Some have plenty to spare,

Others conceal them with too much of a confidence front,

Others let it consume them whole,

Then the remaining don’t let them take them down entirely, yet still have them.

You never get rid of them entirely,

They are always there,

Maybe to help you develop as a person,

Or throw you in despair.

Some don’t do anything about them and move on.

Others fake the fact that they are there,

Until it breaks them.

Others don’t do anything about them,

But they let swirl and grow,

Becoming dark clouds of desperation and depression.

Then the remaining admit they have them,

Pick themselves up,

And continue knowing they have them,

But don’t let them get in the way,

Of what’s important.

Most can’t ignore them.

But that doesn’t mean we let them,

Ruin Our Idea,

Of life.


Just other poem that came on the spot. I didn’t really edit this, its raw…. So it probably sucks more then usual.

I wish I could the remaining people sometimes.

This is sort of depressing….

Float In The Cyber Space!


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