How The 7B Award Ceremony Went

We had an award ceremony at school for our team on May 13th and honestly that whole day was so freaking amazingly shocking and…. I can’t even.

Especially with this morning.

That morning was a casual one except for the fact everyone was dressed fancy. You know, I saw Arco come in once that morning. He had a hoodie on and then he left. I was confused but I kept sitting there reading and listening to the announcements. Near the end of the moment of silence, someone came back in. I can even say it was Arco because I knew doesn’t usually wear a uniform. But there he was.
In his Boy Scout Uniform Buttonup. I was done. I was just dying from the feels and honestly I never reacted the way I did in my life. I think I REALLY like guys in uniforms now.
The class was shocked that he WASN’T wearing a hoodie, and then clapped. EVERYONE IN THAT ROOOM CLAPPED, WHILE I WAS DYING FROM FEELS ALSO CLAPPING. In fact, everyone was so invovled that we forgot to the Pledge Of Allegiance so we all got up after to do it ourselves XD. The Award Ceremony started 5 minutes into 1st period so we went down the stairs on our way.

“So, why are you wearing that?” I asked trying to act non-chalant.
“Well, the boy scouts have say to the Pledge Of Allegiance while raising the flag. Plus my dad made me. But I have my hoodie right here so I’ll just put it on afterwards.” Arco replied.
“Well, you look nice.”
‘Thanks, you too.”
Then a lot of people go up to him asking the same questions. All the same, we walked in and sat at the last table because the others were packed.

The Awards starts with Buttercup and Tern giving a speech about our classes and our teachers. Speaking of that part, Tern said, “The wonderful Science teacher Ms. Attacca,” And then everyone burst out laughing except me. Well, until Arco nudged my arm and teasing, “You know its funny.”
“It’s not!”
“It’s funny.”
“Not even a little?”
“Well, I guess… No, it’s not funny.” I laughed because I nearly did say it was.

Mrs. Crow announced, “Now we’ll have our Boy Scouts say the Pledge Of Allegiance.” I watched as they went up there and hold the ginormous American Flag while facing away from the crowd. Only bene wasn’t wearing his uniform or holding the flag and he said The Pledge Of Allegiance as we all stood and stated it with him. They stood the flag back up as they went to their seats.
“Was it heavy?”
“Not really. But when you have the support of 3 other guys, you can’t really gauge it for yourself.”
“I guess…”
We kind of just sat in silence for two minutes. Then he took off his button-up and put on his hoodie instead.

(XD I was just proof-reading this post and I look at this part and realize I didn’t go into my words well enough. He had a T-shirt under the button-up. XD Just thought I should clear that up.)

“Hey, can I see your book?” Hyssop asked me.
“Yeah, sure.” She read the back of it, looked back and forth at me and then gave it to Cadenza and they did the same thing. You see, on the back of A Midsummer Tights Dream there’s an excerpt where when Charlie kisses Talullah and what he said afterwards. I would be weirded out as well if I didn’t already know that the series wasn’t really about that.
“Um, okay then.” they scooted the book back to me.

The Connection Teachers began giving awards for the students who do and act exceptionally well in their classes. Which is why I was shocked when I didn’t get any. I have a 98 in Orchestra and a true 100 in Spanish. Yet, Yarrow has a 86 in Spanish and she gets one? But I wasn’t upset and I clapped graciously anyhow.

They then called the RAMS students for this semester which means one has Respect, one has Academic Acheivement, one has Motivation, and the last has Support for others. I never get those so I watched before going back to reading. The counselor came to our table more than once because of Coast, Lake, and Bight since they were CONSTANTLY talking.

Then they began to call the kids who were in the Duke TIP program that if you did our didn’t know I was a part of. They called the kids who got the 90 PERCENT highest grades on the ACT or SAT and were invited to ceremony in Cochran, Georgia. And if you did or didn’t already know, I got a 32 on the ACT which is out of 36. They gave us a certificate. So they stopped and began to say something else, which is when I got nervous.

“We are pleased to announce that among these students one was invited to the Grand Ceremony at Duke University on the 18th because they had one to the  4% highest grades out of the whole state.” They paused and everyone whispered about how it was me.

And it was.
I knew it.

They screamed my name and all the girls began jumping but then stopped because we were standing on stands. I made my way out and they had this GIANT TROPHY FOR ME and another certificate. Like HUGE. The clapping got louder and the people at my table were standing and clapping louder than anyone I could tell. Arco yelled, “YEAH!” and risking people looking at him (because he hates attention) kept clapping as if he was proud of me.

That was the most…. extraordinary feeling. Then this happened…

( Feels: You know what would make it better?
Me: What?
Feels: If he was your boyfriend. *suffocates me*

The trophy was a bit lofty, I’ll give it that. And I couldn’t find my way back so I stood at the front while people were whispering “Congrats.” But L\Ocean always has to be different, “So do you like having a trophy?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Does it feel fun?”
I was smiling really big now, “Yeah.”

I walked back to my seat and everyone was clamoring. 
Brio smiled, “Wow, nice job.”
“Good job.” Someone added.
“Great job.” Cadenza said.
“You go, girl.” Hyssop beamed.
“I want that trophy.” Lake whispered.
“The trophy is mine, b—-.” Coast laughed.
“Guys, It belongs to me, be jealous b—–.” Bight laughed as well.
Willow thumbed up me saying, “See? You ARE the best!”
Arco stared at me for a few seconds before, “She is, isn’t she? You are really are something else.”
I mentally giggled before saying, “Thanks everyone. This thing’s pretty big, though.” Then I mentally slapped myself and wondered what something else meant.
“Yeah.” they agreed.

I began reading again. Arco asked me why I was reading now. I told him there was an intermission because of an event in the cafeteria.
“Are you still going to listen in case they call you again?”
“I can multi-task.”
“Do you ever grow tired of the awards and trophies?”
” No but then again this is my first trophy.”

I was called up again for going to the State Geographic Bee, but I was confused if they actually called my name because Arco and I were tilting our heads at each other. I got two certificates once again one from school and one from National Geographic.

I sat back to see Arco clutching my trophy yet he was sleeping. How? I have no idea.
I slowly tried to pry it for his hands but two seconds, he wakes up, “Who stole the trophy?”
“The owner.” I waved.
“Oh, cool. Wake me up when this is all over. I know I’M not going to win an award. You know me I don’t have the best grades especially in Science so why stay up?”
“Okay.” I wondered.

Then they began calling All A’s and I wasn’t in this one because I had an 89 in LA. I boosted it up that last Friday but nooo. But then Willow’s grade gets bunped up to a 90 but not mine.
–__ –

I got All A’s and B’s instead. Anyways, I didn’t get Perfect Attendance either because of the State Geography Bee and the thing is if Milledgeville wasn’t so far, I would have been able to go school.

They also called the special awards. These awards are for students that have highest grades over 95 in each subject. So I got the Conquistador (Social Studies) for my 98 in his class and the Mad Scientist (Science) for my 94? I guess because our class my 94 is the highest grade in her 3rd period so I guess it was like 86 or higher for us since Ocean got and he has an 86 in her class. Ms. Crow began saying the Math special awards and we heard Impatiens. Of course we all clapped (except for Arco because he was sleeping and I think she noticed) not only to be polite because we HAD to if you what I mean.
“If she gets one, I should be able to as well.”Coast said.
“You know what?” Henry asked.
“We should have a Leap or ‘Probe’ award. ” Lake suggested. We all agreed immediately.
“We never get noticed.” Coast added.
“We are the most advanced of our grade.” Bight added.
“We’re doing like the end of average 11th grade math, why shouldn’t we have an award?” Willow inquired.
I didn’t want to say anything nonmodest (if its not a word it is now.) so I said, ” I guess we should get one. It’s too late now, though. ” We all concurred with that.

Then we heard Mrs. Crow call Arco’s first name and we all say, “What?”
“He gets one but not me?” Coast asked.
“Coast, chill.” Willow told him as we all watched in wonder as to how he got an award. As he said, He doesn’t have the best grades.

“Wake up, buddy! You got something!” I shook him awake which didn’t take him long before he realized the situation and got up there.

I closed Bight’s gaping mouth and I clapped really loud anyways. Unfortunately, it was the BEST IDEA to put him next to Impatiens. She clinged on until they had to get down.

He ran his hand through his hair as he sat down. He was just staring at it the whole time before Lake took it from him said, “Let me see this.”

“Hey.” I started.
“You tired, huh?”
“You got an award actually. You feel great?”
“Yeah, considering it’s my first award.”
“You had to know if I wasn’t any good here, I wasn’t much of any good in Elementary school either.. I got what would pass me by. You know I don’t like school.”
“Yeah, but hey,” Willow handed me the award, “This,” I held as if it was mine, “Is great. How did you not know you do good in Math?”
I handed it to him and he just shrugged.
“Hey, where is your dad?”
“Most likely not here. He also knows I’ve never won anything. Boy, will he have a heart attack..”

“That concludes our Team 7B CEREMONY!” the announcers yelled.

We all dispersed faster than you can say butterscotch. I went to Lily and Daffodil.
“Hey!” They yelled. We all jumped in a circle before I nearly dropped my certificates.
“How many awards did you get?” Lily asked.
“7, with this medal and trophy, 9!”
“Yes!” Daffodil high-fived me.

Daffodil’s mom took a picture of us awardless and then with our awards. We went over to Aria who was chasing Arpeggio because he had her camera.
“Hey, I need some help!” Aria pointed out. While Arpeggio wasn’t paying attention, Lily took it his hands saying, “Well, that was easy.”
I felt a tap on my shoulder and I was going to turn around but then Arpeggio asked, “How come you got the trophy?” I narrowed my eyes. Even when I do him favors, he’s still a blue raspberry sherbet!

“Because she accomplished something big, she’s smart, and she’s going places.” I heard Arco say. I turned around to see Arco holding my trophy once again. 
“You ought to not leave it on the table, is what I was going to tell you.” he handed it to me, “Or something may happen to it.”
“Thanks, friend. Hey, can you actually watch it for me and  my certificates? I’m going to get some refreshments.”
“You mean, food and drinks? Sometimes, you’re too formal for your own good. But I’ll watch it.”
“Thanks, friend!” Lily and Daffodil and I got some refreshments and sat at the end of a table enjoying our donuts. I heard, “She’s really smart.” and I turned around to see Arco talking to some people who were asking about the trophy. 

“Someone’s pink.” Daffodil remarked.
“Really? Am I?”
“Yep.” Lily agreed.
“Wow, okay.”

We actually stayed longer than we were supposed to. We were only to be there until 10:30 but we were there until 10:49. That’s when the 6th graders were about to roll in.

All in all, I felt really good about that day and the trophy is still my room standing tall.

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      1. I wish I could have a few friends as guys, but as I said, there are only a few guys I get along with and I talk to them like twice a year.

      2. Ugh, I mean we were just laughing our heads off but I never see him ever so I don’t know if it’s friends or not so it’s annoying.

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