How Our Orchestra Concert Went

We had a concert on May 7th and no one wanted to do it.
Because we all knew we could suck. Ms. Anima insisted though like, “You guys put in so much effort and can do it by the concert today.” Orchestra A and B has agreed that we would be awful.
So let’s start from the beginning by my sight, shall we?

My brother and sister had a soccer practice that day so my mom dropped them off while taking me to the school for the concert. Driving to the dropoff for the concert, my mother went a little too fast and was close to running over Coast.

“SORRY, COAST!” I called out the window. My other sister had to come with me and I had to give her my phone. I was just standing in the front for like 3 seconds before finally walking in. Going into the Orchestra Room equals complete chaos. People were screaming, ‘Missing Shoulder Rest, or bow or instrument or music!!’, practicing their music (most likely out of tune), or just chatting. I was looking for Arco and he looked up the same time I found him and he waved and grinned at me while talking to someone.

I put my case down and was going to open it when I was assaulted. “Yay, you’re here!” Cambiare She came up from the hug, sniffed me and then said, “You smell EXTREMELY GOOD. Like Dreams and rainbows had a beautiful baby.”
“Um, thanks Cambiare.”
“We need to talk in private.” she hissed.
“Ok, then?” She pulled me into a corner.
“I might be jealous of Arco and Impatiens.”
Outside: “Oh, really? Tell me more.”

So then she began ranting, and ranting, and more ranting. My mind had the same reaction as above over and over.

She began like, “My brain says, ‘Forget you, you can be OTP with her (being me) and I’ll be happy sitting with someone else. But then my heart and emotions are still emotionally attached and I think I have a problem.”

I was silent. “Cambiare. I’m saying this because I’m your friend and I am worried. You are emotionally attached to EVERY single one of your ex’s. Even Arpeggio. You really are.”

“I know, but I just- ugh, life’s hard.” She sighed. I silently patted my shoulder for lightly comfort.

Then the situation sunk in way too deep and I was really screaming at myself, “YOU’RE SCREWED.”

We finally left the Orchestra room to tune our instruments. 

My sister was in the front row right in front of Arco and I was dying from embarrassment.

She was waving very extravagantly and mouthing exaggerated, “I. WILL. BE. TAKING. PIC-TURESS.” I was mouthing back to her and it must have looked weird because Arco gave me a, what are you doing?, look.

Embarrassed, I muster, “Nothing, really.”

But then I HAD TO KEEP ON.

“I’m not a weirdo.” He gave me a ‘Riiiiight’ nod before smiling and going back to his cello.


The concert was about to commence and we were nervous wrecks. We did relatively well. If only the violins weren’t pitchy and us violas didn’t have some backwards bows and the cellos weren’t rushing so much. Basses were pretty good though.  I’d give it a 8.78 performance rating. Yet, the adults loved it.

Trey was the next speaker of Music From Frozen. We really screwed this one. There were many backward bows, bad rhythm, weak intonation, ugh it was a giant mess. Do You Wanna Build A Snowman just sounded ugh. Let It Go was out of tune especially with the high notes courtesy of the violins. The First Time In Forever was okay, but we only play a small part of as an intro. I gave it along with Arco’s opinion a 6.45 .

Aria did’t care about the bowings that we changed so she was the only backwards bow. Cellos rushed at the repeat and the violins played a flat somewherebut we did pretty well. And since it’s a Beatle Song, there was VERY HIGH approval from the parents, Arco and I gave a 9.67 .

Themes From Harry Potter was next and Amaryllis spoke and introduced it with the piano. She did awesome at that. We did pretty okay with this piece as well, there was just few intonation errors anyways. The parents liked it though and we gave it a 9.23 .

Wipeout was last and it was a trainwreck as well. Brio introduced this one. Right off the bat, some people were faster than everyone else. By the middle of the beginning there were backward bows and intonation errors everywhere. Some people were still rushing. Then we came to the basses independent play. They were to beat on the basses (yes, they and cellos can do this.) in an IDENTICAL BEAT. HENCE IDENTICAL. Aster and Etude had a specific beat Ms. Anima told them to do since they are the only basses in our orchestra class. This concert screwed the basses over because the 7A basses were beating a WHOLE DIFFERENT RHYTHM than 7B and it just made the basses look bad.

To add to the tragedy, the basses were to spin their basses. They all nearly dropped theirs. Fabulous. Then the violas have this loud part that sounded good. If only WE could get our rhythm together. Some of us were too fast or too quiet. Then we had a glissando (we slide our finger down our strings without ceasing for how long the note is) on our C string which we pulled off pretty great.

Cellos had most of the melody and the violins were decent. Then we had a part to improvise which that part was SUPPOSED TO SOUND ridiculous. then , note ON CUE, we were supposed to play one note. Unfortunately, we played like we had no idea what ON CUE means. That was a 5.23 .

Arco and I walked back together to the Orchestra room but shortly after we left the cafeteria, we stopped at the gym doors. One of the Coaches was laying on the gym floor spread out snow angel style. And little often he’d scream about kids, people or something like that. We left after 10 minutes.
“I told you. Emotionally, and mentsally unstable.”
“Well, I’m sorry I didn’t believe you before Arco. I thought he might have been misunderstood.”
“I don’t know why he came again as a Gym Teacher especially in the 2nd semester.”
“Can you believe the year’s almost over? This was our last 7th grade concert,” I began stuttered, “And we- we just did horrible.”
“It could be worse.”
“True. I’m just kind of disappointed.”
“Well, Mrs. Anima said if we sucked at Music From Frozen, it’s mostly her fault.”
‘Rome wasn’t built in a day. We could be happy we at least had the courage to even have a concert.”
“I’m supposed to be philosophical one here.”
“I guess our roles have changed.” We walked in silence.
“Yeah, I guess. There’s so many things I still haven’t done though that I thought I would have done by now.”
“Like vibrato, I’ll never get my knuckles to be flexible enough.”
He laughed for two seconds before he realized I was serious. “Oh, you’re serious.” I nodded in a sadish way. We got to the Orchestra room which was even more chaotic then the beginning.
I packed my viola inside my case and then he said, “Okay, see my finger.” I nodded.
He moved it back and forth slowly. “See?”
“Yeah, but that’s even complicated for me.”
“Let me see.” I showed him my pathetic excuse for moving fingers.
“Okay, let me help. Pretend my arm is the neck of a cello. Now try.” I tried my best.
“Your fingers really can not move much yet can’t stay still while moving? Wow.”
“See? I’ll be the only one not able to vibrato.”
My sister came in, “Hey. Here’s your phone and I need you for something.”
“Well, I’ll see you later.” I smiled.
“Yep.” he smiled back.

Walking from the Orchestra Concert, my sister smirked and said, “Well, my older sister’s pulling. Or trying to. Never thought I’d see the day.”
“I’m what?”
She sighed, “Getting with it?”
“With what?”
“Sheesh.” I mumbled, “And I wasn’t flirting.”
“Oh, so he’s just your boyfriend?”
“He’s not that either.”

We were sitting around waiting because my mom was still at soccer. So As I was looking at my phone like I had something to do, Arco whispered to me, ‘Remember. Mentally and Emotionally unstable.” he laughed. I snickered (weird. I don’t even.) as I waved bye.

Aster came to join me as she told her parents not to bother coming since we’d suck. She wasn’t wrong. Arpeggio and Cadenza were outside the door and we could hear them alright like I could hear her that afternoon.


That afternoon I was wide awake and perky by the end of 4th academic period. In the middle of the chaos Arpeggio and Cadenza were talking. I just suck around here wanting to ask Cadenza something. Then I got there by the time they were almost done but all I’d heard was, “At our special place tonight, right? Okay then. I’ll see you then.” She said, hi as she was flustered.
“So, um, what was that about?”
“NOTHING.” She said abruptly. I was startled. “I mean, nothing.” she muttered. 
But I knew she was hiding something and if it was what I thought it was…. this would not end well with a number of people.


So Cadenza then left. And Arpeggio was just standing in the doorway. Aster began to interogate, because that’s what Aster does.

And all Arpeggio told her is that their going to their place that they go to every concert.  Aster made a conclusion.

They are secretly dating. Which actually made a lot of sense. In fact, that’s what I was thinking as she screamed nothing.

We hung out some until my other sister came to tell me we’re leaving so then we left.

Aster saw the old orchestra teacher at the 8th grade orchestra MINUTES AFTER I LEFT. I DIDN’T GET TO SEE HIM AT LGPE OR THEN. I’m going to have to wait until next school year. UGHH.

Then I lost my shoulder rest. It must’ve gotten lost in the pandemonium of the Orchestra room. No matter, shoulder rests aren’t expensive. Besides, I wanted a new one anyways.

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