Outsiders Day/Yearbook Signings

On this week Monday, we had a The Outsiders day where we dress as a character, a group of people, a Soc or a Greaser. Note we could dress as a group of people now you know me. I’m eccentric, awkward, and unique. I originally wanted to dress as a Greaser but EVERYONE or mainly everyone was going to be a greaser. So I thought I could be a friendly Soc like Cherry. But the other part of the Student Body was going as them. I was torn. Bt then after reading the story over and over, I have discovered a group that everyone has overlooked.

The Middle Class.

In My Opinion, I think the middle class are actually important, if you think about it, being the ones in the middle. They keep the town of Tulsa, Oklahoma from going into full nysterics and chaos. They are the leveling factor to the scale. If they weren’t there, nothing would keep the Socs from gettting the Greasers all the time. They are mild-mannered too so props to them.

So let’s clap for the middle class. You’ve done good.

In a group chat, we had an argument about the relevancy of the Middle Class in The Outsiders but we went to a stalemate. Arco just sat there like, “I don’t really get what’s going on but I’m going to mention points that add to both sides.”

The Middle class is your average people who wear whatever, whenever but they were common things. So I wore an outfit that made me look very Plain Jane, Willow named it.

Everyone said I had to choose a side and so I answered plainly, “I chose the middle class.”

Then everyone in homeroom began the discussion of Soc vs. Middle Class vs. Greaser.
Some people got SO serious about it, so here’s how Mr. Grouse started class, “No matter what you dressed up as, you ALL are middle class citizens.”

“Yeah, so you didn’t dress up.” Hyacinth pointed put.
“I dressed up alright, as plain as a white t-shirt. Do you know how much work I had to do make myself look plain? I never dress plain.”
“Okay then.”

Other people either agreed, became, or laughed about the middle class.

Originality: Level Expert

“Well, do you want to choose a side?” Arco questioned.
“I already did: middle class.”
“I mean like either Soc or Greaser.”
I didn’t really give it much thought. ” Um, I guess Greaser because they are misundertsood and the Socs are a little less misunderstood. And I don’t know.”
“I know you wanted to be middle class, but your outfit kind of edges to a Soc.”
“Kind of.”
“I’d become a Soc for you though.” He got up.
“Or develop a secret Soc, Greaser friendship.” I suggested.
He just laughed, “Just don’t give  it too much thought. You do you. Even though the middle class thing kind of irks me little for unknown reasons.”
I nodded.

I think I might have overdone it when I began thinking about upper middle class, middle, middle class and lower middle class.

During 3rd period, we had Yearbook signing and let me tell you now, that experience was traumatic. There was FAR TOO MANY 7TH GRADERS FOR ONE HALLWAY. Everyone was squished and it was all congested at the front of the math and science teachers doors. Plus, something was off with Earth’s axis because Impatiens was legitmately nice too everyone, like there was a switch in her for like an hour.

Of course all good things don’t last forever because by the end of 4th period, she was digging her nails into Arco’s leg saying, “Let me love you!”
“Impatiens, get off.”

I had to get Aria on her.

So I got a lot of well-wishing notes in my yearbook plus a surprise signaturer who was signing EVERYONE’S yearbook. Arco actually signed my yearbook twice with the XD such and his name. That was a reference to the beginning of the year. SO in response (I actually planned [Weird, right?] this),

Waffle Waffles Waffles,
P.S. Don’t be a Blue Raspberry Sherbet
-You know who it was

Yes, I literally signed it LIKE THAT, with the you know who it was too.

“What is a Blue Raspberry? It’s the end of the year, and I STILL don’t know what it means!”
“Arco,” I put my hand on his shoulder “A Blue Raspberry Sherbet is whatever you want it to be.” I lied.
“No, no, no. I didn’t wonder what that meant to for that answer. What does it really  mean??”
“I can’t tell you.” as I hopped away into the crowd.

I signed his yearbook again during the science teacher was talking.
“The prehistoric dinosaur won’t say anything useful anyways.”

So I signed it:

Wafflw Waffles Waffles, Waffle Waffle.
P.S. Don’t be a Blue Raspberry Sherbet, but keeping A Parasiteman. Whichever.
-Rainbows, with socially awkward turtles.
–You know who it was.

He just stared and then smiled. And just kept smiling.

I think I put him in a really good mood.

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