Town Meetings

All my life, I had never gone to any town event. Ever.

The official parade? I’ve had to sit and bake at while my parents were sleeping and everyone else was in town square getting their (Towns name) on except for that time it was freezing in February… No one didn’t really go that time.

The Second  official  parade: okay, this year the Duke Tip award ceremony and a birthday didn’t let me go, but we once again sat at home while everyone else went with their groove.

The Annual Fairy Lights In The Park Celebration: I’ve had to settle for Christmas Fairy Lights. On Christmas. More than months after that celebration.

Town Snow Fight: You know, it didn’t snow this year much. So they had fake snow instead this year. But from the photos it looks SO FUN, but I sit at home with no plans (as usual) and kids come by asking when are coming to join. And every time  I say we can’t, I don’t know. It kind of hurts. I heard my science teacher came and they pelted her with snowballs. That would have been funny if I was there as well…

There’s a lot of other stuff that I can’t think of. Bottom line: My parents  don’t let me go and do things with the rest of town.

I’ve never understood why.

That changed 2 Fridays ago when my mother said, “Come on, put on something nice.”

I was questioning but I changed into a blouse, capris, and flats. I just looked out the window, and no else knew where we were going.

Then we stop at the (Town name) Park (We have two parks,the other my school is named after).

My parents exchange a doubtful look as the rest of us are, “It’s boiling, why are we here.”

My parents sit up front while I see Aria, Ginger, Arpeggio, Hollyberry, and Arco all sitting at a patio table. Then I notice other people are here too. And it smacks In the face that we are at a Town Meeting.

My head swirls into questions of Who, What, Why, How, and When.

Then Aria cups her hands over her mouth and says, ” Over here, Delia!” (Delia will substitute for what people call me off the internet) Arco was looking at something, what I won’t know, and he shot me a nice smile and wave.

I kind of shuffled over there. I felt quite awkward and everyone  else  in my family were gladly doing their own thing.

“Time I do as well.” I thought.

Hollyberry smiled really big, ” YAY. It’s your first town event.”

I guess I never really told y’all about Hollyberry. She moved into town a couple of months ago and we met in the neighborhood. She actually lives in the further col-de-sac in my neighborhood. We sort of started hanging out and then we went from there. There was this one day I was at her place and she talking about her cousins were coming over soon.

“It’s actually quite odd actually. I have this one cousin, he goes to our school, his younger sister can be irritating, but then his other one is just there-

“Are you okay?” I nod and then continues, “XD I heard his science teacher calls him something ridiculous.”

This was getting all too familiar  for me.

“We kind of moved here to be closer to them really.” And then she sips on her regular lemonade.

I stutter, “Does your cousin play In the orchestra?”

“Mm-hmm. Maybe you know him, his name is Arco.”

I did a major spit take.

Holly only laughed, “I know right so funny.”

So they are cousins.

Arpeggio kind of just looked at me until I said “We meet again, frenemy.” With an awkward salute.

“Yeah, we meet again. I honestly thought I wouldn’t see until school.” Arpeggio said off-mindedly  while he was QUITE OBVIOUSLY  staring at Aria.

I still believe at how attentive she is that she isn’t noticing this. Wait, she may notice.., and pretend like she doesn’t know. It sounds like something she would do.

I noticed I looked a little overdressed compared to everyone else, while fiddling with a bracelet Lily got me from the summer camp she went to.

Hollyberry looked at everyone before she said, “Town Meeting Crash Course go!”

How they did this I do not know.

Ginger starts, “Basically, they started this about a year or so ago,”

Aria takes over “To show unity and support this place. Not everyone even goes in the first place. But it’s like a hangout with all these people.”

Arpeggio  continues, “Basically the older teens and adults talk finances, fundraisers events, you get the gist,

Hollyberry: “While the younger people can either listen or do whatever.”

Arco: “We tend to do both. It’s basically how we all… get to know each together better.”

“Do you get it?” Ginger asks.


It went by pretty fast, I knew things that I didn’t know before. We were all hanging around on the big swings meant for more then one person. We were having a conversation about clocks and time travel. Odd, I know but this point odd just defines us. I was listening but at the same time, I was looking at the vivid pink roses near the tables.

“Pretty, aren’t they?”

I Was  startled.

“Didn’t mean to scare you that badly,” Arco smiled.

“Oh no, it’s cool, I mean I wasn’t paying attention  much. That’s me Nit attentive, I couldn’t even be a Russian soldier that how bad I am at paying attention!” And…. I rambled again.

“Okay then. How’s your summer?”

“Well, I have a blog and my internet friends ship us so hard that we had a magical wedding and then you were kidnapped. AND THEN you fell in love with this green haired monster and then we hadn’t finished yet. Plus, I have done almost nothing with the outside world or interesting like swimming with sharks, oh wait I did. While I was in Saudi Arabia with my other Internet friends,Did I mention I’m a cup of crazy?” Is what I thought about saying.

“It’s going pretty well, I mean,I haven’t really left the house but this I mean Is cool hanging out with you….”

He raised an eyebrow.

“GUYS. YOU.. GUYS. HAHAHA, my sister’s attempt at cheerleader must really got me! Hahaaha.”

He still looked at me before laughing, “You are really something else. My summer has been surrounded by whining,complaining and several screaming 10 year old girls.”

“Your sister and friends? Heh, at least they were trying to pull all nighters   and listen to like  Justin Bieber.

His look said it all. “I have gotten less sleep than I already do.”

“Hey, most of us were brats at 10!”

“Thats true. But if I hear one more squeal after the 789th time they play “As Long As You Love Me”, I don’t even know what I’m going to.”

“Well, Delia, how do you think people would time travel?” Ginger asked.

I wasn’t listening.

“Maybe a freak accident with technology would enable someone with the genes to travel time and then it gets passed down?”

Aria smiled, “That’s a possibility.”

Arpeggio countered, “The problem with that is that if the trait gets passed down to much, it will go too far making most of the human population have it causing several time continuum rips.”

Hollyberry defended saying that it could be a Rare trait. Then asked we could say something normal once to that we all laughed.

Aria began, “Inside Out. Who’s watching?”

It all kind of became like we were “normal”.

“I’m glad I came.” I smiled.

“I am too.” Arco smiled too.

We had an outrageous  smile contest before Holly also said, “Yeah, don’t forget us too!”

Then we were all trying for the most ridiculous smile and Ginger won.

The adults  were still talking about something and night was falling.

I whispered, “There’s Pedro.”  I was referring to that penguin constellation in my dream I mentioned in the Q and A.

“Who’s Pedro?” Arco asked.

“You see those stars, it makes a penguin. I named it Pedro. Say hi to Pedro!” I laughed.

“Hey Pedro!” We were laughing and everyone else was confused.

“Who the heck is Pedro?” Ginger asked.


“Pedro likes you. :)”

We were actually swinging now laughing so much, my immune system should have become Iron Man.

Then Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud popped in my head. Then I blushed Pinker than  those roses.

“I’m weird and I’m proud!” I called.

“I’m weirder and proud XD.” Arco said.

“We’re really weird and we’re  proud!” We all called.

I kind of just looked over at him And smiled really big.

We kind of kept looking back and smiling.

It was exhilarating.

It was a silent ride home. And I don’t know if we’ll  go to another. But this, that was fun.

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21 thoughts on “Town Meetings

      1. Then you’d be like:
        You: Uh, Cale?
        Cale: *smiles* Yeah?
        You: I have a c-crush…?
        Cale: Why are you telling me? *frowns*
        You: I have a c-crush on y-you?
        Cale: OK….
        👨 👩 ➡ 💑➡ 💏

        OMG I need help…

      3. Remember, I don’t know Cale as well as you do. And I only know him through some love-sick girl’s eyes. XD.

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