The Special Sticky-Note

Hey, girlies! I Realize something that I almost forgot I noticed.

The Special Sticky-Note

So for Winter Break, remember how I said I have everyone these special note cards with sweet friendship quotes and Arco called me sweet and we sort of hugged and it was sort awkward but nice? Well, I might have sort of left something out. So I gave him this special custom patterned sticky note that had this note about optimism. So On May 2, don’t ask me how I remember, I was In science class whispering in Ms. Attacca’s class with Arco ignoring Corda’s dirty glares, I noticed he was fooling around with his agenda. And the front page, I spotted the identical pattern and recognized my handwriting. Which means he kept it, which means… I have no clue.

I just remember I saw this while moping about.

By the way, I’m speaking to Arco right now. He’s pretty into Doctor Who right now. I haven’t watched it yet but it seems like a nice concept. Now he’s using words like “love” and “bloody ” and “trousers”. I kind of shiver and flush when he says something like “Why might that be, love?” Which is exactly what he said 1 minute when I told him I was messed up.

I don’t what to do. I think I need to watch Doctor Who now.

Float In The Cyber Space!


19 thoughts on “The Special Sticky-Note

  1. I watched like the first season of Doctor Who and I’m just warning you: the Stone Angles are creepy, and the Cybermen freaked me out. It’s sci fi and pretty creepy, but it’s only PG. I’ve never been into scary things but I was thinking of watching it again. It’s kinda a goal of mine to do scarier things like watch creepy things and ride rollar coasters and speak up front an u get me….

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