Random Thoughts #1094652

(It’s been a while since I’ve done this so here you go!)

Ooh, there’s a new book in that series now.
Wait, is that mine? Oops, nevermind.
I wonder how joining Beta Club will affect me now.
I think I’m going to like this song.
I can never play this part right in Eleanor Rigby and the concert is in ONE WEEK.
I’m so lame, oh my gosh. And I love it.
People in my homeroom can be so Loud sometimes.
Oh, I love the Hawaiian License Plate, It has a rainbow on it!
How would being in space feel like?
I can’t believe that she wrote that.
How does one dress like a Soc or A Greaser from The Outsiders For The Outsiders Day?
I don’t think I ever want to deal with the drama of High School.
Arco’s so silly. I like that about him.
I wonder when I would need a new sized viola.
The story of Latinos in America that we are watching in Spanish Is So Sad.
I love life.
Who needs real life situations when you have the greatness of Fictional Characters and their lives.
My hand feels weird.
I wonder how my Sweet 16 will go.
River’s a stalker and he can nice and then super creepy. You know what? Impatiens and River would perfect for each in their craziness.
My science teacher seriously just said, “I don’t enjoy when you guys are really hyper and happy.” Well, that’s mean.
I am beginning to question how scorpio I am.
I’m just a single pringle in an empty can, forever alone!
I should write a story until I get a new laptop charger. Like Amy suggested.
I really want to go back to Rock Eagle, It was so much fun.
I don’t really want to be in this awkward situation, I’m awkward enough.
Narwhals, Narwhals, Swimming in the ocean, Causing a Commotion, Cause They are so awesome…. Arcogot this stuck in my head, Great.
I don’t know if this is just me but, DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK THAT THE FRIENDS THEME SONG SOUNDS SO WEIRD WITHOUT THE CLAPS? I was watching a vine with the caption “When you can’t do the clap for the Friends Theme song.” And they sang the opening but I didn’t read the caption so I clapped and I saw this poor guy strapped in chair and he was trying to clap and he couldn’t and his face was red.
I still haven’t seen Mockingjay Part 1…..
I’m scared to meet the real world.
Why do girls feel like they NEED makeup? Embrace natural beauty, darlings.
The guys at this school do the most strangest things.
We never run out of time, time just out-runs our moments.
Dark Blue, Yellow, Sea Foam Green, I just want to know what the next color streaks Torie will put in her hair.
What are dates like, how do they work for someone my age?
Little Women has changed my life.
What will I add to the Words Of Code, Dawn and I have?
The Outsiders seems interesting…
I’ve never watched anything on Netflix before….. PLEASE DON’T HATE ME.
Why do girls in my grade find it SO necessary to be in a Relationship? I mean, all my friends are single pringles and we are living a pretty happy life…
I’ve never gone to a concert other than Orchestra ones….
I don’t think I’ve changed much from when I was younger, well maybe emotionally.
Cliches are becoming abstract in my school.
So many haircuts occur during Spring Break, like it’s been proven more than 5 times.
I really need to check on My Sims on The Sims Freeplay.
I haven’t watched the movie versions of 3/4’s of the books I read.
Can’t believe the final day of Clubs is approaching.
I wonder if anyone’s going to Movie Night, tomorrow.
I’m gonna miss sitting in front of Arco for the Milestones.
Why does Bight feel the need to be so racist sometimes?
There’s times when I wonder what my life would have been if I didn’t start blogging. I love you guys and how life is now with blogging.

Float In The Cyber Space!!


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