How Not To Not Be Lazy

Hey, girlies! I also haven’t done this in a while so here we go!!!


Step 1: Put no effort into the simplest things.
Seriously? Don’t even bother pressing the snooze button because that’s how lazy you are. Have fun with no effort!

Step 2: Become best friends with sleep!
You two go crazy! You make best friends bracelets in dreams. Don’t make time for anyone else any more.

Step 3: Bore yourself
Basically, do anything that bores you so you don’t feel encouraged to do anything interactive.

Step 4: Do things slower and slower until you don’t do them at all.
Self- Explanatory.

Step 5: Indulge in electronics.
Spend all, or most, of your time on phone, tablets, computers, laptops, video game consoles.

Step 6: Master the ability to make other people do work FOR YOU.

Sorry, this one was short. I was just too lazy to write much of anything. XD Okay, that’s not true, I don’t know much about being lazy. Yo soy trabajadora. Translating to I’m not lazy. Ellos son Perezosos. Translating to They are lazy.

Spanish Class REALLY PAID OFF. Now, I really feel bad for burning Mr. Firth at Lily’s Burn Party….



I think they are switching up the students in each all year class so I could have Spanish for B connection and Orchestra for A connection. I like having Orchestra B though because I can enjoy it as the last thing I did before getting back to academics. Although for the 8th graders connections are the last things in the day or I think. Or I could have different people in each class.


One can only hope and dream.

Float In The Cyber Space!!


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