Hey, Kittycat. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t given on any for the blogs that kind of went out that year.. So welcome once again! The DMIGA/ Blogging community has grown a lot since and they would more than willing to welcome you! 🙂 This is what old friends are for.

I almost didn’t see your comeback post because of Amy and Lizzie’s Spam War…

SO HEY, PERSON READING! If you don’t know my friend Kittycat, she was one of my FIRST followers and after taking a long hiatus, she’s back! I would mean A LOT to me if you would follow her here below:

XD I’ve got you old friend. SO FOLLOW HER 🙂

BTW, if you haven’t read, one of my middle names is Delia XD. Almost shocked it’s not Nikki…. XD Most people call me that, Nikki instead of plain Nikki Fangirl or NFG from way back when.

Girlies, please give her a warm welcome!

Float In The Welcoming Cyber Space!!


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