What Does Any Of It Mean?

I am truly confused.

I look in my feed and see that Lizzie and Namine have made posts and comments in another language I don’t understand.

I’m guessing its from Asia though.


Delia, saya kapal anda dan Arco.

Delia menjadikan Arco bermerah.

Arco difikirkan Delia adalah indah.

Arco fikir Delia sangat baik hati.

Saya kapal Arco dengan Delia!

Arco berjuang untuk Delia.

Arco seperti Delia.

Arco dan Delia adalah pasangan.

Delia dan Arco berkahwin.

Arco mahu mencium Delia .

Arco sayang Delia!

I know this isn’t Vietnamese (I asked Willow but with different names).

I am so lost.

I just might use Google Translate even though it isn’t reliable.

-.- I learned that the hard way while working on Spanish Homework.

So, Google Translate said it was Romanian, then Indonesian, then Malay, then Romanian again, then English (?), then Indonesian again, Indonesian AGAIN, then Malay again, then Romanian ONCE AGAIN, and then Indonesian.

So I’m going with Indonesian or Malay or both.

Time for a Spanish Lesson.

If you are saying I love you: Te amo.

If you are saying You love me: Me amas.

If you are saying We’re a Happy Family: Somos una familia feliz.


If I were to say I love Arco, I would say: Amo Arco.

If he were to say, I love Delia (HA, I wish) he would say: Amo Delia.

To say he loves/ he love: El ama.

To say She love/ she loves: Ella ama.

If you want to say, he loves Delia: El ama a Delia.

To say she loves Arco: Ella ama Arco.

To say he loves me/ she loves me: El me ama/ Ella me ama.

To say she loves him/ he loves her: Ella lo ama/ La ama.

To say I love it: Me encanta.

To say I love him: Lo amo or Yo lo amo.

To say I love her: La amo / Yo la amo.

That’s enough for today.

Float In The Cyber Space of Languages.


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