Lily’s Burn Party

Hey, girlies. I’ve been aching but not breaking in my limbs and its caused by what happened at Lily’s Burn Party. No I didn’t get burned.


I went to Lily’s burn party on May 22, the day after school ended, and I was late. By 15 minutes, but I was cool because I was helping my mom bake for my twin aunts birthday party and the minutes passed by quickly. My dad had come home from South Carolina but he was in no shape to take me so my mom did instead.

The invitation said to bring stuff to burn but I didn’t want to burn anything of value. To my mom, a lot things have value especially to my youngest sister. So I just grabbed my old, old, workbooks that my sister couldn’t even use, a piece of paper that said Ms. Attacca, and went out. The reason why I had that paper is because I asked Arco what I should burn and he said, “Ms. Attacca, duh.”
“Isn’t it a tad inhumane to burn a person?”
“No, like get a picture of her and THEN burn that.”
“But she’s not even in the yearbook. Can I just use a sheet of paper that reads Ms. Rothman and then record me burning it for you?”
“But don’t you feel this is the slightest bit wrong?”
“Don’t you think anything she did was wrong to us, particularly me, her least favorite?” He answered my question, or sort of, with another one.

I honestly didn’t despise Ms. Attacca as much as everyone else, she was mean at times but eh… A day in my life then.

I had a sharpie, my phone and headphones in my pocket and inside the car it was just silent and awkward because the radio was on this one station that talks about politics and I don’t really have interest in politics but I just sat and listened.

My mom said she could drop me off and told to say hi to Lily’s family. So I got to Lily’s house and Lily wasn’t there. I was confused when  Daffodil opened the door and she told me that Amaryllis went to get someone and Lily and Geranium left to Hepatica. Hepatica is Geranium’s best friend. So we stood around with Geranium’s friends again, talking about things like school, and books, and their large quarter collection FROM EVERY SINGLE STATE AND AMERICAN TERRITORIES. I mean, I’ve tried but one mysteriously disappears. The universe may hate me.

“Hey!” I hear Amaryllis start as she comes in with Boneset.
“What’s taking Lily and Geranium so long?” Boneset asked. We just shrugged.

Lily and Geranium came in and Lily hugged, “Yay! You’re here!”
“Now the party’s ready.” Geranium deemed.
“So grab whatever you want, I’m going to check with my dad for a few seconds.” Lily allowed.
“Even Terrace?” Boneset questions.
Lily ruffles Terrace’s curly hair, “Not Terrace.”

She went down to her basement. Terrace is Lily’s dog. Terrace was staring at me for a while but whenever I tried to approach him, he would skitter away. I don’t understand that dog sometimes.

Sarah came back up, “Okay, guys. Let’s go-“

“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” went a series of male shrieks in the house’s multimedia room. Pine, Lily’s oldest sibling and brother, and his several friends were playing some video games and I’m guessing they just lost or something. I forgot what grade he was in high school, but he’s different than Geranium yet looks like Lily but like a male version with black wavy hair in place of blonde hair. Of course, that doesn’t help you guys much at all.

“Let’s go,” she paused for any other interruptions, “play 4 square outside.” She picked her red, dodgeball-sized,, rubber ball as we all crowded out of the house. Everyone was confused how the rotation goes and where the king, or this case queen, square was going to be and who was the queen, Evil Witch Of The Woods, Noble, and Peasant.

We play different than normal people. We then sprayed ourselves with bug spray where Amaryllis both got some spray in their mouths and it was hilarious. We found out that Lily actually did something wrong  in Ms. Attacca and we all wanted to know but she wouldn’t tell.

We were now sitting in the kitchen when Daffodil suggests that we burn Mr. Firth like Arco suggested that we burn Ms. Attacca and a similar discussion followed. Except she actually wanted to burn a picture of him. Amaryllis gladly agreed, Boneset didn’t even have him but yet she wanted to it as well while Lily found it a bit morally wrong like I did.
“Don’t you guys think this wrong?” I sipped on my Cranberry Juice.

“Like you’re burning Ms. Attacca for ARCO?” Daffodil breathed behind her cup of Mountain Dew.
“Oooooh.” all the elder girls except for Lily and I waved their arms. The younger girls were confused. I hadn’t told any of friends that I officially liked him now (awful of me, but you know… I just want to keep it to myself) so I was defensive.

“Okay, but this is a favor. This IS a burn party so we burn whatever.” I defended.
“So like we can too?” Boneset says, implying I was being contradictory.
“Speaking of which, how is he?” Lily stabbed about in her ice-cream cup. I gave her my You-Never-Ask-Why-Now? face. She responded with her Why-Not-Besides-This-Is-In-Your-Best Interest face.

“Broken.” I said Platonically.
“What?” Amaryllis asked.
“He has a broken leg,” I announced, “As of yesterday.”
“But didn’t you- Nevermind.” Lily retracted as I nodded telling her that part of it I was responsible for..

We went back outside and as we were chatting, the younger girls except Hepatica were in the house while Amaryllis was shooting hoops. Amaryllis suggested for us to find a photo on the school website of Mr. Firth to burn while they back inside once again. So that’s what Hepatica did by going into the multi-media room hesitantly.

The boys were still playing their group video game and ignored us as we walked in well except Larch but he looked at us for a second before going back to his game.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The room roared unsettlingly as I was typing.
“Testosterone.” Hepatica muttered.

I shrunched my eyebrows as she explains her sister says that around guys when they act obnoxious. I only patted her head before hugging her. We couldn’t find the picture because they changed the website now. So Daffodil went on the school app and there was no picture of him there either. Daffodil and Amaryllis began to joke about sending Mr. Firth an email asking him to send his picture, to kidnapping him, killing him then dumping him into the fire, and then they asked if anyone of us had our yearbooks. I told them I was going to but decided not to and they groaned. Somehow they went into conversation about Aria. I have no idea really.

Amaryllis asked if she really liked Arpeggio and I simply said that she doesn’t but it sure seems like it. Then Amaryllis began mentioning when they were holding hands and laughing in Orchestra the day before. I honestly didn’t think she was watching that, it looked like she was only paying attention to what Mrs. Anima was saying. Daffodil showed us a picture of Aria’s new dog who was adorable.

Amaryllis, Boneset, and Daffodil went off to Amaryllis’s (Lily and her live in the same neighborhood) house to print out copies. Amaryllis, Geranium and I played two rounds of three-square before We went down to check up on the beginning of the fire and I just really liked how the smoke emitted by the fire clashed with the sun and while I’m no professional, Lily, and I enjoyed taking those pictures. Then we took pictures of Geranium hugging a tree.

Going back inside, Terrace ran from me (again!) and Lily and I snuck upstairs to the front of Geranium’s room.
“You see,” Lily laughed, “I need a favor.”
“Sure, What?”
“Open her blinds?” Lily squeaked because she figured that SHE couldn’t open them yet I could. She wanted Geranium’s blinds open for reasons I don’t know.

It was 20 minutes and Daffodil, Amaryllis, Boneset were still not back.
“Where are they?” Lily asked.
“Let’s just go to Amaryllis’s place and see what’s taking them so long.” I suggested.

We were on our way to Amaryllis’s house when Lily pulls me down and hides behind a bush near Amaryllis’s house. I begin to ask what she’s doing when she puts her finger on her lips and hear people talking. I hide behind the same bush and listen further. Lily begins to go around the bush in turn I do too. Then we know hey saw and they scream and attack anyways while we all laughed. Amaryllis began explain that her printer was taking forever.

Walking back, Pine and his friends were out of the house and riding their bikes. As Pine rode by, Lily stopped him to ask when Manhunt will be. He said around when begins getting dark before going back to friends. The other girls were at the 4 square court and watched us we came back. Amaryllis took my sharpie and wrote ‘Devil’ across the photo and drew a big mustache and devil horns.
“Amaryllis, don’t you think that’s a bit much?” Boneset asked.
She looked up to reconsider and then said, “Nope.” and went back to sketching. Lily’s dad called us down to burn our things and we rushed back into the house to get our things and going slowly down the steep descent to the fire. 

We dropped our things there and then went back into house but on the way Lily said, “Hey,look Geranium, I have a lot on things on my window.”

We went creeping up the stairs when Geranium said, “Yeah, I have nothing on my window.”
“My room looks nice from there.”
“Yeah, you can see my room…” she trailed into realization when we were nearing the house, “LILY!!” she yelled as we ran into the house and plastered ourselves against her door.

“Let me in.” Geranium commanded. The other girls were behind her wondering what was happening.
“I don’t think that’s in your interest.” I sing-songed.
“You’ll see it when you sleep.” Lily concurred.

Yet, we let everyone in and Geranium wanted to know why Lily opened the blinds.
“Well, she didn’t I did.” I admitted. “Lily thought your room was dreary we brightened it up!”
“Fine.” Geranium said as we all left for the fire.

Daffodil had thought she won with a giant box of stuff to burn, including her Spanish folder,, but Slope  had THREE BOXES. Daffodil had been outdone. Severely.

We took many photos of the fire and of us and of us burning things. I meant to send a video of us throwing the sheet the Ms. Attacca sheet into the fire but I accidentally sent it to the big group chat and everyone laughing at the video because we were slightly over dramatic.

Soon enough, with all burning, the fire got smaller and we had to poke and stab at it a lot to keep airflow at the bottom. That keeps the fire going. Amaryllis, Daffodil, and I began doing Camera-ception where we take picture of another camera taking a picture of another camera taking a picure of…. you get it.

We finally got to make smores while Pine and his friends were playing 4 square and Daffodil and Lily were nowhere to be seen because Daffodil had saved her Mr. Firth pic to burn and was looking for it. Geranium and her friends were catching fireflies as the rest of us passed around the chocolate. Lily came down announce the rules of Manhunt but I don’t think anyone heard her. 

We went up near the garage where Pine reviewed the rules again as one of Geranium’s left to go home. Pool cuts in and says, “Yeah, and don’t trust because he’ll lie and not be who he says he is.”

Then all guys were laughiing hard as Boneset retorts, “Well, you must have done a lot of bad things in our time.” And they laughed even louder. 

No one wanted to be the starter so the guys offered whoever who was a girl to have a search partner so Lily and Geranium went into the garage to count to 60. We all ran with Amaryllis and I hiding in the same place as last year. Well, I moved a little from last year but I was still kind of visible. The funny thing is that Pine, Maple, and Oak were where we are, they looked my way, but still couldn’t really see me. But it was like pitch black so they wouldn’t be able to see anything. 

Lily, Geranium, and Boneset found us eventually but Amaryllis wanted to sit in her little corner so we let her. 

Soon enough, only Larch and Ficus were left or so we thought. I finally found Larch and Amaryllis, Lily, I went on a wild goose chase for him. Oh golly, he was fast. But I was really catching to him.

And then tragedy struck.

As I was chasing him, we ended up in a backyard. So seeing him go down and keep running, I jumped down from the SEEMINGLY short ledge.

When I jumped, I realized that I was in the air way longer than I should have. Then I smacked way into the ground, skidding across the concrete with my glasses going further ahead than me.

Amaryllis climbed down, “Hey, you okay? THAT WAS AWESOME HOW YOU NINJA FLIPPED TWICE IN THE AIR.”

“What, huh?” I was dumbfounded as my left elbow, shoulder and leg stinged with a passion.

She grabbed my glasses and that’s when I realized that most of Pine’s friends were close to that area. They are kind of stared at me.


“Her arm broke her fall, sort of so she at least would have broke her arm.” 

“Well… Okay then.” Maple walked off.

Pine stared at me a bit longer. Then smiled, “Nice ninja flip.” Then met up with the rest of his friends.

Amaryllis readjusted my glasses as I groaned.

She felt my knee and elbow.

“Well, as far as I can tell, you aren’t bleeding but you had better head back to Lily’s place.”

So I trudged over to Lily’s house where she met up with me and took me inside. 

“Well, you’re REALLY BLEEDING.” Lily pointed out. I looked at the stinged spots to see they were bleeding badly.

Lily suggested for me to wash my injuries so she could dress them.She was beginning to dress them as I reexplained the situation to Daffodil. As if she knew that we needed her medical assistance, Lily’s mom finally came home. 

Lily went outside to check on everyone else. So Lily’s mom carefully treated my injuries as everyone else began to pour in the house.

Geranium said my ninja flip was amazing even though I forgot that she was there as well. I also forgot Oak was there because I explained it again. Lily’s mom told me that my ninja flip was making me famous.

Lily rushed back into her kitchen to say that Hepatica won the game and that they wouldn’t play another round.

The guys went down to the basement while I was aching in a chair. Daffodil’s dad had came and hung out with Lily’s dad and Hepatica’s dad before Daffodil left as well. Boneset and one of Geranium’s friends had already left and Amaryllis wanted us to help her leave. Thinking it would be good to move my limbs around, I agreed to come along.

Boy was I wrong. My knee was killing me the whole journey. So a quarter on the way, Amaryllis remembers she left her charger so Lily and her rush back to Lily’s house while Geranium, Hepatica and I lay on the curb .

Then I found that there were red fire ants. Hepatica and Geranium were playing Goat Simulator while I was minding my bandaged joints. It took them a while but they came.

We dropped Amaryllis off and then sitting on Lily’s couch, well I laid and Lily sat, we played Super Smash Bros on her Wii U before she showed me this really funny Super Bowl commercial or at least I think It was from the Super Bowl commercials, with this football joining a business place and screwing it up. It was hilarious.

My dad was astonished when he saw me and that’s when I noticed my left Capri leg was cut.

So I’ve moping about because my large injuries.

By the way, Happy Memorial Day. Bless those of whom lost their lives to fight for our country. *Salutes* Even though it’s raIning so badly and hard in Georgia here. (So sorry this post is REALLY LATE, I’ve become a person who naps all the time. But I think I might I’m sick… Yay. plus, I can’t find my tablet at the moment so I had to finish editing this with my phone which means until I find my tablet LTBL might not have a new chapter until 2 weeks from now.)

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