Liebster Awards

I was tagged by Sapphire XD With my own questions so here we go! (Again)


1) If you could bring anyone back from the dead, who?

Well, that all depends..

In Real Life: Hmm… Maybe Whitney Houston, or Michael Jackson..?

Most likely, Neil Armstrong.

Books: Granger from The Perfectionists so he can freaking explain what the heck did he do that could have been linked to Nolans death. I always was suspicious of him but he seemed okay..



Until the late middle and end where he was a really screwed up perv of a teacher about to rape Ava.


TV Show: Hmm…

Maybe Toby’s mom from PLL..

2) If you could mend any relationship with anyone, who would it be?


I don’t know.

Perhaps Begonia because she seems to hate everyone.

And she is absorbed into the Internet.

3) What’s your favorite book series?

The Only Everything series.

4) Who is someone you have a lot of respect for?

My teachers, my mother, you guys..

5) What post did you have the most fun making?

There’s too many But I suppose the Q/A session I had XD.

6) Who are your top three favorite music videos for songs?


1) Traveling Song ~ Ryn Weaver

2) Bad Blood ~ Taylor Swift KOA (Key of awesome) Parody (and I guess the original as well

3) Epic Pop Song Tutorial ~ KOA

7) If there was any animal and/or insect you could get rid of forever, what would it be?

Um, maybe a fly and a honey badger..

8) Do you believe there is a possibility of world peace?
As much as that would be nice, I can’t say I think there is anymore.

9) Which 3 do you prefer more: Rainbows, Pegasi (Plural for Pegasus), Unicorns, Llamas, or Ponies?

Rainbows, Pegasi, and Unicorns.

10) What song(s) do you like to listen to when you are sad?

Traveling Song (Ryn Weaver), Still Into You (Paramore), How You Get The Girl (Taylor Swift), The Love Club (Lorde), Fifteen (Taylor Swift), I Bet My Life (Imagine Dragons), I Want To Know (Zedd/Selena), Million Dollar Bills (Lorde), Primadonna (Marina and the diamonds), Misery Business (Paramore), Pierre (Ryn Weaver) How To Be A Heartbreaker (Marina and the Diamonds), White Teeth Teens (Lorde), Ghost (Halsey).


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