My Award Ceremony

Hey, so this morning/afternoon, I went to an award ceremony for my ACT score, which was a 32. (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, check out Beta Clubs, Award Shows, Geography Bees, and Possible Scholarships.) It was in Cochran, Georgia which is more than 2 hours and 20 minutes away from my place. I had to get Middle Georgia State College, which is where it was, by 10 am so I had planned to wake up at 5:45 so I could be ready by 7:30 (which is when my dad and I was to leave to be on time).

Unfortunately, my plans were screwed by 6:37. Which is when I woke up.

But I couldn’t sleep much last night. I was just too nervous about today. I had a straightened out schedule yet I couldn’t sleep at 8.

Then because I was late, my schedule was haywire. I had to shower  15 minutes shorter than I wanted (because I wanted to relax my nerves and such), put on my dress, boots, and necklace and purse with haste.

Then my hair.
My awful, hair. With its wacky stubborness, I managed to straighten my hair and give it a well,

This look, but more straightened out.

Then my dad was taking an eternity and a half and by the time we both were ready it was 7:23. My siblings were downstairs getting ready for a sponsored event by my church.

I gulfed down a bowl of Cinnaman Toast Crunch but by the time my father and I were done eating breakfas, the clock read, 7:35.
I grabbed my phone, tablet, two bagels, a pack of Pop-Tarts and ran out the house.

I was wearing a blue dress polka-dotted by white dots that went to my knees and brown long boots with them.

The car ride was basically quiet. I didn’t use any of my devices until I got a text from Willow.

“Hey, um, I think I’m going to be late for the ceremony by at least 30 minutes. We have to visit my sister in her new apartment. If you can, if I’m still not there, get my award for me. Thanks!”

The odd thing was that this came in fragments and some of the fragments repeated themselves. Then Ashley texted me saying that she might be late as well.

I was the only one on time from our school.

When we reached Cochran, it reminded me too much of Milledgeville but more rural. We reached the college alright, but it took us a while to find what hall exactly the ceremony was.

It was in the Morris Hall, but basically that was a gymnasium. The bleachers were for the parents and there was rows of chairs for the students to sit in.

We had three long speeches before we began the medallion giving but perhaps the one that captivated me the most, was the one given by Dr. Andrew Corener. He talked about the story of Magellan and his crew and how it was a major metaphor to our lives. A lot of people around me agreed that it was the most fun and entertaining one.

After that one, they began to call out names for awards and I began to panic. They were going through the names pretty quickly and I also heard Carnation’s name called but she said she wasn’t going. Soon enough, they had already called Aster’s name and she still wasn’t here. Willow, however, got there immediately when Aster’s name was called. Then she called up a few people after.

I got two medallions, however, one red one because I was the highest out of the 90% percent in my state and then one blue one because I was in the top  40% percent of my state. Willow got one red one and Aster got one red one as well. But she didn’t get it then, because she was late. She got it in the Afternoon ceremony, even though, Willow and I weren’t staying for 3 hours until that one.

After the whole event was done, our parents and we took dozens and dozens of pictures. Aster didn’t have her medallion yet and since I had two, I let her wear my red medallion for the sake of the photos. I met Aster’s parents and her brother but as welcoming as her parents seemed, her brother was acting afraid of me. I don’t why, I’m a very nice person and I was really friendly to him. Maybe it was my height. I’m naturally now 5′ 5 1/2″ but the boots added an inch so I was like 5 6 1/2″ which is pretty tall compared to him, who was a 4′ 5″ 6th grader.

I met Willow’s dad as well. The way that she talks, or should I say Aria talks as well, about him made me feel like I should kind of frightened of him but he was SO NICE. Like I couldn’t believe this was the same man nagging at Aria about her hair and her multiple colors. All the parents got along well and then we left.

My dad said he wanted to go to the restroom so I waited by the front of the Men’s room where Aster, Willow and I met up AGAIN. “Well, our dads must have joint bladders or something.” Willow commented as we all laughed.

At the end, Willow and I ended up going on our ways home and Aster went adventuring in Cochran with her family until the afternoon ceremony.

Riding home, we nearly ran out of gas and were in the middle of nowhere. But the whole reason, we were in the situation in the first place was because my dad kept passing these gas stations and insisted that the prices were FAR too high. Luckily, for us, the middle of nowhere ended being somewhere and we filled our tank before heading home.

 We stopped near the Chick-fil-A near my house and actually saw Luke and Lilly so we chatted for a while until I had to leave because We had to pick up my siblings from the church event.

And now I’m sitting at home wondering what to do for the next few chapters for the book I’m writing as of right now.

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