Messengers, Moods, And Other M or Non-M Things

I’ve haven’t told you about school lately so let’s jump in to the bizarre world of crazy that is my school.

May 5th: We all brought in things for the Spanish Cinco De Mayo Party. I brought In utensils, Willow brought chocolate covered pretzels, Aria made cupcakes (SHE’S A REALLY GOOD BAKER.). We had to watch a short 5 minute movie on Cinco De Mayo’s origins. He yelled at us 5 times that Cinco De Mayo WAS NOT THE INDEPENDENCE DAY OF MEXICO, THAT’S A MISCONCEPTION. THat how he yelled it at us. It wasn’t all that bad, in fact it was really fun. We listened to a series of songs on Mexican Radio Stations. But then we brought in SO MUCH food and then a lot of people wanted thirds, and forths, and fifths, and you get the idea. We had SO MUCH left over because he didn’t let us. Then, he gives our food to the next class. -__- He told them that we DIDN’T WANT THAT FOOD. –_- But I got one of Aria’s cupcakes, which we were yellow, green, and red for Mexico’s colors (the white couldn’t show up otherwise) and had vanilla icing. I had tasted Aria’s cooking and she’s really good but I still sat and stared.
“Have you tried my cupcake yet?”  she asked.
“Well, why are you just staring at it?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, then eat it. I am going to watch you eat it.”
“Okay.” I bit into it and I must say, IT WAS AMAZING,
She saw my reaction and said, “See, I knew you’d like it.” I responded with a thumbs up while eating the rest of it. Corda actually liked them SO MUCH she ate FOUR. FOUR. SHe usually watches her figure but I guess she didn’t care. Aria was so shocked by it that she repeated four the rest of the day.

My wrists: Okay, so on April 30th I believe, we had an Orchestra substitute who basically did nothing. So while doing an assignment, people were everywhere. She just sat in the chair on the step , where the conductor sits/stands, reading blocking everyone out.  She said turn them in whenever. So Ginger, Arpeggio, Cadenza, Aster, Aria and I went into the Bass room to play our instruments. The bass room has lovely acoustics, by the way. Aria left her instrument out there but no one wanted to go back into the frenzy. So she airplayed it instead.  They launched into Momentum, and I stuck on like a sore thumb because I wasn’t in Advanced Orchestra so I sat like, “What am I going to do now?” So then they suddenly stopped so I began to play the Star Wars theme until measure 12 when they BURST SO LOUD, I was startled and juggles my instrument in my arms to prevent it from dropping. I was so lost. They finally did finish and then we played Star Wars twice before we had to pack up. So here we are waiting to leave and then I want to Tell Aria something. Then Arpeggio comes out of nowhere and says, “You can’t talk to Aria.”
I teetered my heels and toes, “And why is that?”
“Because….. WHAT?”
“Because I said you can’t.”
“I’m going to anyways.”
“That’s the point.”
My wrists had become very flushed with a crimson red and they hurt. They don’t really anymore but still. I walked into Science with my wrists like that and Arco turns around to see my wrists. “What the f—ing h— happened to your wrists?”
“Just an encounter with someone.”
“An encounter that knocked up your wrists badly. Who did it.”

Oh, it wasn’t an question. No, it was not.

“That’s not very important.” I whispered as I moved my hair into my face.
“Tell me.”
“Because someone hurt you and I’m obviously going to do something about it.”
“That’s not necessary.”
“OH, but it is.”
“It was Arpeggio”
“Of f—ing course it was Arpeggio. Well, I’m going to do something about it.”
“Nothing you need to know right now, I’m thinking.”

Moods: Well, this isn’t about me. It’s about Cambiare. Her moods have been….. wacky doodle town. Part of the reason is because she is a part of the tiny population who doesn’t realize Impatiens’s insane. I don’t know. I THOUGHT SHE OF ALL PEOPLE WOULD KNOW. I can not tell you how many time Impatiens’s done something and her thinking its a coincidence.


But I have to say, if whatever’s going on doesn’t involve Cambiare, she most likely doesn’t care. So this whole Impatiens debacle is killing her. Here’s just a series of statements she’s told me and my (mental response):
The one right below was The Relay For Life Walk:
“If someone mentions Impatiens and Arco one more time, I will slap a b—-.”
Um, you do know why, right?
“I feel like he does more for her then he did for me.”
That’s because she’s threatening him.
“She’s with him more….”
“They seem way too close.”
“Impatiens always gets her way but I don’t know why…..”
“I know I’m dating Reef and all….. BUT, why is he even with her?”

What I ACTUALLY said this time:  “Cambiare, I have a question. Are you–,” *cue record scratch*, “YOU’RE DATING THE SAME GUY THAT WAS DISGUSTING AT ROCK EAGLE AN WAS A BITCH TO ME IN 3RD GRADE???!!”

But I’ll have more on that on this post.
She’s been sad, angry, happy, for the past 2 months because of this. I never got to ask, but…. *sighs* I think she’s jealous as well. This may even be serious. And if it happens that she is……

But I didn’t want to get into that part with this subpost.

I recommended her listening to some songs to support her emotions. But she’s taken them a tad too seriously…
Avril Lavigne’s – The Best D— Thing,  yeah, she went to people the next day singing, “I’M THE BEST D— THING THAT YOUR EYES HAVE EVER SEEN!” I was so bewildered and so were people.
Adele’s – Someone Like You,  she was muttering, “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you.” through out.
I don’t think I should say anymore.

Messengers: Last Saturday, I was a messenger. So that day, Torie invited me and a few others to the local park to play our instruments.

But then she was texting me like, “My mom won’t let me bring my viola so can you tell Arpeggio it’s cancelled? He accidentally gave me the wrong number. With DM-ing.”

I asked why she doesn’t just get an Instagram and DM him instead of me constantly doing it. But she just doesn’t like it. So I DMed Arpeggio and I sent them both their reactions and they were laughing by emojis at each other while I was sending them back and forth until ARPEGGIO FINALLY ASKED FOR HER EMAIL. Doing all that was taking up a lot of space on my phone. Then they were emailing each other and I was done. Arpeggio’s reaction were so serious though…. I’m pretty sure he REALLY LIKES her.

The Defensive Struggle: Getting into the above ^^^ , So the April 30th my wrists were screwed, this happened. So I’m my perky self, happy, but silent for the most part. I’m putting my things now about to get back into my favorite book for now, ‘A Midsummer TIGHTS Dream’ I captialized the Tights because its a pun and I made it like that intentionally.  So I was comfortable reading until the atmosphere felt wrong. I whirled around to see Arpeggio sandwiching Arco’s shoulder in between his hand and the wall.

I dropped everything and cried, “Hey, Hey, hey!”

Lake added more heys to make it sound like Blurred Lines. Let’s all clap for Lake’s ability to be serious. 
“What ARE you doing?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Arpeggio smirked.
“Get off him,” I stated with an ice cold tone, “Get off him, NOW.” They were shocked and so I. I didn’t take using that tone of lightly, and I had hardly used it all year!
“And if I don’t?”
“Brace yourself for a harder slap.” With that, my wrists aching, I removed Arpeggio’s arm off Arco’s shoulder. But I really didn’t feel the ache until after.
“Coming to the rescue of your boyfriend, oh sweet.”
“ARPEGGIO, IMPATIENS COULD BE HERE.” We hissed. We went into 20 seconds of nodding and agreeing.
“Besides, it’s not our fault you can’t ask out Aria with real emotion,” Arco piped. And then Coast, Lake, and Hyssop came into the conversation after hearing Aria. Then they began discussing if she would say yes, blah, blah, blah. 

“Okay, you didn’t have to do that. I was the agitator, I deserved it and your wrists are worse than before.” Arco examined.
I winced, “Oh, no. It’s fine. I wanted to do it. What did you do anyways?”
“Nothing really. Rebelling against what Arpeggio wanted and then the physical pain.”
“Hey, look I’m sorry. You didn’t need to do that.”
“Why are you apologizing? I wanted to do it.”
“Thanks. Is the shoulder okay?”
He whirled around and around, “I think I’ll be fine.”

 I have no idea why. Aster started it. He doesn’t care though.

Ice Cream Truck – If you go on Hooda Math, there is a game. It is called Ice Cream Truck. I HATE THAT GAME. I CAN’T PASS NEW YORK. And that’s the second level. I suck at it. We played it in Social Studies on Monday. At least, i’m not the only one. Cadenza once ended New York with only 75 cents. The goal is 250. Dollars.

Pinatas – On May 8th, we used pinatas in Spanish class and it was really fun, especially when certain people went crazy with the wacking. The people in PE were just watching us, like why? People went crazy the candies came out, like they were SAVAGES. Some candies were thrown up in the air during the debacle so Aria and I got those instead. Spanish 7B did pinatas AND A gift exchange. He just really hates our class.

Accents – Aria thinks accents sound like other materialistic objects.
German sounds like cake.
English sounds like butterflies.
French sounds like cupcakes.
Canadian sounds like candy.
Australian sounds like donuts. And other things that really don’t make any sense.
Speaking of accents, I don’t know how he does it. I really don’t. BUT IT’S REALLY COOL.
Arco can speak in some many accents accurately and easily. 
Like I don’t get it, why can’t I do that instead? Do you know how handy that could be? UGH…..
He can do:
English (But like UK and American)

Spanish (such as Spain and Mexico)
South African 

At least now I can hear him say something adorable in what , um, 16 accents. It jst adds to his cuteness because he’s a weirdo and I’m a weirdo.

I’m a whole different cup of crazy….

Float In The CyberSpace!


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