A Musical Dream…

So, hey its Delia!

I was working on posting this on Tomorrow but since Lish DEMANDED I post this dream I might as well. Plus, I think I’ve gone insane because my dreams have become like episodes or something…? And they are so specific nowadays, I’m like O.o Well, then..


The Musical Dream: So you know I do my basic things, wake up, brush teeth, shower and change into some clothes and eat some breakfast. Then I run out the door to the sidewalk and let my arms out Rose-Style (From the Titanic if you know what I mean) before walking to this pond in this trail in my neighborhood. I sit at the pond watching, taking pictures, drawing, and whistling before a song comes on. Then things get, a little weird. I get up and “Here Is Home” by Ryn Weaver (I fangirl over her too much XD, this dream is evidence) is playing and I guess the dream became… too literal. The words in the parentheses plus the statement before the equal sign are lyrics to the song except my comments…

I can’t hold it, but I feel it in my bones = I drop my pencils and grab my arms, wondering what in the world is happening… And then somehow I get roses and throw them in the pond and skip stones in the pond (Throwin’ roses with my faith and skipping stones) and I look above to the sky dotted by trees.  (Everybody knows every single soul’s looking for heaven) and begin running in this really green path which I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist in the real world… I might have to go check that, though XD nd my head is screaming, “WHAT IS HAPPENING?’ but the rest of me is like, “This is totally normal.” Like a a burning tire moving through the parking lot in front of an apartment complex in Las Vegas, Nevada during 3 AM, normal. (I’m talking to you, Brendon. [After every thing else {Like the witch murder}, I was still wondering whatever happened what happened to that tire..] Nah, I’m kidding, I love Panic! At The Disco. Still, that tire… Great, now I’m thinking about if Miss Jackson actually CLOSED the back door or did she leave it open to tell him that she left… This is going to be on my mind for  rest of the day. GOD DANG IT, BRENDON.) (Chase the greener road, everybody knows, but you).

At this point I stop, breathing a bit heavily, when Rain begins to pour.. And now, I’m beginning to sing along to the song. But I raise my eyebrow as to say, “Why is this happening?” then it stops and I walk to a river that’s dry running with my clothes still soaked from the rain. (Cause when the rain falls or the river’s dry running) Then the whole scenery changes and and I’m this gold room with a few backup dancer pairs in purple sparkle dresses and Black suits and ties and I’m the only wearing like a pink ball gown. WHAT. THE. HECK.  If you couldn’t already tell where this is going, its going somewhere. I’m dancing in a gold room with Arco until “You can fall into my arms” Where he actually falls into my arms asking, “What the heck is going on here?”
“I don’t know.” {You know, props to the

dream for not being gender-specific. Also to the song.} (EVERYTIME I LOOK BACK AT THIS DREAM I TURN RED, THIS IS KILLING ME.) (You can fall into my arms) But then everything like stops but the backup dancers are still dancing… (And if we’re still living when the Earth stops spinning) and then I fall into Arco’s arms and I go, “EEEEP!” Like some over excited sheep, oh my gosh. I was also smiling and blushing like an idiot.. (You can fall into my arms) I actually begin singing.. and then I spin into his arms and then I spin out but our hands linger. (Singin’ ooh, even if you stay or if you go) Continuously singing, I’m suddenly transported back home (Singin’ ooh, oh, I know you know that here is home) And then I begin watching TV at home. (Yes, I know you know that here is home).

I begin walking pretty slow while the scenery changes between seasons and my outfits change as well. (I’ll be walking slowly while the seasons come and go) I sit by the pond during fall and feel lonely yet I hear noises behind me. (No, I won’t be lonely even when I’m all alone) So I begin to call for Arco and have a tally mark for each day. (And calling your name, and counting the days). I look in the trees once again into the clouds. (Because everybody knows, every single soul’s looking for heaven) I begin running in an even more greener road. (Chase the greener road, everybody knows, but you).

It begins to rain again and the backup dancers are back again doing a musical number with raincoats and umbrellas while I’m soaking. Then Arco gives me a jacket, “I found a spare in the grass. Weird.” “Uh-huh!” And we walk to a dry river. (Cause when the rain falls or the river’s dry running) I slip and he catches me. (You can fall into my arms) Then the dancers stop suddenly and we breathe in relief even though I know the song isn’t over yet. (And if we’re still living when the Earth stops spinning)

A dancer pushes us to talk even though we are basically super awkward. (You can fall into my arms) And I begin singing and Twirling in the rain and I remember the dance we did that ballroom. (Singin’ ooh, even if you stay or if you go) Then once again I’m at home, soaking wet in my room. (Singin’ ooh, oh, I know you know that here is home) I double check the address to make sure it was my house XD . (Yes, I know you know that here is home)

I begin not to worry and chill out. (Cause you know that I’m not worried about) and watch from my window as Arco rides his bike into the woods. (Oh, where you go, baby, go live it up) I peacefully meditate in my room (Now, I’m not worried about) then a random road map smacks me in the face. (Oh, where you go, baby, give it up) We go back to a school day when I’m being introduced to a certain brown haired boy with braces and brown eyes, as Cadenza nudges me to talk. (No, I don’t know who you know, but I know enough)

And I find myself in that same woods while it’s raining, walking to a dry river. (When the rain falls or the river’s dry running) I hop into the pond which turns into a pool last second and things go black before I wake up I’m Arco’s arms with him telling me to wake up and we are back in the woods. (You can fall into my arms) My heart sort of kind of stops. If that makes any sense. (And if we’re still living when the Earth stops spinning) And I feel like I’m tongue tied. [I bet that reference WAS on purpose]

(You can fall into my arms) He says he’ll be back and I feel like I kind of can’t move (I’m saying sort of and kind if a lot because I feel kind of embarrassed and nervous saying these things… My dreams love embarrassing me) (Singin’ ooh, even if you stay or if you go) I sit up and see my home but I do nothing but just gaze at the scenery and sing softly. (Singin’ ooh, oh, I know you know that here is home) Arco comes back and says, “At least there aren’t any crazy dancers anymore.” They peek from the trees. “Some privacy please!” I shout and they nod, jumping into a large helicopter gusting large winds I hadn’t noticed. After the air stopped blowing as hard, we look at each other with an understanding nod then the pond.. (I know you know that here is home)

We see a duck struggling in the pond, we both help it back land (If it takes two, I’m betting on you) Then we are at the beach and we are standing on a rock as he pulls me up from the high tide. (To hold me tight when tides are high) I sit back at the pond, looking at my watch waiting. (What will you do? I’m waiting on you) I start crying out of nowhere and he comforts me though…. (To dry these tears you made me cry).

Then another song starts and we are like, ” Oh, no no no!”

So, That was my musical dream.

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