The Letter I Wrote To My 8th Grade Self For LA

Hey, girlies. So for the last day, my language arts teacher made us write a letter to our 8th grade self that we will recieve at 8th grade Day next year. I cherished this idea and I probably won’t be able to find this post again unless I went searching for it so I’ll let you read it. This is 100% me.

Let’s jump in.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

How you doing? I imagine you’re doing well in Beta Club and have All A’s All year. Your academic acheivements will go high, I promise. Maybe you’ll earn perfect attendance as well.

Here’s the eager questions: Do you have a boyfriend? Is Ginger still Ginger? Is Arco and Impatiens still together? Has anyone in our group have had a boyfriend yet? Have you had your period? How’s blogging? If you have a boyfriend, who is it? Have you gotten in any trouble? How’s writing? DID YOU LOVE THAT YEAR?!

I hope you did. My language arts teacher said it supposed to be fun.

If you still haven’t had a boyfriend, no matter. You’re fabulous. I hope you never have a tragic heartbreak. I hope you never feel ashamed of who you are.

No matter what you’ve done, you’re great.

DO NOT CHANGE YOURSELF FOR ANYONE. I love you the way you are.

Arco’s probably the same Blue Raspberry Sherbet. (Tell him that, would you?) Do I still like him? Most likely, but no matter.

You ARE still blogging, right? Your blog family has been very good to you, so far. XD Just Kidding. Be The Peacemaker still. Lish and Lizzie are still funny, hyper and crazy, right? Tell Karla boy issues shouldn’t get her down. Bridget should have the most fun she can. Aina should STILL be a gamer. Welcome Virginia. Auburn should still be great. THEY ARE THE BEST.

We all aren’t going to change much in one year. Right?

Don’t let hormones ruin your life. XD

So hey, this year should have been good. I bet high school will be better (Or under the impression of Degrassi, dramatic). Stay original, blogger, reader, writer, dreamer, violist, poet, WACKY Socially Awkward Turtle.

With Lots Of Love,
The 7th grade Socially Awkward Turtle,
Me. You. Us? Us.

P.S. The reason this is short is because the language arts teacher only let us have one sheet of colored paper…

Float In The Cyber Space.


20 thoughts on “The Letter I Wrote To My 8th Grade Self For LA

    1. Oh, you’re right! I’m so sorry I forgot to put your name in. Don’t worry Amy, I won’t forget you. I’ll edit the letter when I get it back a year from now. You count as the blogging family though and you have in fact have been very kind and nice to me, and thanks so much.

    1. At first I read Ms. Lewis as Mr. Lewis, and I was like OMG DO YOU GO TO MY SCHOOL OR SOMETHING and then I was liek…. wowowowow I really am stupid.

  1. Omg the letter is so well written that your 8th grade self would love it. And the idea is amazing except I tried it and put it in a bottle and dug it into the ground. Lol. Then I couldn’t find it. 😦

    1. Thanks! Lol XD Maybe write the letter and then have someone like your parents to hold it for you like in a closet or somewhere you wouldn’t find it. Except that would work for me because I can find most things.

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