And I’ve Got That Good Girl Faith, And A Tight Little Skirt

1989 song? It’s Style! Our topic for today is your fashion sense of style. I am not a big advocate for major styles but hey, with this song. it was bound to happen.

So what is my fashion style?

To be honest, I really don’t have one! :’D :’D I am so honest right now. I dress modestly though compared to others at my school that are my age. It used to dress code to wear tanktops. Now dress code is if the strap is shorter than when you put the Hunger Games salute on the beginning of your strap  to the end of it. Some people wear spaghetti straps but it’s all cool. Some people have their hair extravagant colors. Its cool. They made a big deal about this at the beginning of the year and now it’s like the students control the dress code. I mean, the clothes are so provocative and they walk by the principal,  no problem. And there’s/was another rule that the shorts you wore had to go up to your fingertips. Then girls walk into school wearing really short shorts, the principal DOES NOTHING. I was telling Torie the other day some people are dressed to look promiscuous. She asked me what promiscuous means then she said she going to call Zach that even though I’m positive (I don’t know what he does with his life) he is not promiscuous. Anyways…

I like to wear skirts a lot because they are flowy, formal, and modest looking. But I have been backing away from them sometimes because a) Ashley is the queen of skirts, and b) the skirts constantly get caught on things. So I still wear skirts but not as often as just plain jeans, usually never skinny, or dress pants, I like how powerful it makes me feel. I really never wear shorts. Unless its like summer and I am cleaning in the room while the house is really hot inside. I only have three pairs of shorts though. Yep. 

My shirts can be loose t-shirts that allow me to breathe and relax but not too loose that it could swallow me whole and never tight enough to show my figure so specifically. I don’t call that being ashamed of my body, oh no. I call it being comfortable and happy. But that’s not what’s often. A blouse is what I wear as well, especially button up ones. I really like button up blouses! Maybe even plaid ones if I feel like it. 

I usually have that one jean jacket I like wearing, not ALL the time but often. I also have a gray jacket that I like as well. I have a lot of jackets in my closet. Many of which are either gray, blue, pink or purple.

I have a lot of flats and sneakers in my closet. Some boots and then no high heels. I’ve never wore high heels. I don’t feel there’s much of a reason to wear them. My boots can be great when I am in fall and or winter or I just need something to wear. I like flats, they are comfy as well. So are sneakers, especially if you’re are in that, ‘I need to look healthy’ moment.

I always wear my glasses. I’m getting braces soon. Nothing to be said.

My socks are matching but like they can be crazy patterned. But no one would see them anyways.

I don’t wear makeup. Never have, I won’t unless I believe it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Which is basically in, no situation at all.
Dance? No.
Party? No.
Prom? EH, It depends if I go.  I might not.
Date? Nope. Well, eh…
Marriage Day? Meh….  Most likely.
School? That’s a joke right?
Home? Nuh-uh.

 I have feminist values, oh yeah. XD

Okay, so this post was a bit odd to make, I’m not going to lie.
But yeah, 10 days left!

Float In The Cyber Space.


31 thoughts on “And I’ve Got That Good Girl Faith, And A Tight Little Skirt

    1. For instance, today I’m wearing a lavender jacket and jeans.
      It’s weird. I KNOW it looks horrible. I honestly don’t care.
      If it’s…
      1) Comfortable
      2) Doesn’t…show anything (Oh my goodness) (I just felt like saying that)
      Then it’s SOLD! XD

      1. Haha, great for you guys! :mrgreen:
        I’m not exactly amazing at fashion either. XD
        Meanwhile all the other girls are wearing low shirts and TINY shorts, and I’m just niek….
        Wearing jeans everyday, even in the summer, and strange skull shirts with jackets that look demented with my outfit.

  1. Gurl you gotta meet my friend Roxana. She is the girl that wears dresses and her closet must be the mall! I love her outfits and all.

    Also, I am classified as preppy (the style, not rank) like, I really want converse and flats and A&F and Forever 21 clothes and skinny jeans and cool t-shirts. Yep, I care a lot about my look.

    But Roxana is like the queen of fashion!

    1. Wow, I know people like that who have a closet mall. It’s not like I DON’T care, its like I pay no mind to what people think of my clothes. Most of the time.


  3. I can’t even imagine wearing makeup, as my own choice. The only reason I’ve ever worn it in my life is that in the seven years I’ve been dancing, we HAD to wear it for recitals.

      1. Ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, and hip hop. They were required.
        Also, for competitions and workshops, I sometimes did some other types, which were similar to lyrical.


      2. I was in a “company” program, for more serious/advanced dancing, and the classes were all required.
        I just said that because usually, you pick which classes you take.

        I didn’t realize that I was very unclear and vague.

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