Living The Blonde’s Life: Soak Up The Nature

Living The Blonde’s Life
Soak Up The Nature


I had drifted out of my amazing sleep, feeling amazingly slugggish. I kind of didn’t want to get of bed so I stalled for a minute. I had to mentally fight with myself to go take a warm shower, brush my teeth and hair and then to pick an outfit. The shower water wasn’t the temperature I wanted but at this rate, it was the last thing on my mind. I take a tad slow to brush my teeth because I like to ensure that my breath is fresh and my teeth are pretty clean. Plus, I floss and mouthwash.  I never cared much about fashion, yet, it takes me forever and a half to find something. I feel so bad about this but the thing is, if I set out the day before, I may not be in same mood I was that night to choose what to wear. I mean, I could be happy the night before and now I’m sad. Outfit change is necessary. I felt neither, I was just in the ‘okay…’ mood. It was slightly chilly outside and the wind caressed the Oak tree in my front yard lightly. I was listening to music while applying deodorant.

I was swinging on my favorite gray jacket on top of a pink t-shirt while humming along the current song playing off my phone. When I finally glanced at the small bubblegum pink alarm clock on top of the night table by my bed, I was spraying on cherry blossom perfume. I broke into a cold sweat when I saw the time. It was 8:32 and the bus was coming in 8 minutes. “I knew I shouldn’t have stalled so much!” I yelled to myself. With that, I made an attempt to quicken the pace.

Charlie was already at school. Since he goes to the local high school, he has to be at school by 7:05 am, even 1st period doesn’t begin for him until 7:15. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle waking up at 5-6 something in the mornings, considering how much homework they have to stay up for completion. I usually don’t even hear his bus going by in the morning. That’s when I basically wake up. The high school is even close to our neighborhood, I mean there’s a 5-8 minute trail to get the school from my part of the neighborhood. I guess people get lazy though and ride the buses anyways. Then there’s my bus.

My bus has to be the most chaotic bus I’ve ever been in. Then again, I haven’t been on many buses. There’s yelling, screaming, loud laughing, verbal fights, and overflows that may or may not require people sitting three to a seat. I can’t even imagine those struggles for the people who do that because the seats on it are SO SMALL. The bus adminstartors said they can’t remove any stops from the routes for the rest of the year, so are we to sit and suffer? This isn’t even the bus admins fault, it’s the county’s. Our county and the next two county’s across is highly valued for its education so a lot of people in the state are moving here and there because of it. These constant flow of people around our areas has made the schools very crowded. No one really moves here as much as the other ones because not just this town, the county is surrounding by primarily forestry or other flora. I don’t comprehend why only my bus is exteremely crowded though. When it passes by, it is so LOUD yet the other people at my bus stop and I can constantly confuse pick-ups or other cars for the bus. I don’t know why.

I jumped into my flats and raced to down the staircases. I created my breakfast with cereal, Orange Juice, and a poptart. That’s what I call gourmet. You can’t get better than this. I was chewing on some ‘Cinnamon Toast Crunch’ when I pulled my phone out to check the time. I nearly choked on a few squares as I read 8:43. Just then, I could hear the roar of my my no-good bus pass. I rushed the rest of my food, grabbed my bookbag and instrument with haste and ran out the door. Hair trailing on my face, I saw the bus pass into the col-de-sac. I ran while thinking, “Wow, I am lucky the bus was late today.” The bus passes the col-de-sac before it stops at my bus stop and continues on the street.

“Wow, Leslie’s late.” Lilly muttered, “Just kidding, dude, I’m always late.”
“What a wonderful Thursday.” Constance beamed.

Constance and Lilly were the two other girls at my bus stop. Constance is perky and can over-react sometimes but that’s what makes her hilarious. She’s older than Lilly and I but acts as if she’s way younger sometimes.


One day, there was a worm near her foot and she ran to the other side of the street, hyper-ventilating. Her friend, Alex, was with her to ride the bus with her and went to the other side of the bus stop trying to calm her down  when Constance is so freaking out by a giant worm, she jumps on her friend and they both fell in the grass together. Unfortunately that day, the grass was severely covered dew. Lilly didn’t even want to do it either so I held the worm and gently laid it back into the ground.

Then Constance was walking slowly across the street like she thought the worm was going to jump right out of the grass, bigger and better. In this case, worse. A car was coming so she finally ran to the bus stop which is the driveway of a house. Lord have it, there was another worm. She was screaming and crying so much and went back to the other side of the street again. The mother of the children in the house on the other side of our bus stop came out of her house.

“Ladies, is there an emergency? I hear screaming and crying of pain. Is someone dying?” she asked very concerned. Lilly, Alex, and I began to laugh as we managed a, “No, ma’am. Our friend is just severely afraid of worms.”
“She does know they can’t really hurt  her, right?” she whispered as if she was concerned for Constance’s mental stability.
“We don’t even know anymore, ma’am.” Lilly shook her head.
“Okay then.” the woman glided back into her house.

Eventually, Constance did come back over because the bus was coming.


Lilly’s just plain laid-back. She’s the type of person who would see something happen and then go, “Okay then.” Then continue with their as if nothing has happened. She doesn’t care about most things, she goes about her life like nothing really matters and she can be very sarcastic. Although, her girliness sometimes bleeds through the non-chalant surface called ‘I Don’t Care’.

“Well, at least I got here.” I mumbled. Todd was coming out of his house that was next door. Todd never comes out until the bus passes into the col-de-sac. He never speaks to anyone. It’s almost like he’s in his own little bubble that nothing and no one disturb its balance. Which is the complete opposite of Constance yet she’s older then him by two months. I think Todd’s the maturest out of us all. Perhaps the bubble is clear, has no sound barriers and he’s aware of his surroundings in a sense. I say this because he associates with people only when prompted and usually in a non-verbal way. Now that I think about it, I’ve never heard him actually speak. Now I want to know what his voice sounds like, great.

The bus had stopped in front of our ‘line.’ Mr. Autumns always said, “Good Morning.” to the people who got on the bus. Most people ever said it back, but I one of those people who will always say it back no matter what the mood. Since we were the first stop in our neighborhood, we had more of a choice to sit where we wanted rather than having to battle for a seat in the afternoons. Even in the mornings, I never liked the back. Not for the position, necessarily, but the people there rather. The people there are more of the reason the bus is screwed rather than the new kids. They are the reason why all the troubles occur. Don’t get me wrong, the front isn’t so pristine. Semetimes we’re loud because of like a really funny joke but now it seems like Constance and Alex are the loud ones because they are always reminscing and chuckling loud to the memories.

If I had a choice that day or afternoon, I would usually sit in seat 2 on the right side of the bus so I can get on and get off easily. That’s right, I’m lame. Anyways, sitting there sometimes allowed me to talk to Cecila Bowman in the same seat across. I had known Cecila before Imogen but we kind of spread apart before coming back together over the past two years. In retrospect, I never make new friends really, I just stick with the people I’ve always known. Is that wrong? I never thought it was wrong just anti-social of me. Yet, frankly, socially awkward just defines me.

Imogen was planning on putting her “Lets-make-Liam-Like-me-and-then-date-me-so-i’ll-get-Andrew” idea into action today.

I still wasn’t entirely happy because she wasn’t pure with her intentions. I also had the sneaking suspicion Liam already liked her, but what do I know. I never was into relationships, unlike some other CERTAIN people who have a new boyfriend each month or so.  Don’t get me wrong, I was never jealous of Avalon. She grew up way faster than the rest of us ever had to. Sometimes I even pity her, but I stay going the same pace if not slower than everyone else. I want enjoy youth while we have it, what’s the rush to grow up?

I pondered on this as Mr. Mitchell gave us a morning assignment we filled out. If we filled it all out and got all 3 questions correct, we get a smiley face. If we get two right, you get two eyes and if you get one right, you get one eye. I don’t know what it is about those smiley faces. At the beginning of year, no one really cared. Now it’s nearly the end and now if you DON’T get one, its like a shun. I don’t know how he does it. We usually all spoke during this time but some conversations are louder than others.

Tony was once again arguing or ‘arguing’ a point with Mr. Mitchell about how homework is an inhumane consequence. Of course, he did use those exact words. Tony was always trying to get out of homework and other assignments. Especially in his class where we don’t even have much homework. I wouldn’t know exactly how much he does this considering he’s only in my Homeroom, Social Studies, and Science class. I’m guessing it’s a lot though because it’s become just a riot of everyone, I myself included. It’s hilarious how he’s tries to display a valid point and fails.

I guess I was still in la-la land because Leann Rogers was tapping at my desk. “Imogen wants you for something.”
“What?” I mouthed.
She made all these extra hand movements, “The plan,” she forms an air rectangle or square, “Is on,” she made a wave with her arms, “A roll!” she rotates her arms around each other. I was silently snickering at her exaggerations. Then she inconspicuously pointed and made a thumbs up at Liam who now sits right in front of her due to a seat movement courtesy of Tony. Imogen must really appreciate Tony for being who he is right now.

As for me, I like my seat. I would not like being moved now because I have Leann, Kristie, and Wilma at my table and they are pretty laid back and funny. Plus I’m in the front and it’s easier to see. It can be annoying though, because I’m tall and more often than not, I’m in someone’s way when we’re watching or doing an assignment up on the board. Can I be blamed though? Its not MY fault I was born to be tall. It’s some genetics that seem to run  directly in all parts of my family. We kind of have roles we’ve all agreed on at the table. Literally, we sat at the table talked about what our roles are. Kristie is the artistic, Wilma is the soft-spoken, Leann is the pretty and underestimated, and I’m supposedly the really smart one. Honestly, I can be so forgetful, I’m convinced I’m dumb. I know I’m not but I still feel dumb sometimes. Probably the hair stereotypes trying to sink into my head.

I don’t get how in between rebelling students and teaching Social Studies, Mr. Mitchell teaches us some life lesson that most end up taking for granted. Now the unit was Personal Finance and of course there’s a life lesson that will be embeded within it. Although people like Avalon believe that they are on top because their mother and father are of the highest class in this small inconspicuous town in this inconspicuous state. Therefore, personal finance means nothing because she’s already rich. Which is exactly what she said when we began this unit on Monday. “The b—- has some nerve.” Leann muttered that day.

No one can blame her, we are getting tired of Avalon’s charades. Yet, the guys who say that most likely still want to date her. The girls who think she’s annoying most likely still wants to her. I’m not about that life though, I don’t like attention. Or looking defenseless.


“You see,” Imogen started as we were walking back to Mr. Mitchell’s class, “All we have to do is insure Liam knows who I am. Not just like, ‘Oh, she’s in all my classes’ know me but like, ‘she’s cool, we hang out sometimes’ know me.”
“Yes, we. Do you want my love life to become obliterated?”
“I suppose not. But he already knows who you are, you do realize that right?”
“Wait, what? No, no, no, no. Leslie, you have to ask him about me to make sure.”
“What? Imogen, are you sure you want to go about like this?”
“Uh, if I want Andrew to be my husband, h— yes.” I never understood her obsession with Andrew. I mean, I know she likes him but the things she’s doing for their ‘relationships behalf’ is getting plain messed up. Nevertheless, I still went like a best friend and approached Liam.
“Hey…, Liam.” i began with an uncertain tone.
“Um, hey Leslie. What’s up?” He continued while putting some books into his locker.
I decided to go blunt, “What do you think of Imogen?”
“Imogen? In this school, Imogen?”
“Yes…” In my mind, I said, “What other Imogen do you know of?!”
“Well, she’s really creative, um, smart,” he clucked his tongue, ” really cool and well, pretty I guess.” He got up from his locker and swept his brown hair out of his face, “Why?”
I had to think of an excuse, “Um, she, ah. I wanted to collect opinions of her and then show it to her for her 1/8 way birthday.”
” When’s that?”
“Uh, tomorrow.”
He looked at me for a few seconds before he shrugged, “Well, I’ll wish her a good one, I guess. Bye, Leslie.” He walks off and then somehow Imogen glided by my side and whispered, “How’d it go???” I was startled for two seconds before I managed to shakily say, “Well, you have a 1/8th birthday this year. It’s tomorrow.”
“I’m sorry, okay.”
“Does he think I’m crazy?”
“He didn’t say.”
“Okay so I’m partially in the clear. Then what did he say?”
“You were creative.”
“And then what did he say?”
“That you’re smart.”
She laughed, “Was he serious?”
“I think so.”
“Oh. And then what did he say?”
“You’re really cool.”
“And then…..”
“That you’re pretty, he guesses.”
“And then… Wait, he GUESSES?”
“Yeah….. ANd he didn’t say anything after that.”
“Well, at least he said I was pretty.” She considered while I sighed. “When should I ask him out? Now?”
“No, wait until tomorrow. It will be a great 1/8 brithday present.”
“Friend, you are something else.”
“Oh, I know.”

I sat into my seat being bored and twittling my pencil. While doing that, I looked up to see that Imogen giving me another thumbs up. Forgetting that I had a pencil and was twittling it, I was raising my had to give one back and my pencil flew baxkwards. Seeing that Imogen covered her face like, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, I knew where it ends up, it would not be good. I heard a scream of pain asnd I was just hoping it wasn’t Avalon. Yet, I already knew it was.
“MY FACE!” She shrieked, “YOUR STUPID PENCIL HIT MY FACE.” Everyone went silent real quick.
“Well, Avalon, I’m really sorry. It was an accident and-”
“ACCIDENT? YOU RUINED MY FACE AND IT WAS AN ACCIDENT?” She continued feeling her face.
“Well, I hardly ruined your face.’
“LIAR!” Mr. Mitchell finally came in after discussing grades with Mrs. Kirkland and wondered what happened. Out of my peripherals I saw Avalon applying make-up and saying, “Leslie threw a pencil on my face and gave me this!” She ponited to a line she had applied with makeup. I wasn’t going to lie, it looked really real.
“LIES.” Leann, Wilma, Imogen, and Liam testified.
“We JUST seriously saw her to put on make-up to look like that.” Leann said.
“The pencil barely hit her, she’s over-reacting.” Liam rolled his eyes.
“OKay well, Leslie be more careful with your pencil and Avalon, calm. down. In fact, this would have happened if you were sitting down like most other people in my classroom right now. Now have a seat.” I was served with icy-blue eyes during the rest of dismissal.

“I’m screwed.” I thought.


“Leslie, are you ready to go?” Charlie shouted from downstairs.
“Well, almost!”
“Hurry up, Mia will be here soon!”

I was trying my best to change into a more casual look. So I put on some capris, t-shirt, sneakers and put my hair in a pony tail. Running down the stairs, Charlie was holding both our bikes.
“Why are we biking?”
One, I felt like and two, you seem like you’ve had a bad day and biking will help relieve your stress.” he sing-songed.
“Well, now I need my helmet.”
“Already got it.” He flinged its shiny self at me which I managed to catch it.

A ring of the door followed, and we set outside with Mia trailing behind us with her bike. Traveling with a bike really makes the world pass by in a blur. It’s nice to see all the green though. EWven though there would be more green when wwe reached our destination which was only 18 minutes biking time. It goes so much quicker when you’re in the car but you miss more things that way. Plus, Charlie was right, I was calming down.

“So how’s Liam, Mia?” Charlie asked.
“Well, introverted as always. But that’s my brother for you.” Mia was only older then Liam and I by 2 years but she treats me as if I’m her sister. Which is nice because I’ve always wonder what life would be if I had an older sister instead of an older brother. I still love Charlie though but sometimes he just can’t relate. Plus, mom’s so busy so I need a female to look up to sometimes. Sometimes Mia says her fiery spirit comes from her scarlet hair or sometimes that the red hair comes from her spirit. She’s never really decided on one.

WE finally passed the sign that said, “Tunnel Berry Park” and I knew we were getting close. Basially every Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of each week, Charlie, Mia, sometimes Liam, and I go to Tunnel Berry Park and head to Tunnel Berry Woods to checck out nature and/or help clean it up. We used to do this with Mom, but she got busy to do any longer.

I sighed as Charlie exclaimed, “See? Sometimes we just have to soak up the nature because techology can’t give us everything.”

So we got to work but shortly after, I saw a boy by his lonesome reading a medium-sized book on the wooden bench close to our clean-up efforts. While looking back and forth between the two, I decided to approach the boy instead of helping.


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