But There’s A Side To You, That I Never Knew, Never Knew

Hey, girlies. Amy wanted me to do a post with a lyric from Set Fire To The Rain so here it is!

This is about things no one knows about you because mostly everyone has secrets so… Yeah. Not even my friends outside The Internet know some things about me.

I can be very secretive.

In fact, they still don’t know I officially like Arco yet. Oops. I’m pretty sure they suspect though.

No one knows I blog other than you guys.

When I was younger, I did this stupid thing when My mom straightened my hair. I brought some hair up front and cut into what I thought were bangs that looked like Hannah Montana’s but looking back it looked like Hayley Williams fringe in Ain’t It Fun.Then I combed it back to look like Carly’s from iCarly. Pathetic I know. I did that eight times until. My mother caught me in the act.

XD Just a few.


Float In The Secretive Cyber Space!


8 thoughts on “But There’s A Side To You, That I Never Knew, Never Knew

  1. Its actually fun when your closest friends find out who your crush is so you can talk about him, they help you, and they also make you feel happy or a strange feeling when they tease you or ship you and all.

    Also, I knew in the beginning you would have a crush on Cale. 🙂

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