Random Thoughts #241093

I haven’t done in a while, man I need to catch up on things. So.. enjoy!


If you have a varying amount of a drink, and you add more of the same drink to it, does that mean that drink was drinking itself? Are we making them cannibals? (This one makes no logical sense, and I know the answer but I thought it and it was random so…)
Like Sodapop in The Outsiders, sometimes I get drunk on life.

I don’t really understand why Taylor didn’t use the original version of Bad Blood in her video. I think I might have liked that better.
Sometimes, books really toy with your emotions and I love it.
I don’t have half the problems authors and directors talk about in books, t.v. shows, and/or movies that take place in middle school.
Wouldn’t you think if zombies ate brains, they would develop some type of cognitive ability.
On the same note, wouldn’t you think if vampires drink all that blood, they wouldn’t be so pale?
Imagine if we found a planet we could get to that is exactly like Earth and have creatures like that.
Sometimes I have nothing to make a post about so I consider making a short post or status update but then don’t…
I’ve been listening Pure Heroine WAY TOO MUCH over the past days.
If you ever read Boot Camp by ginawriter on Wattpad, that story puts you on an emotional rollercoaster.
I’ve never seen a important monument in person.
What if I was caught up in some natural disaster? I could or could not survive for equalizing reasons.
I’ve never joined any sports… No wonder mother wants me to gain some muscle this summer.
Scorpios are supposed to be passionate, brave, focused, balanced , resentful, secretive, ambitious, and intuitive and… I’m not brave, balanced (yet mature), or resentful and… well, this is going nowhere. I just don’t feel like I’m a scorpio sometimes.
If I was famous, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.
I miss school.
I’m so traditionally American, I’ve never had any exotic or anything.
Why are boy bands so fawned over? Like are normal people not good enough?
I actually feel like the internet raised some of us and the kids from the new generation (yes, I meant to partially quote A World Alone).
Why do the feels make us lose all sense?
My hair has a mind of its own.
The sky has been doing some crazy things lately.
Why does my typing speed vary?
Why am I amazing at Coffee Shop but suck at Ice Cream Truck?
I’ve been so filled of insightfulness and philosophicalness lately.
I sort of have trust issues.
Somos agricultores  bom bom bom bom BOM!
I feel like I’m the only one out of the people I know who watches Teens React.
Okay, say something witty and amazing. *approaches* Um, how about that weather? *mentally face-palms*
My dreams are so detailed.
Rock Eagle has given memories I will NEVER forget.
I haven’t read a Dork Diaries book in forever, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING.
This town is a small town.
I’m a wacky little socially awkward turtle.
I’ve been in this practice PvP tournament in Wizard 101 for hours now, IT’S GOING NOWHERE.
“Wow, you look pretty!” “Oh thanks.” Sometimes my mind does this, “Hahaha, please I’m hideous.”
Lily’s family is like my second family.
I wonder how life would be like if I was still a mute….


So yeah. This was shorter than my other ones. You know, I’m running out of blog inspiration and I don’t know why, yesterday I was bubbling with ideas.

Float In The Cyber Space!


13 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #241093

  1. I watch Teens React. 🙂
    The last Dork Diaries book I read, Nikki was in Fairytale Land.
    I can’t play Coffee Shop because I always run out of money.
    Never played sports either,but I might join lacross.
    MEDIA really does exaggerate middleschool life problems.

    1. Yay, you watch it too! The last Dork Diaries book I read Was Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker XD
      Really? I never run out no matter how recklessly I spend it.


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