And By Morning, Gone Was Any Trace Of You, I Think That I Am Finally Clean

Hey, girlies. I was sort of waiting for a right moment to post this, I hadn’t forgot about Clean on the 1989 album (It’s my favorite song off 1989). And since I thought this was a better time than ever, let’s get with it.


We are all going through some mental, emotional changes. Even when you don’t think so, it can be intense or bare minimum. Clean is about getting over a struggle and removing yourself from the situation.

So what I’ve learned this year from the struggle of school and life.

Because I’ve had plenty.

1) Embarrassing moments can occur anywhere.
Seriously, I’ve embarrassed my self everywhere. Even on the bus. At the library (involved several books falling on me). And the lunchroom. Yeah….

2) Embarrassing moments can occur any time.
During 3rd period science, when you have to go to the front of  to see a demonstration and then you trip and fall right in front of your crush. Beside him. Who happened to be sitting in his seat. Right behind you. Well, it is my fault for wearing those riding boots.

3) Blogging is amazing for venting.
I’m so glad I didn’t drag out my hiatuses because school XD.

4) Expressing yourself in several ways is better than none.
I’ve gotten better at poetry and blogging specifically. Writing still needs a bit of work. All the same, I’m doing better at it.

5) Controlling my hair is pointless.
My hair is like a medium length, brown monster.

6) Somethings are going to hard…
But that doesn’t mean you have no reason to try hardest. Even at that Star Wars playing test you were sure you failed but you got a 97 on it!

7) Picture Days will live forever in infamy.
This time I was holding back a cough in the photo . I looked like a chipmunk in the yearbook . With Medium Long brown hair with side swept bangs. Before my future haircuts.

8) On that same note, Never try to convince that you don’t need a haircut to Mother.
Seriously, I’ve had three haircuts within the same region of time. I got a haircut two weeks ago and now my hair looks like Lucy Hale’s except my hair is longer now and has less layers. My hair does grow slowly though.

9) School is still fun.
When is it isn’t? “When you get embarrassed by a certain text message and you couldn’t look a certain someone in the face.” WE’RE OVER THAT. Haha, sorry my awkwardness and I will walk out the door….

10) Boys will be boys.
And Girls will be Girls. No matter how crazy and weird boys (some) will come around. Same with girls.

11) Liking someone.
I like Arco. Ugh, I get butterflies typing that. Ugh. I haven’t really liked someone like this before… Ugh, smiles, smiles, SMILES ALLL AROUND. I need to control myself. Ugh.

12) BE RANDOM!!!
Like I was right now with this color!!

13) Getting in touch with emotions.
I wasn’t really into my emotions except for Fear, Sadness, Happiness, Disdain, And Passion. Which really helped with my short stories and poems but you know this year just opened my eyes. I have so many emotions. Even crazy, wacked ones you would not believe.
My emotions are all over the place nowadays and it’s the greatest thing ever. I should cherish them. Liking? I don’t know, as I said before I’ll figure it out on the way. It can be great at times and then others… I want to crawl in a big, big, BIG HOLE. 

14) There will be people out to get you because you have a common goal but you’re not approaching it in the same way.
Yes, this is true. SO true. 

15) Expect the unexpected.
This is so true for this year and the last. Especially when Daffodil had that seizure at Skyzone at Lily’s birthday celebration in the food line.

16) Art can be fun to make and look at.
Art museum are really pretty to go to and you learn things about your mind at looking at it.

17) Camp is really fun.
Or that’s the vibe I got from Rock Eagle. Technically Rock Eagle was a bit fancier than most camps. I think. I’ve never gone to camp before.

18) I can’t depend…
On my family not to embarrass me in public. But that’s alright. Sometimes. (My sisters nearly made me die of embarrassment when we went to that Advanced Orchestra concert in last December ESPECIALLY when I was talking to Aria and Arco and they came from nowhere scaring the heck out me.)

19) How being mute helped you at a young age.
Being mute really helped watch how people change people and how people change the world. It taught me to be kind and welcoming to others. And I should never be ashamed that I was one.

20) Embrace yourself.
Because If you don’t who will? There’s a reason you are who you are, and you should wear your personality proudly.

21) Nature really is beautiful.
That’s why I love taking pictures of it now. HAPPY WORLD OCEAN DAY!!!

22) I have the bestest friends.
No matter how diverse and crazy, they can be, I really love them.

Yeah, so I’m so weird.



Seriously, I adore you guys.

Float In The Cyber Space!!


114 thoughts on “And By Morning, Gone Was Any Trace Of You, I Think That I Am Finally Clean

      1. Well, because no one at his school likes him that much. Even Nikki thinks he’s crazy. And no one in the real world really notices how adorable he is. It’s all Brandon this Brandon that. And…other reasons that I can’t really explain.

      2. Should I get Lish? XD
        You make good points but like Theo is more of a secondary character. It is Nikki’s diary and in her eyes, Brandon’s more golden than a golden apple in Apple season that polished up for the fair!
        Sorry, just trying some country-isms.

      3. But I mean, as time goes on, Brandon seems less and less and less cute and less and less and less perfect for, well, ANYBODY.

      4. I know who’s perfect for me- I MEAN. Yeah, she exaggerated a tad but that’s what happens to girls who are heads over heels , or my case flats,for a guy. Thank god, I’m not that in over my head yet. XD

      1. Or maybe I’m just ahead…I AM different, crush-wise. I have a bunch or short crushes. Some girls crush on people for YEARS. I think the longest I’ve ever had was about three months XD

      1. What are you talking about? I can’t read minds, you know! That right there is an example of a fragment. Pay attention, kids.

      2. *facepalm* You didn’t understand what I meant. And, btw, 11-4 equals SEVEN. Nope, I’m not 12 yet!

  1. I really like your idea of the posting lyrics as the title for your posts!
    Can I suggest one?
    How about you put a lyric from the song “Set Fire to the Rain” By Adele?

    1. Oh, that’s so cool! It was fun doing The 1989 Blog Experience. I just might this with other albums. But now that I think about it, I must do “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele SOON!!! I love Adele! : )


        Sorry. I’m really desperate anyways. Cuz my otp of real life, instead of book characters, recently…… SANK. 😦


        Uh preeeetty badly.
        We (my group of friends) were so certain that this guy liked one of us, and we shipped it sooooooo much. Like it was unbelievable.
        But then, someone found out that he liked someone else. 😦

      3. Yup.
        And my friends have shipped me with quite a few people, too…

        One of my friends ships me and someone SO hard, it’s not even funny. -_- And she always tries to get us to…. Idrk. But he’s actually kind of my friend, so….
        And she makes it VERY awkward and cheesy.

      4. Oh lol.
        I didn’t mean anything weird by that. Now that I think about it, it sounded kinda….. Yea anyways.

        I just meant that she’s always implying things, trying to get us alone in a room to talk, and making things super awkward.

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