This Or That Tag

Hey, girlies! I haven’t done a tag for while so here we go!


(I don’t really wear nail polish or make up so…. yeah. I’m going to sound really dumb to makeup experts.)

blush or bronzer ~ blush
lip gloss or lipstick ~ lip gloss
eye liner or mascara ~ mascara (it does clump though but whatever)
foundation or concealer ~ what’s the difference? Oh, this is: Concealer is a heavier makeup product used to cover flaws; while foundation is lighter and is used to even out skin tone. So I guess, foundation
neutral or color eye shadow ~ I guess color because black, brown, nor gray would look good on me, trust me, my cousins pranked me while I was sleeping with it.
pressed or loose eye shadows ~ Huh? Oh, apparently loose is like baby powder and pressed like the normal ones… Pressed then.
brushes or sponges ~ I guess brushes because I think they’d be more precise.

OPI or china glaze ~ What? Oh, I guess OPI since China Glaze is supposedly runny and goopy.
Long or short ~ I actually like them medium but I guess short (long just weirds me into thinking “Are they not going to break??!”)
Acrylic or natural ~ Naural
Brights or darks ~ Brights (even though like medium or both)
Flower or no flower ~ I guess no flower

perfume or body splash ~ I guess perfume because it lasts longer even though it’s stronger in smell
lotion or body butter ~ I’ve never used body butter so lotion
body wash or soap ~ I’ve never tried body wash so soap 🙂
lush or other bath company ~ Other bath companies

jeans or sweat pants ~ jeans
long sleeve or short ~ (I really prefer midway) Long sleeves
dresses or skirts ~ skirts
stripes or plaid ~ Plaid
flip flops or sandals ~ sandals
scarves or hats ~ scarves
studs or dangly earrings ~ studs
necklaces or bracelets ~ bracelets
heels or flats ~ flats
cowboy boots or riding boots ~ riding boots
jacket or hoodie ~ jacket
forever 21 or charlotte russe ~ I’ve never shopped at either, I suppose Charlotte Russe because my cousins love it
Abercrombie or Hollister ~ Again, never shopped there but I like Abercrombie things more
saks 5th or Nordstrom  ~ Nordstrom

curly or straight ~ curly (even though my hair is like curly, straight, and wavy {I told you my hair had a mind of its own)
bun or ponytail ~ ponytail
bobby pins or butterfly clips ~ bobby pins
hair spray or gel ~ hair spray
long or short ~ Short 
light or dark ~ light
side sweep bangs or full bangs ~ side sweep
up or down ~ down

Rain or shine ~ shine
Summer or winter ~ winter
Fall or spring ~ spring
Chocolate or vanilla ~ chocolate
East coast or west coast ~ EAST COAST ALL THE WAY WHOO GEORGIA

So yeah, I didn’t understand some of this. Since have I ever cared about Fashion or Makeup or Nails?

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6 thoughts on “This Or That Tag

  1. How come this post didn’t come in my reader? Everyone was doing it, and I was kinda confused since I didn’t see you do it o-o

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