The More I Think About It Now, The Less I Know

Hey girlies! The 1989 song today is All You Had To Do Was Stay. So the song is actually about someone who doesn’t or can’t commit to a relationship. So today, I have a tag called the ‘Dream Guy Tag’ for your dream guy.  But honestly, like the title states, the more I think about a dream guy, the less I know what I want. (Even though I like Cale.)

So let’s get to it, and hope I don’t regret it.


1) What type of guys do you like the most?

Um, well. Funny, but weird ones who are quirky but also a bit reckless at times.

2) What stands out in a guy?

Their personality, I feel like that is the most stand-outish thing about people in general.

3) What would be your perfect date??

Oh, I think I actually know this one. A night/afternoon stroll in the park and staring at the starry night sky while talking and having fun.

4) How do you want him to look?

I won’t go by looks. I prefer personality. Brown hair and brown eyes would be great, I guess. (Because he has those too! SQUEAL!!)

5) What would be The best first present he gives you?

A Book. Preferably Paper Towns or An Abundance Of Katherines by John Green.

6) What would be his best feature?

Again, it would be his PERSONALITY.

7) How would your first date go?

I mean, this all depends. Is there a crazy girl constantly stalking him or….? If t\that’s a no, then just sitting at the park together in the spring and/or fall. I don’t know I just really like the intermediate seasons.

8) How old would he be?

Um, my age. Or a year younger. As long he’s in my grade, which (someone) is.

9) What type of personality traits would you like in him?

Finally, something about personality. Okay.
Kind, Funny, Caring yet Reckless, Understanding, Ambitious, Brave, Honest, Adorably silly, Quirky, Sentimental. 🙂 😉

10) What would be your song(s)?

Oh, okay. I don’t really know? Maybe Buzzcut Season or 400 Lux by Lorde because the character she sings about is so relaxed, then Treacherous by Taylor Swift because, well, isn’t it obvious? Girls Chase Boys By Ingrid Michaelson because I’m going after some thing the SOMEONE ELSE is obsessed over. Boom Clap Charli XCX because the thrill maybe? Everything Has Changed by Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift? Holy Ground by Taylor Swift? Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne (oh most definitely). Love Will Tell Us Where To Go and Rocks At My Window by Bridgit Mendler, are good. I like Vivaldi’s Spring as well. Our Song by Taylor Swift XD ! Rather Be by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne is really good. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities (even though I kind of prefer the covers better). Smile by Avril Lavigne is also cool. Perhaps, Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men. Wait. Why should a song define a couple? Eh, whatever I guess, Any of those songs would work.

11) How would the atmosphere be like before you have your first kiss?

This is going to get awkward soon, I know. Um, my first kiss or the first kiss of US as a couple? I think they meant the couple one though? Yeah, I just checked they meant couple. I was like it to be serene yet feel like the world is spinning. I want to be able to look in their eyes and know everything will be okay. I guess?

12) How would like your first kiss to go or how did it go?

Isn’t this the same as the above? Well, I guess not. Honestly, I don’t actually remember if I’ve had my first kiss. And if what happened, as the memory was sketchy, was a kiss, well…… I WANTED MY FIRST KISS TO BE SAVED. I’ll just make a post on it later. Um, so I want it to be after a long, peaceful and ejoyable day and we’re finishing off the night and then, “I had a really good time tonight.” “Yeah, me too.”  and you know how the rest goes. It’s super cliche but I LOVE IT. IT GIVES CLOSURE.

13) If He’s busy, what would he most likely be doing?

Playing an instrument (preferably a cello 😉  )or maybe volunteering ( 😉 )

14) When it’s your 6 month anniversary, what would you get him?

I get him? Well, I got Cale a card that Sarah helped me make for his birthday. It had pies on it because his birthday is National Pie Day… Well, it would have to be something personalized, and shows I had a lot of thought. And 6 month anniversary, that’s a big deal. I could write/compose a song and play it on my viola, for him, make a scrapook and CD filled with our memories, and then take them on a surprise extravagant date. Maybe just one of those because I think I might be thinking a little too intense.

15) What would be the best surprise date?

The best surprise date? Um, so of this will from by FAVORITE BOOK ON WATTPAD: Project Popularity but so he takes the girl for a ride but blindfolded and then went to spend their lives at the yacht that belongs to his father. Of course, after that date crisis strikes (or maybe that was the chapter before it.) I would love that but with like a fancy dinner as well.
Wait, I know now. I had a dream on this at the end of April…  I’ll even you tell you about it. Okay, so it’s like 6:34 or 5:34 considering that it was still light outside. I was listening to, ironically, How You Get The Girl by Taylor Swift on 1989. I was sitting on my bed reading, ‘Withering Tights’. I got a text message from Cale saying, ‘Meet me at the park.’ Nothing else. I, with suspicion, take another shower, put on a dress that I have that is basically like this:

apply deodorant, perfume, put on my necklace, and pink flats and go out the house say scream, “Mom, Dad, I’m biking to the park.” “OKAY! HAVE FUN!” (Keep in mind in real life this would NEVER happen). I hop on my light blue mountain bike and pedal away. The park isn’t far but somehow I end up at the park in about 36 seconds. DREAM LOGIC. Somehow it is way dimmer than it was when I got the text. I jump off my bike and go to the fourthest part of the part where I see white fairy lights from a distance. I see him sitting on a bench in front of the lights, smiling as he says, “Hey.” 
“Hi.” I whisper in wonder at how this could have happened.
“This is very nice, isn’t it?” He asked looking incredulously as well.
“Very.” I said breathlessly. I stared at him and he stared back smiling. Inside was spastic rainbow butterflies in a frenzy. I noticed something beside him.
“Is that,”  my breath hitched, “your cello?”
“Yeah, it is. I wanted to play something for you.”
HOW DO YOU TURN OFF THE FEELS????!!!!!! Covering my mouth, I slowly walked over to the bench and sat next him. It took the first 6 measures for me to register what song he was playing which was Rather Be. I WAS SO HAPPY, I WAS NEARLY CRYING. I sang along and for once I didn’t sound like a polar bear and walrus fight underwater with a dying cat.
He looked at me after he finished and asked, “Is there something wrong?”
“I’m just really happy.” My feels were just so overloaded.
Suddenly, my viola was right next to me but you know DREAM LOGIC. I only had to give him a look and we were playing duets so awesomely. We played Everything Has Changed, Girls Chase Boys, Geronimo by Sheppard (Amy, you are responsible for getting that song stuck in head since DMIGA) and Little Talks. I kept singing, I sounded good. I don’t even know where we learned to play these songs. The even crazier part is when I went to Orchestra that afternoon, I tried the notes I saw on my fingerboard  from my viola in the dream and the notes matched the beginning notes of Little Talks.. O_O

I put my viola case strap on, packaged it, and walked my bike with him all the way back home. We were in front of my house, and his hair had gotten in his face again. Without hesitation, I sweeped his hair of his face and as the wind was blowing he did the same. “So, um. I had a really fun time tonight.” I beamed. 
“I did too.” I just hugged him, for a long while. I don’t know where I got the mad courage but I stare into his eyes and then I….
kissed him? Guys, I am so red even writing this down. I don’t even know what it felt like I was just so numb from the courage I felt. I held his hand and then swinged it with mine and then I heard, “Got It!” I turn to see his older and younger sister in the bushes, laughing. “Well, now, I’m definitely sending this to people.” Ashley, his older sister, smiled. And the great thing about this dream is that there was no worries about Lizzy. It was almost like she didn’t exist in that dream world.

I laughed and went inside my house waving bye. I stood in myroom as the door swang behind me. Then I had a Taylor Swift Dance party, until I fell asleep on my beds of happiness and dreams.

When I woke up, I was still screaming. No one was home thought, so I scram in excitement until I left the house.

Point is, that = best surprise date.

16) You casually ask your guy, what do you want to do in 10 years? He smiles and answers:

He would probably be in college working towards his Music and Zoology degree. Since then he would be 22. Plus he told me this before.

17) If he was a superhero, who would it be?

I have no idea. Maybe Spiderman because my dream guy, would be brillant, hilarious, quirky, and a bit reckless.

18) What do you love about him and vice versa?

Well, I don’t know. Is this referring to Cale or my dream guy? Or maybe they are the same person? Hmmm. Let’s go with my fictional dream guy. His personality. And his talents.

19) What gift would your perfect guy leave in your locker?

Well, considering at my school that the normal lockers are small yet the gym ones are so huge, I have not the slightest clue. Perhaps, a flower, a book, or CUPCAKES. ( Dork Diaries Reference!!!!!!!!!!!! XD, even though I’m trying to get Not-So-Glam TV star or whatever its called.)

20) What kind of car does your dream guy drive?

I don’t know, whatever he wants to drive. A Camry or Prius would be cool though, even though, I wouldn’t mind a pickup truck. Georgia does that to you.

21) What type of kisses/ hugs would you like?

Well, I don’t know, I’ve never been kissed before, I don’t think, THE DREAM DOESN’T COUNT. Eskimo and Butterfly kisses seem adorable, and I like big, panda bear, hugs.

22) How would he ask you to marry him?

Oh, we are in Paris and it goes like the dream but then he bought me what looks like a new bow rosin box but it has a ring and he proposed and I say, “Yes……” DUH. 

23) Which iconic movie couple do you most admire?
Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. It’s so cliche but, yes, hands down.

24) Which celebrity guy do you think is pretty perfect?
I don’t really have a celeb crush. But George Sheppard’s really nice.

25) You have had the worst day ever. What would your perfect guy do to cheer you up?
Call me, come over and comfort while I read, and then watch a movie or watch PLL. The perfect guy for me would be able to name all the liars’s names just because he knows I LOVE THEM. If they can’t that would be cool too. But that would be awesome.

26) What kind of job does he have?
Whatever job he wants to have, I’m not going to tell them what THEY want. Or maybe that’s because I can be a pushover.

27) Where would you and your perfect man go on your dream vacation?
We would go to Hawaii and get a rainbow license plates. And have fun at the Disney resort. Yep.
Go to Paris. No explanation needed. ITS THE CITY OF LIGHTS AND LOVE.

28) You and your ideal man are stranded together on a deserted island…other than the OBVIOUS, how would you spend your time?
What is the obvious? Forgetting that, um we would try to GET OFF THE ISLAND.

29) How many children does your ideal man want to have?
I don’t know. I don’t even know if he wants kids. Wait. HE does, but one or twins. I don’t know if I want the pain with kids. But I really want twins. 🙂

30) What kind of pet does your perfect guy have?
A dog, preferably a Golden Retreiver. Or a Bunny. Even thoughwhen he was in Flordia, he named a German Shepard at the animal rescue center he was at after the name that we both suggested, Midnight Shadow. I love that name and the dog was adorable. ❤ ❤ ❤ He facetime called me with Midnight Shadow and I just fell in love with the image and I screenshotted it. No shame…… no shame…..

31) How do you imagine your guy will look in 10 years?
Probaly slightly older.

32) Do you think that you and your guy will still be together 20 years from now?
IF SOME PEOPLE DON’T GET IN THE WAY, then most likely yes.

33) Your perfect guy was a member of what clique in school?
He really does fit in anywhere, he’s pretty fluid.

34) True Or False: No man is really perfect.

True, even if they are perfect for you, they will still have flaws. This doesn’t even just apply to just males, this applies to both genders.


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