A Cover…

Hey, girlies. I now realize that a cover maybe needed for my story, Living The Blonde Life. Who knew? Anyways, I have absolute NO cre

ative juices left in me to create one myself. Not that I’m lazy, I just have way too many ideas Floating in my head that I feel as if I grab one more, an important one will leave me. AND I HATE IT WHEN I FORGET STORY IDEAS.

Yeah, so I need a cover, PLEASEEE WITH CHERRIES ON TOP.

I’d preferably like it with a blonde having her hair blown in her hair in such a way in covers her face at the least 1/4 of it. I say this because I haven’t found any good photos yet. I think I’d like the title at the top and the author name “Socially Awkward Turtle” as a subsciprt at the bottom of the title. I haven’t decided on a font though.

Can anyone help me? I promise your actions won’t go unrewarded. Just make the reward realistic, I mean I can’t send you cookies although I COULD use virtual ones. Hm….


No, that’s crazy.

Help. I need somebody….
Help. Not just anybody…..
Help. I’m gonna need someone…

Sorry, Beatles references get me going.

Yeah, so if anyone can helo that will be great and THANKS!

Float In The Cyber Space!


10 thoughts on “A Cover…

      1. 1) If I try making it on Pic Collage, it can’t upload on my Mac.
        2) If I try to post a file on wordpress, it will say they don’t accept that file, thanks to my freckin’ mac -_-

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