My Murderous Bed

Hey, girlies. My day was great and all, except for early this morning… WHEN MY BED ATTEMPTED AN INJURY TOWARDS ME.

Yes, I know I sound like I’ve lost a screw somewhere but hear me out.

This bed has been in my family since my 22 year old cousin. And I USED to have a bed bigger than my current one when I was younger. Well, then my younger brother came along and I got a smaller bed which was still okay. My parents grew in a fear that my head would get stuck in the widespread metal bars so they put it up in the attic. So I got my old bed back. Until my parents gave it to my uncle who was robbed and they were helping him get back on his feet. 

I have nothing against it, I offered my bed to him. 

Then I had no bed and I had to sleep on a small that Hard feeling plastic material baby mattress for months. Then My parents bought new beds For my siblings and I got my sisters’ old bed which is my current bed now. It has a foam rectangle covered in nice soft fabric which was comfortable but had been harshly tarnished due to my siblings young age. But I didn’t mind as long as I had a bed.

Since 2 years ago, that bed has been out to kill me. Not literally but seriously I’ve injured myself being around that bed than anywhere else.

You see, under the mattress there’s a rectangle support and under that there are separate boards held by the railing, holding the mattress up. 

In December of 2013, one of railing broke in the morning and as soon as I got out of the bed, it just snapped and I ended on the baby matter once again until my parents got a new one. 

Since then, at often random times a board or more goes out of the railing causing the bed to dent, bend, or tilt. I don’t complain, for I am grateful I had the bed so I kept fixing myself without a word.

This morning was it for me. 

I went to sleep at between 6-8pm that night, which was odd, and I woke up at 12:53. So I got out of bed and washed my face before going back to sleep. I slipped into bed and then my bed went crazy.

All of the right side went out immediately and since I was sleeping on the right side, My foot got caught on the comforter and I rolled very rapidly off the bed, hit my bed on the railing, rolled over it, and my body smacked against the wall.

Luckily for me, I was wrapped up in the comforter so I didn’t feel as much pain but my head got it on the railing and now it hurts like my arm and knee used to.


Seriously, if it wasn’t for the comforter, I would have been more hurt than I am.

So thanks, purple and white comforter.

But seriously, I was too tired of fixing that bed so instead I removed everything that has under my bed, put it better suiting places in my room and removed the boards on the other side, making the the mattress and support drop to the floor.

The railings are now my bed borders and I am now sitting in a surrounding of my bed frame. I’m not using to sleeping low even when I had to sleep on the baby mattress. I like sleeping at an elevated level. So this is sort of uncomfortable. But I guess I have to be content with this since my parents can’t get me a new bed any time soon.

And the old bed with the metal bars is in SOuth Carolina with my dad so that’s not an option.

*sighs* Its better than no bed and I shouldn’t be so ungrateful.

Float in the Cyber Space!!!


8 thoughts on “My Murderous Bed

  1. I’m sorry your bed tried to hurt you. One time my sister and I had a bunk bed where I was sleeping on the bottom, and when I woke up to get some water, one of the planks supporting her mattress above me, fell and landed where head would have been. You’re bed sounds scarier though. O_Oi

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