Even If It’s Just In Your Wildest Dreams

Okay, I’ve had to rewrite this posts 5 times now, let’s see if WordPress likes me now. Who am I kidding? NO ONE LIKES ME. *laughs but then cries in a corner*

Hey, girlies. Today’s 1989 song is Wildest Dreams and it’s actually on my top lisst of 1989 songs. So well today’s topic is, well, dreams. My dreams are wacky, crazy, weird and you might think I belong in Radley (PLL reference) or something. PLus I had this really messsed up, horrible  dream about 1 Direction which might be a little disturbing…. LET’S DO IT ANYWAYS.

Dream 1) The PLL Dream:
Yes, I legitimately had a crazy PLL dream. In this and several dreams, I’m just watching, not being really involved. Alison’s not in this for some mysterious reason. But there are not coincidences in Rosewood.
So we begin with Hanna and Caleb in Aria’s house.  

“Are you ready for this?” he asked while putting on a gas mask.

Hanna hesitates as to really think about the situation, “I really don’t want to this. Especially to Aria.”

“Well, what else are we going to do? This is the only way to get A off your permanently.” Hanna sighed,pulling on a gas mask as well but knew the A fight was never over.

“So do you want to start here?” Caleb asked, pointing to the hallway.

“Yeah, sure.” Hanna agreed. So they beginning to spray Asti-toxin (it’s not real) a toxic gas that disappear within 3 hours.

“Okay, let’s make this quick.” they sighed.

“After we’re done, we’ll run before Aria gets home.” Caleb told Hanna.

But Little did they know that Aria was already home, in her room and she’s was growiing quite suspicious as if someone or something was it the house.

Getting tired of it, she muttered to herself, “Better Not be some A sh–.”

When she opened the door, there was a green haze. She quickly shut the door and began breathe heavily while coughing quite hard. Almost immediately, she began to cover every crack anywhere in her room. She grabbed her things and started to the window.

While Aria was getting ready to jump, Caleb and Hanna grew into a panic when they heard loud coughing from a room doors down.

“That’s Aria’s room.” Hanna worried. “Well, maybe the job will be done quicker than we had thought.” The guilt was killing Hanna, however, so she fled the, Caleb trailing after her.

Pretty sure, the green haze was something of A’s, she glanced at the world below.

“Not that bad of a jump.” She whispered to the ground as she jumped and landed feet-first.  

“Now to run.” As she ran, she stopped to see Hanna and Caleb running out of, HER HOUSE. She was still coughing and felt woozy.

“Hanna, Caleb, I wasn’t expecting your company.’ she said glancing at their masks and put two and two together immediately.

“May I ask why you came with pathetic gas masks, or do I already know?” Her coughing was growing harder and louder and the world began to spin over and over.

“Aria, I..” Hanna began, removing her mask, but Aria couldn’t hear as the ground came up to meet her.

Fluttering her eyes, she felt the hard pressure of water splashing on her face, once ceasing before becoming a continous flow. She began to sputter.

“Hey, at least she’s not dead.” Spencer announced over the bickering of Caleb and Hanna.

“Okay,, what the he– is happening?”  Emily interrupted. Caleb and Hanna went silent.

“Well, then?” Spencer questioned as well.

“You see what happened was…” Caleb began.

“A said that we, you know, put Asti-toxin in Aria’s house then they’d leave us alone permanently, everyone of us.” Hanna rushed. Aria began, “BI-“

“Why does A want Aria of all people with Asti-toxin? And If it was Asti-toxin…” Spencer trailed, “How are you still alive? Wait, hand me that container.”

Caleb threw it over as Spencer caught it. Spencer tore off the cover to reveal another title, Wooz-Spray.

“The he–, is that?’ Emily wondered.

“It’s a chemical used to make people ,once inhaled, cough until they faint.” Caleb told as he seemed too familiar with it.

“We thought that maybe, we didn’t have to kill Aria to get A what A wants.” Hanna continued.

“Bi—, really? I thought that we were going to stick together and not throw anyone under a bus because A f—ing said so.” Aria finally spoke up.

“Yeah, I know, I’m sorry.”

“Well, we need to get ready.” Emily said.

“The party, right.” Spencer remembered.

“Well, we’re not going into Aria’s house until all that clears up. Let’s go to Hanna’s.”

“Well, you ARE the almost murderer. And Spencer and I have our things, you’ve deprived Aria’s from hers, let’s go.” Emily ordered.

Bye, Caleb..’ She kissed him goodbye as they left.

Now they’re at the party and the girls are in swivel chairs as the guys are just standing around. From this on thing get…. odd.

“Well, this place could use some music.” Caleb said dryly.

“Did somebody say music?”

Then a marache band, Bob Dylan, and the living and deceased Beatles are all together. George and John hadn’t aged a day.  

“Um, sure…..” everyone trailed off. So they began to play a spanglish, folkish, version of Help, Eleanor Rigby, and Yesterday. Which sounds weird, but my brain made it sound all right.

“Wait, aren’t two of you dead?” Toby finally asked.

“That’s right….” they trailed as they disappeared into the shadows. So chatter among themselves, pirates come from nowhere and attack everyone for the booze. So then drunk pirates with their hooks everywhere tore the whole party down.


But before it fully collapses, pig blood comes dropping down in layers as everyone gets covered in it. Suddenly the pirates have a ship in the sky and then the Rugrats theme begins to play.

“Well, things can’t get any weirder.” Ezra said and boy was he wrong. Somehow the building rebuilt itself and then dead musicians begin to party as partygoers are screaming their heads off. Not literally. Aliens detect the party and start from space to Earth then I wake up. Keep in mind, my mind must love cliffhangers.

Dream 2) The Backwards Future:

So I’m in my bed, texting Arco goodnight, when I got to Calendar app and look at all the dates before and all the dates afterwards foreshadowing the next event. Between doing the two, I drift to sleep.

So then I wake up thinking, “This doesn’t feel like my bed, what is this, WHAT. IS, THIS.” And when I get out of bed, I am shocked. I was in a bedroom with pictures and calendars but I didn’t care much the pictures (which is so odd of me because I am constantly observant) and then walk by the calendar. Thinking what I just saw was preposterous, I walked backwards to look at it again. It said, May 17, 2023. I was scared now. I stumbled to the mirror. I saw my reflection first then images flicker on the mirror before a calendar flips to that date. And stops. Then in a ripple effect my new reflection came before my eyes. My hair was longer and more tamed, I had aged but I still looked youngish, and I had gotten taller once again. I thought I kind of looked pretty.

Assuming that no one would startle me , I began peering at the photos. One picture had a boy and a girl smiling at the camera while holding a German Sheperd. I recognized myself and the dog. But I couldn’t remember the guy’s name or the dog’s name. Another photo had the boy and the girl totem pole style. Her head was on top looking down at him, his head was at the bottom looking up at her. (I’ll explain why this is odd. Arco and I took that photo the day before this dream. And I was in the photo so what I’m wondering that did my brain have a mental image of what it would like??……) Some other picture hadd them together at a dance, probably a formal, together.The girl had looked a little older than I was but they both beaming smiling at each other eyes. Then there was a kiss picture of the same enviromant and place. Another picture was of them in the grass TFIOS style. There was another one but this one was of PROM?? I thought I wouldn’t go! But I was crowned Prom Queen and The Boy Prom King, but I couldn’t tell if it was junior or senior. One other photo had us looking affectionately into each other eyes.

Then there was a picture and I accidentally tapped making it play audio and video. “This future is cool!” I thought while watching. The video began to play with the girl walking, she looks at the camera, “Hey, Aria.”

“Hey.” ‘Did her voice get higher?’ I thought.
“So why are you videotaping me?”
“You’re going to wonder what the day in the life was when you grow old so you want to remember this.”
“That’s cool. I guess.”
“So tell the camera where you’re going.”
“I’m going to the Barnes & Nobles across the street.”
“Who are you going to see there?”
“My boyfriend.”
“Who’s your boyfriend?”
“I think I’ll remember his name.” I didn’t.
“Whatever, let’s just go.”
The boy was at a table, waiting, “Hey.”
“I got you your favorite.” he offered.
“Thanks, that’s so sweet of you.”  The girl smiled and Kissed him on the cheek. He looks at the camera and gives a secret sign to it.

Arco whispers, “The plan is going smoothly.” I grew suspicous but the girl was just sipping on her Starbucks drink.

They were having a good conversation when he says, “I had to go, my job wants me at work but I’ll see you later. Bye, sugar blossom.” He kissed me on the cheek as he left.  The girl sighed in happiness as the boy left.”I’m going to look at some books to improve my photography skills, I’ll be back soon. ” Torie says.

But in reality, she sticks around recording the girl for a bit before heading outside to the park near. The boy was there setting up what looked to be a Musical group together and changed into a tuxedo.

“If I’m going to this, I’m going to do this right.” Aria pans out the group. I recognized most of them,The girl was still reading as if nothing was odd. “Where’s The conductor?” they all asked.
“Sorry, I’m a little late, guys.” The conductor was LilySarah!
They began to practice a piece that sounded like Vivaldi’s Spring, one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONGS EVER. I began to wonder if he transposed all this music fit every single instrument. After 25 minutes of practice, the boy shaked, “Okay, I’m definitely ready.” He winked and blew a kiss at the camera. I was dying from the feels.

Aria snuck back into the Barnes and Nobles, and said, “Well, I found some books but they are a little too pricey.”
“Let me see, I’ll pay.”
“No, that’s not necessary.”
“Really? Are you sure?”
“Okay then.”
“So do you want to go to park so we can chill?”
“Yeah, sure. I just bought this book so we can read and have a day in the life thingie for you.”

So they left the Barnes and Nobles and walked 3 minutes to the park. The girl dropped her bag in shock. Everyone says, “Hey!” and they jumped into the song. The girl was so happy because all her/my friends were joined together create a beautiful playing of Spring by Vivaldi.

Here’s the song, it may be familiar…. 🙂

So the girl was so happy crying during the whole thing because all her friends were together. Everyone turned and smiled when the piece was over asked  did she like it and such. She responded, “I love it. I love it SO MUCH!!!! Who got you all together for this?”
“What if I said I did?” the boy said as he emerged from the behind of the orchestra. Amaryllis had a camera on her piano which recorded the whole performance and was a back-up recording.

The boy approached the girl and held both her hands and looked into her eyes. He let them go and crouched to the ground.
“(My Full Name), will you make me the happiest person in the world and marry me?”
“YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed in the video. I knew it was me at this point. The video ended. “I’m married or engaged?”I asked myself. “Wow.” I was married because I found the marriage photo shortly after.

I was already fully clothed in I guess, normal, clothes for me so I went down the stairs. I thought I saw someone in the house so I went, “Hey.”
Not realizing there ACTUALLY WAS a person there, I walk back. “Um, hello?”
“Yeah, is there something wrong?” It was the boy from the pictures he was quite handsome yet, I still couldn’t remember the name. 
“Um,  no. Is there something to eat?”
“You went to buy the groceries yestrday afternoon, it’s all in the pantry and the refrigerator. Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?”
“I am sure.” I opened the refrigator and grabbed some spread, closed that door and then took pieces of bread. And chewed on them silently at the table with the boy I couldn’t remember.
“There’s something wrong. Can you tell me?” He held my hands.
I don’t why but everything spilled out from my mouth like a waterfall. He stared at me like I was crazy but then relaxed. “So you are you, right?” I nodded, “But you are younger you rather than older you. And you are 13 year old you. And you can’t remember who I am or where you know me from? So now you’re stuck and you want to go back to your world.”  I nodded fervently.
“Well, I believe you. but then we need to know how to get you back without altering anything because if we do, Life may be different.”
“Okay, sir.”
“You really can’t remember, can you?”
“Well, I’m trying.”
It finally dawned on me while I was eating a piece of bread, “Arco?” I choked on the bread as I reached for a glass of orange juice. I breathed heavily.
“Wait, we got married?”
“We went to prom together?”
“I married at age?”
“That means you’re-”
“YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT THAT, Impatiens.”
“Impatiens moved away to Alaska in 9th grade. She became obsessed with some other dude.”
“Wait, your image just changed to your 13 year old self.”
“It did? WOWZERS.”
“So, where’s 22 year old you?”
“Probably in my world.”
“That’s just fabulous.” he ran his hand through his hair.
“At least, I know she’d be trying not to change anything. I hope.”
“How did this happen?”
“I don’t know, I don’t know.”
“Hey, our house is pretty.”
“I really liked you in 7th grade, and the year’s almost over.”
“I know. But I can’t tell you anything about those days or I risk altering the chain of events with you knowing. Hey, let’s go see Coast.”
“Maybe he can help.”
“Okay then. Um, Arco?”
“What is it, sugar blossom, I mean, I don’t know that to call you, this will over-complicate my head.”
“When did we have our first kiss?”
“Well,” he opened the door, “It was when-”
Then the dream cut off. I don’t know why, I WANTED TO KNOW.

Dream 3) The Relationship Goals:

In this dream, if you ever see like tumblr and or  posts like tagged relationship goals, yeah this dream was based off them. In high school, Arco and I are dating. Let’s just clap for me right now, yep. So we did all these crazy relationship goals things like him carrying me in the air like a superhero and I screaming WHEEEE!!! and then yeah, they just got crazier. It became so insane that Aria separated us for 3 days. Those days were not very fun. Honestly, I liked when we were crazy. Aria officially gives up and puts back together we set new rules for ourselves not to be so crazy. And at that moment, Aliens come down to earth. And the only to fend them off was to the relationship goals on repeat so them It became this dance thing and the aliens were dancing along and I couldn’t really hear the music…. Yep, I’m crazy. This dream was kind of a blur.

Dream 4) The Living Books:

 My books with their characters came to life one day. That day was the best dream day ever. I had so much fun with them. People could actually see them too and became friends with. This dream was a blur as well. BUT WOULDN’T THIS BE AWESOME IF THIS CAN HAPPEN????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Dream 5) The Only Flier:

If the 2nd or 3rd dream did not get you OTP feels ready, then I guess this one will or won’t.
Somehow, someway, My friends and I are living in a more futuristic world. Now, I’m walking to over to Arco’s house just to hang  out with him. He was in his garage working on something but yet I still asked, “Hey, what are you doing?”
He hit his head to the top of whatever it was, “Ow. Well, now needing an ice pack. How you doing?”
“Good. I still can’t believe you have been working on being an inventor slash builder since you’re 14.”
“Well, only since February, it’s April now.” I did the the math after the dream since it wasn’t November 17 we were both 14.
“Okay then. Can I know what you’re doing though?”
“Nope, can’t tell you.”
“Come on, I’m your girlfriend. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE.”
“You’ll know what it is soon enough.”
“Ugh, meow. BRRRRRRRR.”

We did that until we got inside where we just watched movies. And made him watch PLL. He thought he knew who A was. I was just laughing and laughing like, “Honey, even when you think you know, you never know. You see, Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You still won’t know who A is, Until season 92.”
He made a mock-angry face while laughing saying, “I WILL KNOW WHO A IS.” in a deep voice while tickling me. “Hah, no stop! You’re a bully! No, you’re A!”
“I’m A, huh? Well, that would be make a lot of sense.” He raises his eyebrow and did scheming evil hands.
“Stop, you’re too silly.”
“You love me though.”
Months go by and before I know it, its November.
November 16th. The day before my birthday.

 “So can I know what you’ve been working on?”
“When then? Ooh, that rhymed.”
“You just can’t know yet.”
“Why not?”
“You just can’t.”
“You don’t even have to wait much longer.”
“BRRRRRR.” Then watched PLL episodes and analyzed Marlene King’s tweets.

My birthday.
“So can I see it now?”
“In fact my dear, indeed you can.” He unvealed it. In the dream, I never caught the name of it, so I call it the Only Flier. I don’t why.
“What is it?”
“It’s like personal flier has several different modes.” He had a remote, “Car, Flying car, Helicopter, and jet oh, and submarine. I know really wanted to explore the world so here,” he threw the keys, “It’s yours.”
“No. It’s ours.” Of course, the legal age of driving doesn’t apply. “Take me for a spin.” Then it’s all Aladdin, I Can Show You The World type ish.
Soon enough we’re 18 and we still love that thing even after all flying cars were issued the year before. But no everyone likes using them. We learned to personalize it- together.
And we took that to the prom like bosses.
My dreams have the weirdest concepts.

1 Direction Dream)

This may be disturbing. Just warning you now. 

So Zayn has left 1 Direction, sorry for stating the obvious, and I sit at home and I’m like this hasn’t really affected me. But instead of what has happened over the last weeks, months, whatever it may be, the world has gone into an uproar. A GIANT ONE. Of one direction fangirls. They will bust your homes. They did to my  neighbor. So I’m in my house scared when I hear light knocking. They were polite girls who asked me to join their feminist campaign which I gladly agreed to. Unfortuantely within 9 minutes of being on the outside. The group is swamped by one direction fangirls kidnapping each and everyone to help bring Zayn back. 

Meanwhile in an undisclosed gymnasium in Switerzland, Zayn, his mother, and his father are there. His mother was diagnosed with brain cancer and she wanted die in a really weird way: in a basketball hoop. Her days were limited so she wanted to get in over with. in a basketbalL hoop.

So she instructed her husband to fling her into the basketball hoop hopefully killing her on the spot. So  Zayn sat on the floor with a knife. He was tired of all the hate and riots with uproar and wanted to kill himsself. Since his mother was going to die in a gruesome way he thought he would be so grossed out that he’d kill himself.

So his father literally throws her into the hoop and then her neck was twisted and her legs were in a weird position and the father really threw up. I was grossed out when I remembered it. The latest riot was going to the gymnasium because the fans thought he was being help captive. Zayn couldn’t bring myself to commit suicide but then the fans destroyed the whole gymnasium and ended up accidental killing Zayn and his father. Then they ended up stealing things like his clothees, his knife, his shoes, his dead body. In fact, some fangirls were sharing the bits and pieces of his dead body. Gross.

That dream was awful.

I have no idea how my brain came up with this but I was scared of myself the rest of that day.

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