up being a bombshell. Once again, needed the revealment of a single male individual. Can’t there just be blondes? The regular, not hot, average level smart, genuine types who don’t feel the need of approval from guys? Perhaps, like me? Is it too much to ask for?

I suppose it is since such character has been scarce in novels. I’ll just let set the record straight with the other fables about blondes. I know enough about blonde race, any who.

Some of us blondes CAN be street smart. People would be surprised by the amounts of blondes who have street smart requiring jobs. Not me, but like you understand. Not all blondes are jerks and popular, and I don’t blame people of this one because I may or may not know any blondes that fit this description. I am not naming names (not now anyways). It’s almost hilarious how people believe Natural Blondes are so rare to find these days especially how people keep dying it in the misbelief in these stereotypes. I’m one, and I know plenty of others. We can also be bad-a– so don’t underestimate us. We can be quite powerful. We’re also not always spoiled, flithy rich, appear younger, and get our ways all the time. 

It’s just the way it is.

Sorry, if I blew your minds, but it’s true.

However, when I am not faced by the trivial challenges of being a blonde, I enjoy being myself, hair and all. Honestly, I know I don’t fit in anywhere in these stereotypes and I’d like to keep in that way.

When it comes to being blonde, sometimes things get too complicated. Which is why I try to distance myself from others.
What a fabulous life of mine.


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