My Last Day As A 7th Grader

You know, this year’s been fun. Through the struggles, I can 100% say that this year had to be one of the best ones. May 21th was my last day and I felt so awful NOT going to school yesterday.

I walked in school with my purse, nervous because I didn’t know what to except and awkward because no one was allowed to bring a bookbag so I brought a purse to school with a book, paper, pencils, perfume (I don’t even know how that got in there, it wasn’t necessary), glasses spray and a glue stick. I literally brought a glue stick but not scissors. And the thing is that yesterday, SCISSORS WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY USEFUL. Like there was absolutely NO USE for the glue. Let’s clap for my luck.

I was suspicious about something though. On a group chat, Bight said  that he was going to do something that he never had the courage to do the rest of the year. If I haven’t already told you… it’s time for 411 on Bight and Cadenza.

A while ago in a chat with him and Cadenza, we were playing truth or dare and then, I don’t know if this was on purpose or by accident, he said he was in love with Cadenza. Then things got awkward, then I became the third wheel who knows everything about them. He keeps saying like he loves her, she’s the reason he wakes up, la di la di da. So one day, in the big group chat we were doing would you rathers and it became just Cadenza and I being active.

So thinking that it was the chat with only the three of us, he answered “Would you rather be able to persuade people’s minds or Read them?” by saying, “Persuade so I can make Cadenza fall in love with me.”

We were like, “Um, you do know this is the big group chat?” ….. followed before a message reading, “SH–, SH–, SH–, SH–.”

Now everyone in that chat knows that. And he said he needs final courage to do something so I thought he was going to ask her out. Another point to make is, why do we say going out? At my age in my small town, we hardly GO ANYWHERE so like… is school where you have your dates, I mean? I don’t mean to be a Negative Nancy on love but…. I’m still kind of ticked about the Truth about a One Night Stand thing. I might be sarcastic too…

For Social Studies and Homeroom,we didn’t get to sit free seat but you know it was fine. To me, other people went into an uproar about it. And to make things worse, Mr. Grouse put a trick question on our final Daily Opener.

Here it goes: We had to identify the country, simple enough it was the United States. Then the 1st question was: What country’s current president is Barack Obama? Easy again, the United States. Then the last question was the trick one: What country is the best in the world? Most people either answered North Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, The Us or Australia. The most was North Korea, I myself incLuded.


Because in class we constantly tease North Korea and their standards of living. In fact, a running joke is: “NORTH KOREA, BEST KOREA!” Then I only got two eyes meaning something was wrong. Then I realized he wanted the USA. Then he came back agaun to give me a giant smiley face to end the year. To add to the uproar, people began talking about what country they thought was best.

We got to create our own country with the group of our choice so Pansy, Hyacinth, and I stayed where we were. We checked our grades during this which was great and then I had a mini dance party and my desk kind of…. fell? Everyone stared, and I HATE attention.

I was talking to Hyssop and then Surge mentioned the One Night Stand thing. Even though I’m sure Arco read it by now, its still embarrassing. Coast and Coperti actually made a country that they presented as Kanye. Oh, you should know where they were going with this. The alphabet went, “Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye is a god, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye is the messiah, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye thinks Beyonce wins everything, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye is the best, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye is better than you, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye is far more powerful than Zeus, Kanye, Kanye, Kim. They said Kim as in Kim Jong-Un, the dictator of North Korea and we all burst out laughing.

In Language Arts, we made a poster for her classes’ next year class with hashtags that give advice for what to expect from her class. Then we did the letter to ourselves that I wrote about in another post while listening to music. She said that we made her first year of teaching fanastic but we can be too much sometimes. And the screwed up thing is that she was trying to have a heart to heart with us and some heartless, talkative people kept interrupting her the whole way through. I don’t think they even comprehend that she’s having a lot of emotional stress because of us and her nieces and nephews and she’s getting married and that’s REALLY stressful. Like can you people stop talking for once when she’s saying something meaningful.

During lunch I was beginning to mope. Like I don’t even know why I just began saying things like, “This will be the last time I ever eat lunch here as a 7th grader.” I think ideas just got me down. Aster wasn’t there to rationalize and our last conversation in cafeteria as 7th graders ended up being about stress and hormones. Which is why I included hormones in my letter when we got back from lunch to 2nd period.

For Spanish, we didn’t really do anything. We were taking pictures, watching people outside, typing up a new poem, part of our book, writing a new posts… (me), and a plethora of other things. Most people were out of control while Mr. Firth just on his computer. He said we could write something on the board so I wrote that I enjoyed his class and then Amaryllis said, “I still don’t like this class, BYEEEE -Amaryllis.”

During Orchestra, we talked about how on the field trip (I’ll write a post on that as well, I’m behind on telling you about my life…) , the piece we heard wasn’t actually Scheherazade. It was the pieces of the Cinderella ballet sequences. So we could have stayed longer instead of getting back to school at around 9:30. We actually wanted to hear more but Mrs. Anima said we had to go back to the school.

While she was talking, I turned around to see Aria and Arpeggio holding hands, like seriously. Coda saw it too and then freaking out expression wise. She wanted to take a picture but she couldn’t because Mrs. Anima said we couldn’t use our devices until she was done. So then we were allowed to use our devices. I ended up taking pictures with Cadenza, Coda, Bergenia, and Petunia because they all maybe moving next year. Then someone photobombed most of them. We also took a picture all together with Ginger, Creek, Aria, Arpeggio and Coast.

Then Aria wanted me to record her and Coast dancing in an odd way but I did anyways.

For Science, we did the Marshmallow Challenge. What it is is a challenge where we have 20 sticks of pasta and a yard of tape and a yard of string and a marshmallow. The objective is to build the tallest, free standing tower without having it fall and having the marshmallow on top. Let’s just say that my group failed MISERABLY.

My group was the ONLY group that didn’t have a standing tower. We just failed horribly.

During Science, however, we had to take a break to get out into the hallway. We were having an 8th grade walk, where the graduating 8th graders walk down the hallway being showered in admiration and applause and joy. Some of them were even crying. I was waving, high-fiving, and hugging some of the eighth graders I knew. Meanwhile, I was having a “I can be taller than you” game with Arco, despite the fact that I was already naturally taller than him and my boots just elevated my height by at least 1/2 an inch. Yet, we still did it. We’re nut jobs. So as it unexpectedly turned out, Arco’s group won the marshmallow challenge AND  they built the tallest tower all day. AND Arco came up with the tower design.

River actually said, “Come again?”
“WHAT?!” Everyone else screamed. I was just silent. My whole group was. It seemed like no one believed that Arco possibly accomplish something academically right in Ms. Attacca’s class especially because he hates her. I thought it was kind of rude to generalize someone like that, even though I was sort of swayed that way once or twice. Ms. Attacca couldn’t believe it because she went,

“He came up this? HIM?!”

His groupmates nodded as she draped her arm over him for him to remove it gently and put back to her side.
“Um, well, congratulations…. Arco.” She swallowed as that have to be the third time she called him by his name this year. 

“Well, we learned something.” Bergenia piped.
“What?” Sharon sighed, defeatedly.
“None of us could ever be architects!” Bergenia laughed as we joined in, how odd how we were the fails but were having the time of our lives while the winners just kind of stared at what they made or he made.

 Mrs. Crow made us go on  a gallery walk doing equations for next year. And as the class ended, she had GIANT packs of candy and said we could choose two. I choose Mike and Ike’s and Skittles. I’m still eating some Mike and Ike’s Berry Blast as I type. By the way, Peach tastes like Peaches rolled in sugar several times and IT’S REALLY GOOD.

The homeroom had to be the most ridicolus part of this day. So I walk in and everyone’s taking pictures and selfies and I LITERALLY had to stop, drop, and roll to get by. I went to the most vacant corner of the room where Willow, Hyacinth, and Arco were standing around.
“Hello, my peoples.” I beamed.
“Hey.” Arco said while looking at Hyacinth’s phone. 
“Hi.” Hyacinth said while preparing to take a selfie.

“Hello.” Willow was occupied with her phone., “Wait, come take this selfie with me.”
“YES! COME ON!” I fixed my hair while muttered how selfies could get annoying yet I smiled.
“Come take one with me!” Hyacinth gestured and pulled me over while Willow took one with Arco.
“Want to take one in spite of the situation?” I asked A.
“Sure.” I pressed the button, “Thanks anyways.” He continued.

He held my copy of Conquistador, “Thanks.” as he zipped away. 
“ARCO!!!” I ran after him while Willow and Mr. Grouse watched and she said,

“See, Mr. Grouse? They are the ULTIMATE OTP.”
“They seem to like each other a lot.”
“But he’s making her chase him.”
“That’s the point.”
She sighed and then rolled her eyes and muttered, “Men.”

I stood thinking for a few seconds and finally figured out what has been happening the past few days.

“IT’S ALL A REFERENCE TO THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR!” my brain yelled. And he was finishing the final reference with the absolute beginning of it all. He past by and and the copy was in my hand.
“You finally got it, didn’t you?” He asked.

I couldn’t possibly know what he was talking about but yes applied to both so I said “Uh-huh.” in a daze. 

“Hey, I wonder how much net worth this would have.” He held my tablet.
“ARCO!!!” I was chasing him once again and then I tripped and I accidentally kicked him in the leg. “Oh my, are you okay?”
“I’m always okay.” Irony is that he broke his leg that afternoon…. Sorry?

“Hey, random selfie time!” Bight yelled.
“Oh no, you don’t.” I hid behind my purse while my hair was a mess.  Yet, he got a picture of him, Arco and I guest starring my purse.

Then he just stopped, put the tablet down, and put on the box by him.
“Hello..” He saluted while marching about with it on.
“Arco…” I couldn’t finish because I was laughing.
“Arco, do you really want to look stupid?” Stack inquired while removing the box from his head.
“Yeah?” Brio agreed.
“Dude, I look stupid on my own, the box just adds to it.”

Mr. Grouse’s daughter was watching him. Then he realized and watched her too. This went on for like 10 seconds before she says, “Can I have the box?”

“Yeah, wait.. ” He narrowed his eyes and raised both eyebrows quickly in a joking manner, “What do you need it for?”

“I want to take my dollies TO THE MOON.”

“Oh. You do you, kid, have fun before end up in this jail cell.” he saluted.

“Wait, I don’t have my DOLLIES.” She said.

“Hold up,” he walked over to me, “Can I use your pencils and markers to play as dollies with her?”

“Here.” I tossed them and watched incredulously at what I was seeing as his son and Brio was discussing sports and how Brio was better than Messi. Riiiight.

“Wow, he’s really good with kids. I wonder…” the feels took care of the rest.

Arco got up,”Well I’ll see you around.”

I remembered that Arco and Mr. Grouse lived in the same neighborhood. Maybe that was a factor. His bus was here and I stopped him before he left.

“Hey, you take care yourself this summer, silly goose. Hopefully, I’ll see you next year.” I smiled as I ruffled his hair.

“Yeah, you do the same, you awkward turtle.” he ruffled my hair too and winked.

We were just beaming at each other until Aria passed by and dragged him with her saying, “Okay. Have a great summer you two.”

She was watching me now. “I got a plate, want to play frisbee?”
She nodded very hard.

As we were playing, she asked me, “Hey, do you and the boy like each other? Because my cousin says when two people like each other they become boyfriend and girlfriend and then they get married like Mommy and Daddy and then a stork drops people down to them.”

I crouched and grinned at her, “You know? The most beautiful thing about life is that some things are a mystery.”

“Like how that sharpie’s in your hair?”

“Precise- WHAT?” I felt about my hair until until I found my blue sharpie in my hair.

“ARCO!!! Ugh, I hate him.”

“You do?” She asked.

“No, I don’t mean it, sometimes.” I smiled as twittled the sharpie within my hands.

Then Ms. Attacca came in and was so happy. Brio and I were the only ones besides the other bus 11 riders still stuck at school. It was now 10:32 and school was officially over 30 minutes ago. She gave us three marshmallows that she didn’t use for the marshmallow challenge. Mr. Grouse’s daughter was talking to her and she was so excited because his daughter never speaks to her. I know Arco would have said, “I wonder why?”

Finally our bus came and the teachers screamed that they could leave the building. Ms. Attacca patted my back, “Have a great summer.”

All the teachers were lined up on the sidewalk waving final byes to our bus. “WHOOO, WE DID IT.” Everyone yelled. I high-fived the 8th graders.

One of them crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue, “I’M GOING TO HIGH SCHOOL.” She laughed.

I stood, well “stood”, looking out the window as the wind blew my hair into my face thinking about how this year had gone.

“We did it, didn’t we?” Lantana smiled.
“Oh, yes we did.” I smiled back. “See you this summer Lantana!”

“Welcome to the humming in the restless summer air and I don’t think I’ll be slipping off the course that I prepared.” I partially quoted from Glory and Gore.

Float In The Humming Of The Restless Summer Air Cyber Space!


82 thoughts on “My Last Day As A 7th Grader

    1. For the map to be realistic and I don’t really know…
      He nor Dawn has said anything to me since the end of school.
      It makes me think something happened.

    1. I think he should find out a way to save her and then kiss her in the heat of the moment then ask her out XD
      Not that I’ve put thought into an idea like this..




      3. NO!


      4. HAHAHAH
        I DON’T FIGHT PPL!

      5. NOOOOO!!!!

        Why can’t we just focus on Theo and Zoey and if Theo’s gonna ask her out or if he’s going to chicken out?!?!

  1. Reblogged this on Fantage Echo and commented:
    You guys are off from school already? We still have WEEKS left. 😦 Well, we had a lot of snow days, like usual… But still, we never get off in May. I wish. It would be a perfect time for a birthday. 😉

    I wasn’t going to give my age away, but I really trust you guys. And, honestly, I’m curious about how old you guys are/what grade, too.
    So… I’m in 7th grade, as well. Today, I’m thirteen. :mrgreen: I have a late birthday– I feel like many are in September. And we actually have a surprising amount of fourteen-year-olds.


    1. XD We ALWAYS get out in May. We start school in August always as well. I have a late birthday as well, I’m 13 and well now I have no grade because I left 7th grade and haven’t entered 8th grade yet XD We were actually supposed to leave school on the 20th but we had a snow day on the one day it didn’t snow -_- …. But because of that we had to end school on the 21st.

  2. I’m going into the Middle School next year, and I will miss the Lower School very much. 6 long, fun, exciting years in the Lower School. Now I’m moving on. Time for some 3, long long, dramatic years of Middle School :).

      1. I know, it’s hard to let go, but be happy! You still have 4 years of High School, then College!

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