Trying To Under-Do An Over-Did

It seems like every time I go to a party and there are three families of relation to me, they fuss about what I should wear.

My aunts and mother fussed about what I should wear to my best, for even longer than everyone else, friend Astilbe’s party because her birthday is today.

I haven’t seen her in over a year so my mother wanted to make a good impression since they are really rich.

By the way,


So my aunts, through out my protests, made me wear makeup. I don’t like how mascara feels…

The party was really fun actually but it was also awkward because she mixed her new school friends with her all time friends.

Until we played a lot of freaking scary games at Dave’s And Buster’s… Then we felt like the fear bonded us.

So after my dad dropped me off at the Dave and Busters, I slowly removed all the bangles, the ring, and other jewelry.

Speaking of which, I don’t know when this started but I can only wear earrings for so long before they begin to bother me…

Well, except the necklace and the headband.

The cake was so cool, it was covered in m&ms with a spiral stature that flowed into the cake!

Then we went to her place, which is where I am now, and everyone else is downstairs while we are looking in our yearbook.

She moved to a charter school so she hasn’t seen any one from my school since 5th grade so every summer I keep her posted.

Her reactions to some things I told her were hilarious.

“Reef came back.”

“That son of a b—-? Why?!”

“And he had two girlfriends since he came back.”

“We’ve hit rock bottom. If he can get TWO girlfriends and we’ve had none, we are truly the saddest people alive.”


“Coast had a girlfriend.”





“Hmm. But he was so lame back then!”


“I heard Willow still likes him.”

“She told you?”



“Look, your yearbook photo looks so nice!”

“Thanks.” *thinks* HAHAHAHA!!


“That’s the group orchestra photo from this year.”

“This is nice, who’s the kind of cute guy sitting after Bergenia, who was sitting next to you?”

This is when my head went, “Crap, crap, crap.”




Because that sort of cute guy was Aco!

“Oh, he’s just a class mate I had half my academic classes with.”

“Oh. Well, probably won’t ever meet him considering the school difference. Why does every guy at my school look less than mediocre?”


And now we are having a crazy random dance party to Potential Breakup Song all over her room.


Float In The Independent Cyber Space!!


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