Living The Blonde’s Life: The Boy In The Woods

Living The Blonde’s Life
The Boy In The Woods


I don’t think Charlie and Mia had much to do in the first place. Since we’ve gotten the park to establish recycling and trash bins, the Tunnel Berry Area had become less trashed about but we still had work to be done. Besides, I didn’t think I would be much help that day. I peered over the boy’s book trying to see if I could identify it and when I gave up, he turned around.
“Hi.” He waved to be friendly.
‘Hey. I’m Leslie.” I said in an effort to seem friendly as well.
“What are you reading?” I asked, inspecting the pages.
“Great Expectations. It’s supposed to be inspirational but I’ve only JUST started.” He meant it literally, he was on page three.
“Inspirational, huh? The only inspirational thing I’ve read is The Fault In Our Stars because I’m uncultured and dumb. But I guess my hair already told you that.” I ran my fingers dramatically through my hair to add to preposterous statement that left my mouth.
He laughed to himself as his eyes, they were a beautiful green, lit up with amusement, “You’re playing with me, aren’t you?”

“Yespers!” I always said that to be silly and usually my social awkwardness made me look that way. I never mean to be funny, I just am. He smiled at me and as we talked, I realized he was a pretty nice guy who loves reading almost as I do. I could have sat there for a while, even more than I would sit praticing my viola but then my thoughts were interrupted by Charlie.

“Leslie, we’ve got to get a move on. Look at the skies.” He pointed. The clouds were an ashen gray moving very slowly. Plus, I checked my watch and it read 7:24.
“Coming! So I guess I’ll see you around?” I asked.
“You’ll see me around.” He responded.
“How often to you come to Tunnel Berry?”
“If you count the park with the woods practically everyday because of my younger sister has playdates all the time not that I mind. The woods are very calming.”

Charlie and Mia ushered me by as I waved bye to the boy I had found in the woods. We were riding home and as I was thinking about  life when Mia wanted to know all about Emerson. I told her about Great Expectations, his green eyes, all that good stuff when Mia sing-songed, “Charlie? I think your kid sister’s growing up because she likes someone.”
“I don’t like him, he’s just a friend.” I tried to convince her. Charlie didn’t say anything, and he usually doesn’t say anything about stuff like this. We were still riding until we reached Charlie and I’s house.

We walked in to see an unexpected sight. There was a young-appearing, blonde lady in a Blue and white horizontally striped blouse and white pants sitting on one of our couches while typing rapidly. I was confused as to why she was here because she usually was never really here around this time. I looked at Charlie and he was in as much shock as I was. When Charlie finally shut the door, she stopped and looked up from her busy work. Her crystal blue eyes were filled with happiness when she saw us standing there.

“Well, are you just going to just stand there?” she jokingly-asked.
“MOM!!” We screamed even though Charlie was still a bit dazed.

My mother had always been a light-hearted yet hard-working person. The recent circumstances has brought her hard-working side out more. Yet, she was still her hilarious self and forgetful at times. She never really cared about stereotypes as much as I do. Sometimes she just doesn’t caare about things period. We usually never see her at home this early. Work and Burr College usually consumed what was left of her home life.

“But how?” He stuttered.
“There was a fire in the robotics wing, something about a mal-functioning robot arm but they evacuated the school. After that, they released us and here I am. Isn’t that great? I mean, it’s awful what happened but now I get out of school and I can be home!” she exclaimed.

Charlie hopped beside my mom while I stood turning on the T.V. The news announced that the wing wasn’t burned too badly but recostruction will be needed.

“Eh, they’re okay. It’s the robotics wing, they can just rebuild with a robot.” My mom sighed.
“I don’t think that how it works…” Charlie trailed off in an effort to correct Mother when she was in a comical mood. My mother reassured him that she was joking by ruffling his soft hair.

Mother began to make her specialty of Peach cobbler, something she learned to make when she was younger in Georgia. I don’t understand why she ever left Georgia, the small town she lived in wasn’t bad at all. I know she didn’t get tired of the place so, why did she leave? Maybe she left, met dad and then never returned. But I guess that’s ironic considering we’re leaving for Georgia in June.

The sweet fragance of Sweet Peaches still resonated in the air. After having a nice dessert with a lovely dinner, everyone parted their way. My mother stayed in the living room, typing an essay about ‘How The Internet Raised This Generation’. Sometimes it seems that way. Charlie most likely went to play Super Smash Bros in his room while I stood outside my open room door, pondering what to do. I fell on the idea of cleaning my room.

“Might as well do it before I’m scolded.” I muttered to myself.

As I cleaning my sort of messy room, I raved about my day to Imogen. She was still in a mess of a mood because of the Andrew-Liam debacle in which I believe will lead in diasaster. Another that will be a disaster is my social life (as if I had one) since Avalon the Angry Chick will coming after me in the now 21 days of school we had left. I wanted to tell Imogen that it was only 3 weeks and not 4 but I had a feeling she wouldn’t be up for it.
“Wow, your mom’s home? That’s odd nowadays.”
“I know right! Hey, anyways, I met this guy in the woods today, he seemed pretty nice.”
“Leslie, please don’t tell me you’re going to hang out with Tarzan and friends but in Tunnel Berry Forest. I thought I was the one going off the deep end for someone unattainable.”
“No, not like that.”
“Phew, then continue.” I explained everything to Imogen like I did to Mia but a little more extravagant.

“I think I might like him.”
“Well, duh. I can’t believe you didn’t even ask for his number.”
“Say what now?”
“You should have asked him for this number so you can keep in touch when you’re NOT in Tunnel Berry. Come on now, and aren’t you leaving for the first month of summer break to Georgia to visit your cousins? You could forget about him by then.”
“I won’t forget. But if it makes you happy, I’ll ask next week or tomorrow whenever we got to the park again.”
“Can I come with you? Not only to be your trusty wingwoman but because Liam’s going with Mia the next time and the next weeks until Summer Break but its not Summer, its still spring.”
I sighed, “Sure. And maybe you can meet Emerson as well.”
“Right. But so like what should I do about Liam?”
“It’s been a day, chill.”
“Wait, did you mention Emerson? Isn’t the last name that poet, erm…”
“Oh yes, Ralph Waldo Emerson.”
“Waldo is so hard to find.” She mentioned distantly, off topic.
“Where were we?”
Silence filled the air, slowly but surely.
“Are you going to be happy when finals end?” I asked.
“I guess… I mean, yes, definitely. Hey, I’ve got to go so.. Bye, Leslie.” she hung up.

“She was being shady near the end, though. I wonder why?”, I sighed while adjusting the bookshelf in my room and took a copy of The Fault Of Our Stars to reread and then flopped on my bed. I dreamed the typical fangirling over The Fault In Our Stars dream, imagining that Augustus Waters was mine instead of being Hazel-Grace’s. Hey, everyone needs a, or sort of, Augustus Waters.


I was kind of happy today was Friday and then kind of not. It’s great because now there’s only 2 weeks of school yet but awful because our finals were in one week now. Language Arts and Math were first on the Tuesday after the next, and the Social Studies and Science were to follow. After those finals, it was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. For the last day of school, I fall in between sorrow and joy. I like school, I honestly do, but sometimes you need a break from it. Especially drama-causing blondes, if you know who I mean.

Imogen was sitting with Cecelia and I today. Melissa had broken her arm after falling on stage for an audition for the play that would be premiering at the high school in June, and so while she’s at the hospital, Imogen was going to stay with me overnight. The high school always had great plays run by the drama department even though anyone can play in it.

Gladly enough, there was no bus embarrassment today like yesterday and I actually had an image in my head of how the night was going to go. We were going to play Scrabble, watch some good ol’ T.V. (maybe a movie), and just talk and look in old yearbooks until we get tired. We had a habit of doing this when she stayed over at my place. We should at peace as well since my mom was working this afternoon until tomorrow morning, Charlie was going somewhere with his friends and Dad wasn’t coming here this week. I couldn’t wait for the next week when he was coming.

When we got home, Imogen rushed to my room where I quickly followed. She had my viola case open on my bed, removing the string instrument in some type of awe.
“Imogen, what are you doing with my instrument?”
“Oh, come on, you never let me touch it.”
“Because I value it very much and I don’t want anything to happen to it.” I retorted. My viola had to be the most valuable thing I ever owned, and since my father and mother got it for me, if anything horrible happened to it..
I wouldn’t forgive myself.

She was now slowly twirling it in her arms, curiously inspecting all of the parts. I was going to stop her in fear that she may ruin something, but I figured she wouldn’t be so careless. She actually really wanted to know what it was all about. It’s kind of, or I found it, hard to explain how to your instrument functions to someone doesn’t play it. Her questions went to the main categories of ‘Why?’, ‘What does this do?’ and ‘How?’ .

“Hey, what’s this made out of?” Imogen asked while twisting the screw on the bow to tighten it when it was loosened.
“Don’t twist that further or you risk breaking it, ” I cautioned when I saw the bow didn’t have it’s arch, “And It’s made of wood and hair?”
“What type of hair?” Her voice rising with a tint of fear and disgust.
“Horse hair.” I simply replied as I adjusted a picture of us when we were younger. I remembered the day we took that photo pretty well. It was on our 5th grade field day and we had just won the balloon toss after everyone else’s had splashed open. I don’t know how we did it considering my palms were sweaty and I was really clumsy then. We both had on pink visors. I held the balloon in my hand while Imogen had her popsicle in her hand with large smiles with our eyes kind of squinty because of the glaring sun that came with May weather.

I was still reminiscing on the events of that day when my thoughts are shattered with a sharp voice asking, “Leslie! Are you.. Okay?”
“Yeah, yeah,” I continued to look at the photo and beckoned her over. She set the viola and bow gently back into my case, shut it and set it on the side as she slowly walked over to me.
“Hey, I remember that!! Back when I wasn’t attempting some love scheme that’s bound to fail.” she wistfully smiled.
“Yeah,” I laughed, “Those were the days. Now, we have drama queens, and relationships and other things that make us stressed. We should look in the yearbook.”

I grabbed my yearbook from 7th grade and hopped on my soft bed as Imogen mimicked but over-exaggerating with a giant sigh. I turned to the 7th grade section and we fussed about our photos but then we landed a new page. Our smiles slightly dissolved when we saw that with the first person smiling a half-smug, half-genuine smile. We kind of sat in silence with jointed thoughts.
“Avalon wasn’t all that bad back in Elementary school. Wonder why she changed when we graduated from River Elm? Such a shame.” Imogen clucked over my shoulder.
“Yeah, wonder why.” I thought to myself.


Days had followed and before I knew it, it was time once again to visit Tunnel Berry and as I promised I took Imogen along since Liam was. Imogen was already at my house but she looked a little… overdone. It wasn’t exactly worthy of wearing makeup, no matter how slight. I don’t wear makeup anywho. She also didn’t need the ‘casual’ sandals, I mean sneakers would have done the job. But I wasn’t going to tell that she shouldn’t have even though I really wanted to.

I was excited but a little nervous too about today. I guess, you can call me being ‘nervouscited’. Maybe that should be a word. I just couldn’t wipe the uncertainty on my mind away.

“Leslie, is there something wrong?” Imogen cocked her head while getting on her bike.
“Yeah, is there?” everyone else asked.
I shook out of my thoughts once again, “Yeah, no, no, I’m fine.” That was enough for Mia but Charlie gave me a ‘Are you sure?’ face. I nodded and then he adjusted his bike some.

“What’s up with her? She’s usually non-chalant when we go to Tunnel Berry.” Liam asked. The only thing that bugged me is that they began talking as if I wasn’t right in hearing range and in front of them.
“Mainly it’s because she’s nervous because she’s going to see her-” Imogen started. I turned back and glared her before her continued to say favorite tree. Worst save, Imm, worst save.

When we got to the woods, we actually went deeper than I actually expected. Mia clasped her hands together and began talking about this part of the woods needs more attention and after we finish we can do whatever. I could see why she said that, the area was like Wrapper-land and Bag-ville.

I’m pretty sure due to my vagueness and neglect to explain that she was overdone, Imogen didn’t actually think she was going to work. Oops. Luckily, we had Litter sticks, garbage bags, and jokes to spare. Plus, Charlie, Mia, and I were also adjusting park furniture while Liam and Imogen had gone, gosh know where. They came back though and kind of just watched. Like, we brought you here to help us. Why don’t you ACTUALLY help us? Ugh.

When we were done, I heard “Well, I know better the next time I go. God, I must have looked like I was above everyone else.” Imogen muttered.
“I did tell you we were going to Tunnel Berry Woods.”
“I thought the Woods that a nice trail.” she argued.
“Okay then.” I looked to the skies and noticed the clouds were still getting grayer and grayer, day by day.
“Let’s go find your man!” She rotated her shoulders onto me. I dismissed her comment but we went anyways.

“Is that him?” Imogen asked for the twelfth time, pointing at random boys in the woods.
“Is that?”
“Imm, I’ll tell you when we see him, okay?” I interrupted facing her.
“But isn’t that him on the bench, reading that book?” I slowly turned where she pointed and became speechless.
“See, even a broken clock is right twice a day.” she pointed out.

I snuck up to the bench, while hiding behind it when he became suspicious.
“What are you doing?” Imogen hissed.
“Just wait.” I winked.

When the moment was just right, I swung my head over upside down into his vision and smiled, “Hey, Emerson!”
Out of shock and then joy, he smiled, “Hey, Leslie! Um, You might want to be right side up.” I really didn’t want to, his green eyes were still nice upside down. That sounded crazy. I got on bench, sitting in the opposite direction he was and began launching into conversation before an ahem broke our words.

“Oh, this is my friend, Imogen.” she gave him a finger waggle. “Hey.”
“Wow, why didn’t you mention he’s has really cool green eyes.” She whispered.
“I did.” I laughed.

Liam joined conversation soon enough and we all got along very well. I was enjoying myself and the little parts where Emerson and I look into each other made my heart jump in hope. Odd how I worded that.

Mia and Charlie had finally found us by the sound of our voices.
“Hey, so we should be on our way,” Liam got up.
“Now’s, your chance.” Imogen nudged.

I beat about the bush some but we exchanged numbers. An idea popped into my head after.
“Hey, so how about we, um, get together at the library on next Friday? It’s the day after we get out of school.”
“Cool beans. Sure.” He smiled.
“Right. Thanks.” I smiled.
It was a smiling marathon before Imogen pulled me away while I waved.
“Someone’s reallyyyy happy.” She remarked as we hopped on our bikes.

I was just happy all around as I still looked around my surroundings. The clouds were still getting darker in color, and I began to wonder if this was the beginning of something more to come in the weather.


Float In The Cyber Space!

(I just realized that From Good Luck Charlie is the actress who plays Charlie first name is Mia and those separate characters are close and…. yeah.)


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