Ryn Weaver

Hey, girlies! So I was listening to iTunes  Radio a month ago, when I was going on LTBL and that’s when I heard OctaHate (It mean hate 8 times) by Ryn Weaver aka OCTASLAY is what my friend  calls it. It was a really good song to me so I looked her music up on YouTube and I thought It was REALLY GOOD. Her debut album is coming out on June 16th and I can not wait! I thought today was June 16th instead of the 6th and I freaked out until I noticed the date on my phone. I really should just preorder it.

Mental Letdown.

Her essence and personality that shown in the Vevo lift videos are amazing.

I’ve watched each and every video on her Vevo page. I preferred the old Octahate video but the new one is cool as well I guess. (All the food made me kind of hungry).

Octahate is typically a break up or getting over a crush song.

This is the old one..

She released the acoustic versions of two songs on her album (The Fool) Pierre and The Fool both of which I really liked. And not only because there’s violins, violas, a piano, and cellos (especially violas and cellos).

I’m obsessed with Promises and Pierre  however.

I love these lines:
Is that my lion’s pride , I meet my mountain then I run and hide, And I cross my heart and hope to die, Unless I happen to lie, I Never Meant To Break My Own Promises. ~ Promises
Spend the days dreaming and the nights awake, Doin’ things we know we shouldn’t do, Cause I wouldn’t be with you! ~ Pierre
I tend to stack the deck with wild cards, you’re betting all you got on a broken heart, I say don’t  ~ The Fool 

She also has a natural vibrato that some people say make her sound like a yodeler :/ ….


That’s all.
I’ve come up with a fandom name from people who like Ryn. BASKET-WEAVERS!! I need to stop, that’s awful.

Float In The Cyber Space!!


4 thoughts on “Ryn Weaver

    1. When you’re on youtube, (on a computer though) you look below the video but above the comment section. There should be a bar that says + Add To, Share, More …
      You click Share.
      Under neath the previous bar, there should be a new one that says, Share, Embed, and Email.
      You click Embed.
      After you click Embed, There should a long link highlighted for you already (if it’s not highlight it yourself),and you could copy it. After copying it, Paste into your post and it will show up when you post it.

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