Why Everything I Did Differently On Monday Had To With Cale

So, I didn’t post this 2 days ago and I apologize but it was my twin aunts’ birthday so I had to put heart and soul after like 8 into the party.
And then I fell asleep writing this on Tuesday

So I just tell you about my Monday!

I woke up, ate breakfast, read, texted good morning to people, ran out the door, the usual.

Then I got to school and it smacked me in the face. What? The Advanced Orchestra, Ram Time Chorus, and The Pep Band was going to perform for the 5th graders who (might) be coming to my school next year.

My brain put the equation quite quickly:
Brother = 5th grader
5th grade is in Elementary School.
5th grade is the last grade of Elementary School.
After Elementary School, there’s Middle School.
Brother + 5th grader + Elementary School + One year = Middle School
5th graders are coming to school today.
Arco is going to play with the Advanced Orchestra today.
Advanced Orchestra is playing FOR 5th graders.
5th graders will be coming.
Brother is one.
Arco may see brother.
I won’t be there to stop it.
Arco + Advanced Orchestra * Brother + 5th graders = 5th grade orientation
5th orientation divided by periods I’m not there = Embarassment time
Embarassment time * transition minutes + Arco* Advanced Orchestra – time it takes to get here * by times I might see Brother divided by minutes for setup =

Okay, I was over-reacting a little, the chances that Arco actually sees my brother is 1 in 256. I doubt he remembers what my brother even looks like. And if he does, he wouldn’t be able to wave because he’s playing his cello. Right. Right? RIGHT?
I don’t think that I’ve been more glad that cellos are made the way they are.

So he was going to be gone all 1st period, Ram time, and 5 minutes into lunch.
Other con of this: Impatiens can get to him easily.
But wait, Aria was there.
Eh, maybe not.

So I didn’t get out my notebook for Daily Openers, and I rapped my hand against my back because I was nervous and I wasn’t even playing.
“Well, I’m going to die in a hole with Impatiens’s presence. Lord help me. Don’t have too much fun without me to annoy and talk to you.” He had before he left.
“Oh trust me, I will.” I smiled as he left.
Hyacinth face-palmed and Pansy just shook her head.
“Oh, nothing.” they piped and then sighed.

So many people got the openers wrong becuase they thought MICHIGAN was a country part of INDONESIA.
Yep. I was done.

We basically  did some economy vocab and then watched a video for the rest of class. During the video, I don’t know, I was some type illusion because I was saying, “Willow, Arco’s trying to tell me something.” and I fluttered my fingers and mouthed “HELLO!”

“Who are you talking to?” Hyacinth asked. I shook from my illusion and that was embarrassing.
“Uh,” I postured myself, “No one actually.”
“Huh.” she said as she went to filling out the video quiz questions.

Of course, when you have a noisy class, sometimes you can’t listen and you miss something important for something. –_- 

For RAM time, whoever was off-team went off-team and the rest of us were in 1st period. For 1st period today, we had to fill out a sheet about the world according to our atlases. I didn’t use an atlas for most of them because with geography bee studying, I had memorized a map, latitude and longtitudes, land masses and certain facts about different places. Other reason, I didn’t use an atlas is because Pansy looked like she needed way more than I did. There wasn’t enouugh atlases today because one class was using some of ours so there wasn’t enough for everyone to have own.

After completing that sheet, we got to work on our Country Projects.
Lish, Aubree, anyone else who doesn’t live in Estonia, I deeply apologize I didn’t choose your country. I couldn’t choose Canada or Australia because many people claimed it already. So I decided to look in Europe and I thought Estonia was REALLY pretty so I chose Estonia.

Transition to 2nd period felt weird today. I would usually listen and occasionall speak in conversations with Lantana, Arco, Willow and/or all three. But none of them were here. They were still performing for 5th graders. Then my brain began to over-react again with above equation. You know, I thought something was up today with my language arts teacher She was acting all giddy and bouncy and everywhere. Everyone was so confused.

I was thinking, “Maybe something happened with her boyfriend. Boyfriend. Wonder how’s its like to love someone exactly how they love you in such a way that nothing separate your bonds and you’re in a relationship? I won’t even know how that feels, because a) I’M HIDEOUS b) No one likes me c) I can’t date until I’m like 14-15.”

I didn’t even have a dating limit when I was younger and everyone else was dating which went even as far back to 4th grade. Then 7th grade comes and my parents sit me down and give me a whole lecture about sneaking about, boys, parties, dating, managed time, grades…. And then at the end, they said, “But we know you would be like those other girls you like to stand out.” They gave me a limit, then sent me away.

That random pink because, though.

I went to lunch at the usual table but with no one to talk to  but Carnation and no one mouth to and no one to scold me for reading. I talked to Carnation while reading and looking at the door, hoping they’d come in. Why? I don’t know.

Then I heard hustle and bustle behind me and there they were. Aria threw my her stuff  on the floor and the table and said, “Make sure those don’t end up somewhere I don’t want them. I was relaxed and beamed at Arco. He beamed back and then Impatiens glared at me and was practically “hugging” I mean choking him. “Help me.” he mouthed.
“You know I can’t do anything, Aria’s not here.”
So he had to walk about the lunchroom with a girl practically choking him to death. oH, but the teachers do nothing. They think Impatiens just joking around.
Sorry, Rant Mode.

Okay, so, Willow got to lunch 2 minutes before lunch ended. So she, and the other chorus people didn’t have to go to class they get to go out in the outdoor classroom and have lunch for 20 minutes more than we do. So Aria was like, “Da–, I wish I was late.”

Walking in the hallway to get to the stairwell, I saw and heard the assistant principal and principal  say, “Congratulations. I heard you and your boyfriend..”

I began to think of the word boyfriend again.
Aster and I were debating if he proposed to her or not. I began to think of the perfect proposal.
She said things like,”She’s too bipolar. She’s so young. She has some anger issues. He’s so hot. Weren’t they together for like 2 years?”
I scolded her as I thought that her boyfriend was okay. We had seen pictures of her boyfriend. A lot of girls think he’s hot. He’s okay, I guess. I’m more into quirky, average, funny, silly, smart, athletic, talented cello players. Of course, since I’ve only had my eyes set on one of said people, I just don’t feel the need to think that muscular older guys are so cute and stuff like that.  By the way, 4 nights ago, I officially admitted that I really like Arco. Go crazy in the comments.

Walking into class, I saw the most beautiful diamond ring I ever saw (so far) on her finger. It made rainbows on the walls, HOW COOL IS THAT! Sorry, wacky mode. “Aster, I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT.”
“It can be a ring for something else chill.”

Then my language arts teacher skipped to the front of the class and saying how she wanted to tell us right before class ended but then these two people figured it out and approached her about it. And everyone looked at them because concidentally enough, they are dating. The concidence rate is WAY TOO HIGH. Then she told us she was engaged and they had actually been dating for 6 YEARS and  the class went into utter chaos and uproar. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE COMMITMENT?

The girls were upset/overjoyed and wanted to know all the details and the guys were like, ‘NOOOO.’ because they find this teacher and her sister who was my teacher last year, very attractive. And weird enough, someone wanted to know if she cried and how badly like onion crying or light sobs. Everyone turned to him like, “Why do you want know this?’

In fact, we didn’t do anything else that day. People wanted to know if we were invited to the wedding, the dress and everything. We all MIGHT be invited to the wedding. “Can you imagine?” I dreamed, “Being at a wedding. WHAT IF I NEED A DATE TO THE WEDDING. I WOULD (I PROBABLY WOULDN’T I’M TOO SHY.) ASK ARCO. “ Then I had a mental agrument about I’m too hideous and he would shoot me down. “BUT THEN IMPATIENS WOULD POISON MY DRINK AND/OR FOOD. I don’t want to die. Maybe Impatiens will be too focused on the language arts teacher’s fiancé because other than Arco, she’s obsessed with her finacee as well. What would I wear?? How would I wear my hair? Will I look hideous as usual? WILL THERE BE SLOW DANCING. I would freak if I got to slow dance with Arco. Never mind that, I WOULD DIE. DIE. I WOULD FUDGE RIPPLE SWIRLING DIE. LIKE WHEN WE HELD HANDS FOR A BIT WHEN HE HELPED ME UP AT ROCK EAGLE. Weddings would be nice. I hope she doesn’t become a bridezilla. I hope I don’t either when it’s my turn. IF I get a turn.”

When we went to Spanish, there was another class uproar over the Cinco De Mayo party we had TODAY TODAY. And in Orchestra, we replayed Eleanor Rigby, Star Wars….

Speaking of Star Wars, Arco came up with ‘Revenge Of The Fifth’ yesterday. Because you know, Sith and such , yeah. Back to what I was saying…..

….And Music From Frozen. We were actually interrupted by my counselor over the intercom. “Ms. Duncan, I am so shocked right now. Check your email now and you’ll see why.” I automatically thought it was about the language arts teacher. Ms. Anima checked her email and said, “Wow. WOWZERS, THAT’S GREAT! This should have happened a year ago.”

Which if I didn’t tell you about Music From Frozen, it is a medley/mashup of The First Time In Forever, Do You Want To Build A Snowman?, And Let It Go in  that order.

For third Academic  period, my Science teacher was basically done with us. Like she was really done. Why? Because most of us, not even just our class, didn’t finish the book questions from Friday. But in my defense,my power was on and off during the weekend and other people couldn’t get online. So she says turn it in Tuesday. But Tuesday isn’t nearly enough time to make up 2 days of work. Of course, if my mind wasn’t elsewhere on that Friday, I would have gotten more done than I did now.

What exactly did I even do that Friday? Maybe that’s a question you have. Well, to make a really long story short, the subon that Friday did nothing and the rest of the class went crazy. I was still sane and began to work on my questions. I finished 1 and a half parts of my book questions while listening to music and then I got distracted. How? By a certain quirky, average, funny, silly, smart, athletic, talented cello player who sits in front of me.  And since I officially admitted to myself that I really like him 2 days ago from Monday, I was bit fluttery and nervous.
“So how far did you get in your book work?”
“Halfway done. You?”
“I’m halfway done as well. Remember the days when we were lab partners?
“Yeah”, I smiled, “I do.”
“And remember when I did this?”
And then there was an XD face in my notebook. Instead of minding, I just left it there and smiled.
“Yep. And remember when I did this?”
I drew a smiley face on his hand and grinned.
” And remember when I used to do this?” He pointed to other side of my desk and there were lines with pencil maks in them. He knew that was a pet peeve of mine so I began erasing all the lines. Then they magically came back. And by that I mean he drew them back.
He smiled, “You know sometimes these things are very useful.” My pencil had some how found its way into his hand. Plus, my sharpie. And my lip balm was nowhere to seen.
“Arco, I need my pencil, sharpie and lip balm.”
“Okay, I have your pencil and sharpie but I don’t have your lip balm.” I looked about and then I realized I had left it in my bag. Cue nervous laugh.
“Well, heh, You see what had happened was…” He nodded his head in a taunting that he knew I had nothing to say. I buried my face nto my arms and then my pencil and sharpie were right in front of me.
“Illusions.” He whispered making waves with his arms. I took his notebook and drew a smiley face and showed it to him. He made it look a devilish bulldog.
“You don’t like happiness.” I fake-sobbed.
“Hey, sign here.”
“Right there.”
“NO… reason.”
“It’s nothing.” but he smiled that smile when he’s going to either manipulate me, confuse me, or do something less than desirable.
So I smiled my mainpulative smile as well and signed gladly. With my mother’s signature. Can you blame me? well, yes. Yes, you can.
“Thank You.” he smiled.
“Welcome.” I smiled back.
“Well, would you look at that?” He showed me his notebook, copied the signature so well, and then put an arrow and wrote my name beside it.
“But how did you-”
“You should learn how to manipulate people without being so obvious next time. Besides, I already knew you were going to attempt to trick me with someone else’s signature. I don’t know whose this is. But it’s not yours. Neck yourself.”
I lightly necked myself. And basically the rest of the class period, there were jokes, fun to be had and Remember whens. We sighed at the end of class saying, ” The Good Old Days.”

In 4th period, we went over Trigonometry but it’s kind of hard to focus when Coast is wearing a headband for fun and everyone is laughing at it and when some girls were talking about the la teacher getting married. So basically, nothing was done the whole day.

Walking back into homeroom,,,,,, Arpeggio had Arco on a wall. I threw my stuff down and worriedly stuttered, “Get off of him.”
He turned to me, “Aww. Trying to save your boyfriend?”
“He’s not my boyfriend, and watch your woords Impatiens could be near.”
“Oh yeah.”

It was like when you have that awkward understanding moment.
“Well, you can sit in your fear puddle until you rose up to play savior of the guy.”
“Hey, It isn’t her nor my fault you can’t get the courage to ask out Aria .” Arco retorted. By now, Coast, Lake, and Hyssop were there and then they began to argue about how to do it, when to do it and whether or not she’d say yes. Arpeggio was saying he doesn’t like her but you know once they are on a roll, they don’t ever stop. 

That day, Arco had a green pencil of mine. I didn’t know he had it until I looked over from typing.
“Arco, when will I get that back?”

“Tomorrow, Or the next day, or the day after that.”
“You know, manipulation is a beautiful art.” He twirled the pencil and winked at me. I just died. I DIED. Everytime, I replay that in my head, I die from the feels.
“Yeah, but you shouldn’t use it ALL THE TIME.”
“You know what’s weird?”
“I can wink with both eyes.”
“Yeah. See.” He did it again. I kept dying.
“Wow, I can only do it with my left eye. How do you do that?”
“I don’t know I think I was just born with it. ”
“Well, you know that will be very useful in life one day.” I winked back. “So where exactly is my pencil?”
“Somewhere around my desk.” He got up to leave because his bus was called.
“But, wait, that’s-”
“That’s malarkey, is what it is.”

Life is so complicated. I literally sit in my room and sing ‘Complicated’ by Avril Lavigne because school life is so complicated.

Float In The Cyber Space!


21 thoughts on “Why Everything I Did Differently On Monday Had To With Cale

  1. School IS complicated.

    Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about boy stuff UNLESS I’m playing video games than the feels will be like “Time to get attacked by the feels” yet I find that fun ’cause most of my games are action role-playing games BUT UGH STILL.

    When you die outta feels &%&^%$*

    Like JUST KILL ME WHEN THE FEELS COME but then you realize that the feels have already killed you. I FEEL THAT ALL THE TIME WHEN I’M PLAYING VIDEO GAMES.

      1. What’s the meaning of reincarnate- OH WAIT I thought that it was re INCINERATE. Must have read wrongly.



    1. He’s really not annoying.
      Or why do you say that?
      Lizzy is a crazy girl who’s FORCING him to go out with her or she’s going to hurt all his friends.
      Dawn’s hand was bitten by fire ants in her pencil punch that Lizzy planted them in.
      Boys are gross, eh?
      Then why do you like them???

      1. *facepalms* NOT RIGHT NOW!!!!
        I know, I’m so confusing.
        But yeah, I go crazy every once in a while.
        But looking back, I’m like, “What did I see in HIM?”
        Boys are gross!
        They do gross things!
        They look gross!
        They act gross!
        They ARE just…BLECH!

    1. Yeah, it has…
      I don’t really know it all happened. I was sitting in my bed after a text-fest and began to have a mental convo with my self and then i thought, “You like the way he makes you feel right?”
      “Does it feel good/”
      “Like butterflies?”
      “Yes, what is the point of this?”
      “Well, you should be able to say you fully like him and there should be no if, ands, or buts about it.”
      Then I realized what I was doing with my life.
      Then before going to sleep, I whisper, “I like Cale, I really do.” and since then I feel so complete with myself I’m not even kidding.
      if only my life wasn’t so COMPLICATED!

      1. You’re very brave to post stuff like that. I DIE when people ship me that hard.
        At school, everyone ships me with people… Not just my closest friends either. A bunch of people. :/

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